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Is Obama Responsible For Terrorism in America?



  • John McCain came forward and said that Obama was directly responsible for the attack in Orlando.
  • He blamed his action of pulling out troops from Iraq as well as not intervene in Syria the way that he should have.
  • McCain quickly took the comments back, saying that he misspoke, even though we all know that he didn't.
  • Now Trump and McCain seem to both be sending the same story, that Obama is connected to the growth of terrorism.

John McCain, the Senator from Arizona, said that President Barack Obama is “directly responsible” for the terrorist attack in Orlando. He quickly followed up his statement by saying that he misspoke. Don't worry John we all agree with you, don't feel the need to back peddle because you are right.

Some people might be thinking that McCain has some bones to pick after losing his Republican Presidential election in 2008. In this case, however, McCain is one hundred percent correct.

The first accusation came when the Arizona Senator said that Obama had allowed the Islamic State to grow under his watch. Don't worry, he didn't stop there, he also said that the Orlando massacre was a direct representation of Obama's failure in the Middle East. The failure of pulling troops our of Iraq as well as not intervening in Syria with our full capability.

John McCain is known to be a heckler of Obama's foreign policy, yet it didn't take long for him to back peddle his comments about President Obama.

“I did not mean to imply that the President was personally responsible,” McCain clarified in a statement. “I was referring to President Obama’s national security decisions, not the President himself.”

Yes, you did John! We know you did… and guess what? We agree with you. Don't be P.C. just because liberal weenies might criticize you for the comments. Your comments are correct. Obama is responsible for the rise of the Islamic State, there are documents that show that the Obama Administration was actively supporting Al Qaeda which became ISIS.

“I and others have long warned that the failure of the President’s policy to deny ISIL safe haven would allow the terrorist organization to inspire, plan, direct or conduct attacks on the United States and Europe as they have done in Paris, Brussels, San Bernardino and now Orlando,” the statement continued.

Many people now are drawing comparisons to McCain and Trump. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that they both are known for saying what's on their minds. Trump earlier this week suggested that Obama was connected to the growth of terrorism from the Middle East.

John McCain, your thoughts are not your own, we all agree with you. Don't be afraid to say them because they are absolutely correct.

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  • debbie turner says:

    by pulling the troops out of Iraq, by not going through with threats after the “red line” incident. by not fighting ISIS in their countries, allowing Syrian refugees to come here knowing ISIS’s threat to infiltrate the refugees, this is just the beginning of why I think its Obama’s fault. He may not be personally responsible, but his actions or lack thereof have created this monster called ISIS, and his lack of being able to call them what they are, Radical Islamic Terrorists!! And the next 7 months of his presidency scare me to death.

  • Robert Hansen says:

    Mr. Obama has done more during his tenure as President of The United Stares to befriend our countries enemies, and to assist the enemies of America to grow stronger militarily, than any other President in history!

  • Luther Johnson says:

    He’s totally out of touch with reality. His foreign policy (or lack of) has been a complete failure causing the rise of ISIS and the situation we are in today.

  • James P. Andrews says:

    His PC bull sh-t has now cost us fifty more American lives! ANd this was a “gun free zone” where no one was allowed to carry concealed. The liberal left are as dangerous for our security and safety as are these terrorists.

  • Jeff says:

    His failed policies, his attitude about what America stands for, how he protects his Muslum beliefs and brothers over the real Americans in this country.

  • kenneth kaplan says:

    This piece of garbage has done nothing to stop his brothers in arms(ISIS). They keep killing people of all races. He defends them. How peaceful there religion is.I cannot stand to listen,or watch him. Spew his anti american hate speech.

  • Sam. Williams says:

    McCain is making another bid for the RINO nomination.

  • cindy says:

    he has destroyed USA financially with debt to totally destroy our economy has decapitated our military, taken the morals out of our society by actively promoting gay, transgender and anti-Christian lifestyles, and actively discriminating against Christians, he is causing civil unrest by NOT securing our border, he is not supporting our laws, he is undermining US Constitution at every turn, he is not protecting USA, he is causing citizens to distrust the police, he is causing blacks to uprise in violence, he is literally putting US on a platter for ISIS … and so on…

  • Michael says:

    Obama is an illegal Muslim Immigrant from Kenya who is an Unconstitutional fraudulent presidential imposter. He is also a member and leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and the creator of ISIS! he goal is to destroy America and turn it into a third world country! ISIS is his private army he declared he wanted in his first term and he wants to be a dictator via martial law!

