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Winona Ryder Promotes New Show That She Relates To ‘Nightmare’ Trump Administration

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Winona Ryder at Stranger Things premiere | Winona Ryder Promotes New Show That She Relates To ‘Nightmare’ Trump Administration | Featured

While promoting her new HBO show, “The Plot Against America,” actress Winona Ryder described the last few years under Donald Trump as a “nightmare.” Fox News explains that Ryder stars in the upcoming HBO drama based on a 2004 novel by Philip Roth. The drama “depicts an alternate history of America in which aviator Charles Lindbergh defeats Franklin D. Roosevelt for the presidency in the 1940s. In the book, Lindbergh slowly morphs the United States into a fascist government, using anti-Semitic rhetoric to stoke fear and unify the country through hate.”

Ryder and others behind the show pointed out similarities it has to the Trump administration.

“Obviously, a lot has been weighing on all of our minds. The whole fear of ‘the other’ in the eyes of fascism, what’s happening at the border, all of that is so outrageous and I think the last few years has been such a mind boggling-like nightmare in so many ways,” Ryder said. “When I think about this project, it makes me want to speak out and do whatever I can and the way to do that right now is to vote.”

Series creator David Simon added that the Trump administration has incited fear in the modern-day that Roth’s novel discussed in the context of the 1940s. “We know what happened in WWII, we know what the Holocaust was, we know what ‘America first’ meant in 1940 and what was at stake,” Simon said. “The ‘othering’ that’s going on right now in this country quite obviously is the misuse and abuse of people of color, black and brown people, immigrants, people from Muslim countries, people who are Islamic. That’s now the cohort that is fundamentally happening in America.”

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