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Zika Virus Is Set To Cost Tax Payers Big Time



The senate will vote on Tuesday to pass a bill okaying more than a billion dollars in spending to combat the Zika virus on U.S. soil.

The Zika virus can be a big threat and is already wreaking havoc in Central and South America. its main mode of transfer is from mosquitoes, but it can also be spread sexually.

However, the bill that is being voted on would allocate over a billion dollars to the prevention and combat of Zika without first worrying about quarantining those infected or screening people coming in from high-risk areas. Further complications on the bill are that the money can pretty much be applied anywhere and there is no guarantee on how much will actually go to combating the virus.

The Zika virus is scary and must be dealt with. But, we should be smart about how and where we choose to combat it. Rather than just throw money at vaccines that could take too long and too much to perfect and test, we should work on education and prevention and treat the spread of the virus like any other.

If the Senate passes the proposed spending it will just end up going to corrupt politicians while they continue to ignore the actual problem at hand.

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  • Charles Christiansen says:

    Because if the law makes pass this budget who knows where the money is going to really go. It’s not the government paying for this stuff it’s the tax payers.

  • Terry says:

    If the money is mandatory to save lives, fine. If it is another Obama slush fund.NO!

  • CaptTurbo says:

    Zeka is just another democrat scheme to get more democrat voter. The defective brain development will give them lots more democrats. Gee if they just deported the illegal alien trash most of the problem would be solved.

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