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What You Missed This Weekend: Terror In New York Edition



The weekend has come and gone, so let us fill you in on all the things you missed while you were out there not missing work.

Terrorists Kept Law Enforcement Busy

Between the bombings in New York and New Jersey and the stabbing attack in Minnesota that has been claimed by ISIS, it was a busy weekend for law enforcement. Thankfully, neither attack resulted in the deaths of innocents, but several were wounded. Law enforcement wasted no time, killing the Minnesota attacker on the scene and capturing the New York bomber early on Monday.

Authorities believe that the attacks in Minnesota were an isolated attack. However, they fear that there is a terror cell out of New York that could result in more attacks. Hopefully, our hard working law enforcement men and women can get them before they carry out any more attacks.

Sex Crazed Tortoise Saves Species

tortoiseDiego the Giant Tortoise has all but single-handedly moved his species out of endangerment. Not bad for a turtle over 100 years old. the Sex-crazed Diego has fathered over 800 offspring that have been released into the wild, around 40% of the total population.

The Giant Tortoise might not be completely out of danger, but this old tortoise has sure done his part. Now, if only other endangered species can get the message and follow his Diego's lead.

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Austraila Seeks To Remember A National Hero640x360_60905b00-lrzls

Over 20,000 Australians have petitioned to put their late national treasure, the short shorts wearing tv personality, Steve Irwin, who was tragically killed by a stingray that ruthlessly stabbed him in the heart back in 2006, on their money…

The  petition calls on citizens to pay their respects to the“all-time greatest Australian bloke”.

Whether or not the Australian government responds to the petition remains to be seen, but in a nation descended from convicts, we wouldn’t put it past them.

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Sinkhole In Florida Contaminates Drinking Water

WeekendA massive sinkhole at a fertilizer plant in Mulberry, Florida, has caused about 215 million gallons of radioactive water to drain down into the Floridian aquifer system. The aquifer supplies drinking water to millions of Florida residents and feeds nearby springs and lakes which are big recreational attractions.

After learning of the water loss, “Mosaic immediately implemented additional and extensive groundwater monitoring and sampling regimens and has found no offsite impacts,” the company said. Additionally, Mosaic “began pumping water out of the west cell” of the affected phosphogypsum stack “into an alternative holding area on site to reduce the amount of drainage.”

The Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) “confirmed that Mosaic immediately took steps to investigate and initiate corrective action,” according to FDEP Deputy Press Secretary Dee Ann Miller.

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That's all we have from the weekend, but as always, let us know if there was anything we missed.


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