  • William Neal says:

    This person should be impeached now!!!!

  • margaret Bauer says:

    Obama is a wimp! He can’t bring himself to say Islamic terrorist.

  • Seth Kirk says:

    If the owner of the gun store alerted the FBI about the suspicions of the perp, and they did nothing then it is absolutely the fault of the POTUS. NOT anyone else’s.

  • Herman says:


  • Mark Edwards says:

    It was his administration that came out with all these gun free zones that made certain that people could not fight back .The best protection from a nut case with a gun is a sane person with a gun

  • timothy kelly says:

    just look at what little hes done for the U.S. but yet arms everyone else . doesn’t care about U.S. just his muslim brothers

  • Richard says:

    He and Clinton start this mess when they got out of Iran and then started messing with Islam Spring

  • Mike Travis says:

    So where was the “hero” McLame while running for POTUS against Ovomit? AWOL, that’s where. He did NOTHING to win which is what the gop thinks is a strategy.

    Now he suddenly thinks Ovomit is a traitor. It would be laughable if McLame’s silence did not put our entire country at risk for NOT exposing Ovomit when he had the chance. Of course the gop is complicit in Ovomit’s treason so none of this is a surprise.

  • Forrest London says:

    He is just absolutely to worried about the muslims and not the american people Won,t do a thing to protect us

  • Roger L. Manchester says:

    Insted of going after the real reason these shootings happen he goes after more gun laws. Criminals and terrorist do not follow laws.

  • Gary says:

    By being a home grown enabler for all Muslim groups —- to the point where a US military veteran is more likely to be branded a terrorist than any Muslim

  • Dennis Waterman says:

    With Obama importing countless numbers of exactly those who are committing these assaults. With little to no vettin, what vetting is done has been proven to be inefective, yet Obama continues to bring them in in droves. Furthermore, he reacts by lashing out at American citizens directly whenever a Muslim terrorist attacks somewhere in the world. Athough we the American people are somehow to blame. And still nothing is said or done to those directly involved. He has also hogtied the D.H.S. by banning the use of words

  • Dennis Waterman says:

    With Obama importing countless numbers of exactly those who are committing these assaults. With little to no vettin, what vetting is done has been proven to be inefective, yet Obama continues to bring them in in droves. Furthermore, he reacts by lashing out at American citizens directly whenever a Muslim terrorist attacks somewhere in the world. Athough we the American people are somehow to blame. And still nothing is said or done to those directly involved. He has also hogtied the D.H.S. by banning the use of words

  • avslon says:

    We might think Obama is a disaster as a president but the blame for terrorism lies more with Bush for taking us into Gulf war 2 and afghanistan

  • Rob says:

    It’s time to do what’s best for American citizens! Everybody knows that Obama is Islamic, everybody knows Obama hates Christians, and Jews! Everybody knows Obama has not used the full power of our military in any kind of destructive attack on ISSIS! Christians are being thrown into vats of acid, Obama does nothing! Everything Obama does is hurtful for citizens and helpful for Islam! It is criminal, it is treasonous! There has to be someone with the authority to take Obama out! There will be many held responsible for allowing Obama to continue his obvious destruction of America! We citizens deserve protection in the form of military force to defeat Obama and his administration including Muslim brotherhood!

  • Robert Waddell says:

    Are there no patriots in our military who could take out Obama and seize the White House? The citizens, taxpayers, who according to the Constitution, govern the United States depend on very serious men, and women, to act in a situation where a rogue POTUS is a traitor, and should be taken out! The entire Democratic Party has aided and abetted a fraudulent intruder who is determined to destroy America! Enough of this bullshit! We know that the Nation of Islam is our enemy, regardless of what Obama says! He has lied to the American people for his entire 2 terms in office! There is no question, Obama is public enemy #1. Whoever is responsible for the task of taking down a corrupt, destructive, treasonous POTUS must act immediately to end this nightmare!

