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White House Backpedals on COVID-19 Freedom



White House Backpedals on COVID-19 Freedom-ss-Featured

On Thursday, Karine Jeane-Pierre, the White House’s principal deputy press secretary, revealed that the Biden Administration will still “listen to scientists” in connection to possible lockdowns and school closures in the future due to COVID-19.

At the daily White House press briefing, Peter Doocy of Fox News asked the deputy press secretary why people in America need to trust the Biden administration when their stance has changed a lot over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doocy pointed out that President Joe Biden said the U.S. will not return to “lockdowns, shutdowns and school closures,” but he also said that Americans don’t need to wear masks after becoming fully vaccinated. The Fox News reporter followed this up with the question, “why should Americans trust him now?”

Jean-Pierre answered this by saying that the Biden administration listens to scientists and experts. She pointed out that it’s a “public health situation,” and not about politics; “This is about saving lives.”

Jean-Pierre then added that the president wants to make sure that they are saving lives. The deputy press secretary then pointed out that the president has done this every day since he took office. She said it can be seen in the statistics related to the matter.

She then followed this up by pointing out that they now have to double their efforts.  Also, she said they need to clarify to Americans that they “can’t let the pandemic win.” She said that they need to “continue the fight.”

Jean-Pierre Says Administration Will Continue to Listen to COVID-19 Experts for Course of Action

After this, the Fox News reporter pressed on, asking about possible closures in the future. He asked whether the Biden administration would support COVID-19-related lockdowns if the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends having them.

To this, Jean-Pierre responded by pointing out that they listen to experts, including the CDC, and their recommendations. She said that the CDC is a well-respected agency and that they follow its guidance.

She was also asked about the comments made on Wednesday by the American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten. During an MSNBC appearance, Weingarten revealed that they plan on trying to open up schools following the release of the CDC’s universal masking suggestion for schools

Doocy asked Jean-Pierre if “just trying” was “good enough” for Biden

To this, the White House principal deputy speaker said the administration hopes to have schools open by the fall.

Jean-Pierre said that they will continue to work closely with those involved, such as the local governments and teachers. She pointed out that 90% of teachers have already received their vaccines, which she described as a good sign. Jean-Pierre then mentioned that, now, their priority is to make sure the kids and administrators, especially immunocompromised individuals, will also be protected in school. She said this is the main reason the CDC put out the guidance of universal masking in schools.

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  • PitBull says:

    This President hasn’t done a damn thing since taking office except put us on a path of destruction! This President makes Jimmy Carter look like Regan.

  • Johnny says:

    the white house needs to read the BIBLE , get saved and turn from their wicked ways , it would seam they should change the name to the black house , because they are living on the DARK side of things

  • Johnny says:

    the vaccine don’t work , all it does is give people a false scent of security , staying out of crowd’s and away from lots of people like at bars , sporting event’s , keeping numbers below 25 . who knows what side affects this vaccine carries with it . the only cure is found in Deuteronomy chapter 28 , but most people won’t read it and won’t change their life style , reminds me of the unbelievers that was in the wilderness for forty years and died there because GOD would not allow them to go into the promise land , FEAR GOD and LIVE !

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