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Wikileaks Informant Murdered By Hillary



Wikileaks founder Julian Assange dropped a bombshell on Tuesday. Assange makes the subtle claim that Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who was shot in the back and killed in Washington D.C. last month, was the informant that had leaked the DNC emails.

Much of this is still speculation and Julian Assange has said very little other than hints that Rich was his informant. However, Seth Rich's murder always felt fishy and I don't believe for a second that the DNC wouldn't kill to cover them up.

Let's not forget that despite Obama calling for a transparent Executive Branch in 2008, he has prosecuted more whistleblowers than any other presidential administration in U.S. history. How could he not? With as many secrets that he and the Clintons have buried, the truth is their natural enemy.

If you have read our article on Hillary's Deadpool then you know how many suspicious deaths have surrounded the Clintons and Seth Rich is just one more to be added to the list. Do not think for a minute that Hillary would not have a staffer killed to keep her secrets safe. It's not like we can have more emails coming out and spoiling her election chances now can we…

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  • Carol Cortez says:

    There have been nearly 50 people that are in some way connected to the Clintons that have been “suicided” since they’ve come to power in Arkansas. The last few weeks now there have been 4 Clinton associates “suicided” or just plain killed.

  • Donna Hickman says:

    It seems that very many of the people associated with the Clintons and have knowledge of their operations -suddenly have accidents when they are no longer of use to them. Also, people who are trying to expose them have accidents too.

  • mary anderson says:

    Hillary is evil

  • William C Panetta says:

    This is how the Clintons handle their problems. They bury them. From Arkansas to Washington DC they have a trail of bodies who have died from mysterious accidents. I honestly believe that they are pure evil especially Hillary. She has sold her soul and our nation for power and cash.

  • sherrie says:

    I have researched so much about this woman and she is going to bring America down if she gets elected.

  • Mike says:

    Just look at there history 40 Luther just died in the last 20 years that just now clinton shes bad very bad it’s a take over.look out!

  • Laura Boyd says:

    Because it has happened so often before when someone or something got in either Hilliary or Bill’s way, they suddenly disappeared. Just go thru the list of those connected with either of the Clintons and you will see the connection.

  • John H says:

    US government has been trying to stop whistleblowers and informants for years. Why else would Julian Assange have to be in excile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London. They cannot kill Julian so they kill the sources

  • Judy Haught says:

    I find it very hard to accept all these people scheduled to testify against Hillary are found dead before they can tell their story. It is just too convenient. I don’t think Scalia’s death was an accident either.

  • Name says:

    obvious. obvious. obvious. only the “legitimate” media refuses to tell the truth.

  • Wanda says:

    100 percent agree!

  • T. says:

    The government, NOT ours anymore, will do anything to anyone who may stand in the way of their goals and directives. There is no longer ANY trust in what WAS our country.

  • richard says:

    her past speaks volumes of who/what she is and about !

  • Kathie says:

    Hillary and Bill Clinton = murder, deceit, lies, destroyers of the American Constitution, and human rights. They should be arrested, convicted, and sent to prison for life.

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