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What Can the Average Patriot do to Prevent Voter Fraud?



There are rules for candidates and for voters during local and national elections. As a patriot, there are some items you can put on your radar to help prevent voter fraud.
-next paragraph change this to: If you get a letter in the mail to work the polls, don't skip the hard work. You need to make sure that if you are available, you do the work to help keep the polls free and elections honest. As Patriots, we need people who are qualified to ask for voter ids working those polls.

Call your election commission and get a list of rules for the requirements for local campaigns. This will include where candidates can put signs, such as by roads, not on public property, how big signs can be and how close to the voting areas signs can be on voting days. Many candidates or their zealous fans try to get the signs somewhere near the polls, so this is the last name a person sees before he or she votes. If that sign is not the legal amount of feet away from the polls, the election commissioner needs to be called, or the poll workers need to be told immediately. The sign needs to be removed or placed further away.

If you get a letter in the mail to work the polls, do the hard work. You need to make sure if you are available, you work the polls. As a Patriot, we need people who are qualified to ask for voter ids working those polls and keeping the polls free and elections honest.

As a Patriot, make sure your state follows the election code of conduct for voting:
“In addition, States should take the necessary policy and institutional steps to ensure the progressive achievement and consolidation of democratic goals, including through the establishment of a neutral, impartial or balanced mechanism for the management of elections. In so doing, they should, among other matter:

• Ensure that those responsible for the various aspects of the election are trained and act impartially, and that coherent voting procedures are established and made known to the voting public;
• Ensure the registration of voters, updating of electoral rolls and balloting procedures, with the assistance of national and international observers as appropriate;
• Encourage parties, candidates and the media to accept and adopt a Code of Conduct to govern the election campaign and the polling period;
• Ensure the integrity of the ballot through appropriate measures to prevent multiple voting or voting by those not entitled thereto;
• Ensure the integrity of the process for counting votes.”

What Can the Average Patriot do to Prevent Voter Fraud?

This is important for all elections in your state. The local, state, and national elections must follow this code. But it is up to the Patriots to make sure this happens. WE are the ones who must be diligent to make sure our election process stays legal and free for all citizens of the United States of America. Only then can our elections stand for what we believe.

Patriots must vote in August and November of 2019. The mid-terms and local elections are important. Your local government matters and who you send to your state house and senate matter. And, you know the people you send to Washington D.C. matter. Vote in every election. Your vote counts and your diligence of watching your surrounding neighborhood during election times matters as well. This keeps elections legal and voter fraud at a minimum. Every Patriot can do their part to make sure elections are legal.

Some people were not happy with the 2016 presidential results. And the democrats promise to come out in droves for the 2020 election. We shall see. Poll numbers don’t mean anything until the final count on the day of the election. Patriots must stay diligent so there are no questions about the honesty after the election. Volunteer to drive people to the polls who cannot get there. Make sure your household is registered to vote or even your neighborhood. Every voter must be legal, and every vote must count.

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