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Vince Vaughn Shook Hands With Trump at College Championship Football Game

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By Brian Niemietz, New York Daily News

“The Wedding Crashers” star Vince Vaughn dropped in on the president and first lady during Monday night’s college football championship game between Louisiana State and Clemson where everyone won, except Clemson.

Sportswriter Timothy Burke posted Twitter video of Vaughn and Trump shaking hands — and the internet had a field day.

“I’m very sorry to have to share this video with you. All of it, every part of it,” Burke captioned the video in which Neil Diamond can be heard in the background singing “hand touching hands” as the actor and the former reality TV star touch hands.

According to Burke, after posting the video clip, he received a death threat from a man repeatedly shouting “I’m going to kill you, f—ot.”

He also posted a text he said was from that caller’s phone number in which that person referred to Burke as a “loser” and added, “Trump’s your daddy.”

Vaughn has expressed conservative leanings in interviews where he’s defended the Second Amendment and is a supporter of Republican senator Rand Paul from Kentucky. He’s currently shooting a film called “The Insane Laws,” according to IMDB.

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