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U.S. Embassy: Climate Change Worsens Global Food Crisis



U.S. Embassy Climate Change Worsens Global Food Crisis -ss-Featured

The U.S. Mission to Italy stated that “global conflicts, climate change, and supply disruptions from COVID-19” have aggravated the global food crisis.

The U.S. Mission, in an article published this week that evaluates climate change’s impact on the current food crisis, said that rising global temperatures and sea levels have caused “more heat waves, droughts, floods, cyclones and wildfires,” making it more difficult for farmers to produce food.

Citing “scientific studies,” it says “extreme weather events will likely become more frequent or more intense due to human-induced climate change.”

“The climate crisis is a crisis of natural disasters, of floods and storms and heat waves,” Linda Thomas-Greenfield, U.S. Representative to the United Nations, has been quoted as saying. “But it also directly leads to a food security crisis. It makes it much harder to feed people.”

While the article's assertion of a connection between extreme weather events, forced displacement, and hunger may be compelling, its attribution of hunger to a human-caused “climate crisis” requires a lot more faith, as no such link is demonstrated.

For example, the article posits that across Africa, “agricultural productivity has declined by 34% due to climate change, more than in any other region,” citing the U.N.. This contention is simply impossible to prove.

“Lack of rain in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia is the worst in at least the last 70 years,” the article says, suggesting that prior to “climate change” 70 years ago, the situation had been worse.

Droughts and famines go back to the earliest records of human history. Also, data suggests that these instances today are worse compared to those that happened in history.

Whereas investment in “durable agricultural production,” is a good thing, no doubt, as are other measures targeting global food security, insisting that climate change’s role as what causes world hunger seems more like an ideological attack on fossil fuels or a way to get more funding for green projects.

Nobody has yet shown the human capacity to alter the global climate, but data touts man’s ability to better agricultural practices and fight hunger.

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