  • Robert Waddell says:

    Ignoring the obvious is beyond frustrating to the American People, it is down right criminal to ignore what everyone knows is fact! Obama is our biggest enemy and to continue to stand by and watch him totally destroy our country cannot continue! Someone please do your job! Get Obama and the liberals who have aided and abetted this tyrannical Muslim liar and treasonous son of a bitch out! We The People demand action! Take a special forces group of the best of the best, and go take control of our out of control government!

  • Robert Waddell says:

    Every time there is a mass shooting, by a Muslim, Obama lectures the American People! It doesn’t take a genius to understand what is taking place! Yes, there are very stupid people in America and this was proven twice in the past 7-1/2 years! Obama is our enemy! Stop trying to think logically about the situation because the Obama administration is nothing but a bunch of hood rat criminals from Chicago! Islam is our enemy, we must consider the facts, after each shooting Obama goes into defense mode, not for us, but for Islam! I believe Obama and his imps are responsible for the shootings to get acceptance for gun confiscation! They murdered Justice Scalia!

  • Robert Waddell says:

    The fact that Obama is a habitual liar, and if you think about it, all democrats are habitual liars! The Judge that ordered the Department of Justice attorneys to go take ethics courses knows that the Obama administration has no problem whatsoever lying in court, which happens right after someone puts their hand on a bible and swears to tell the truth, the whole-truth, and nothing but the truth. Attorneys of course aren’t normally the ones swearing an oath to be truthful, you probably wouldn’t hire a truthful attorney because they don’t exist! Obama has the gift of gab, he is a speaker that could charm the pants off of a snake! I don’t know where you were raised, but where I’m from, slick talkers don’t stick around very long! Our country was attacked by very powerful wealthy evil individuals whose greed and hatred for anything righteous is mind boggling! We don’t know the depth of their plot, we assume it was originated at the Bilderbergs! Then the plan was handed to Bill Ayers, and Bernadine Dohrn, and the 70 or so members of the “Democrat Socialists of America! They have dedicated their life’s work to bringing down America! Evil never sleeps, and they will do anything and everything in their power to achieve their goal. Don’t think shooting children keeps them awake at night! You see, our only way to stop tyranny is by being armed! That is our unalienable right as stated in the 2nd amendment! The NWO aspirers know that if we are armed, it will be extremely difficult, and time consuming to put their plan into action! We must never, give up our guns! They have think tanks and hundreds of people picking apart the constitution as if a lawful solution matters to them, they fraudulently put a foreign born Islamic puppet in office and the entire democrat party has knowingly aided and abetted this fraud! Obama has to stay in power, if not then the secrets will be found out, and our suspicions will be validated! Hillary Clinton will not be elected, the Bible says that the king of the north (Putin) will destroy the king, of the south! This means either Obama or Mr. Trump! It is entirely possible Obama refuses to step down, and gun confiscation may be the issue leading him to declare marshal law! The United States is not mentioned in the end times prophecy of the Bible accept as “mystery Babylon! It matters not because Russia, will destroy America, and move forward as one of the players in the final battle to be fought where the Euphrates river meets the Tygress river! The American people cannot surrender the 2nd amendment, and the government can’t erase the 2nd amendment! It is a God, given right that cannot be ignored! Pressure your legislators to reject any new gun laws being thought up by liberal socialist ass holes!

  • Robert Waddell says:

    Obama applied for, and received, federal foreign student grants to attend college! That proves he was a foreign born individual here to attend college, those grant applications are strictly scrutinized! Just ask Pocahontas! So we’ve proven Obama was a foreign born student, so he totally lied during his inauguration, and the left knew it, the covered it up, and they have defended a known fraud, as POTUS and by doing so created criminals of every member of that party! Treason is very serious, and we’ve already seen the proof, yet nothing has been done! You can’t prove that you are a foreign student to receive federal grants early in your life, then later in life say, I was born here!

  • Marianne Schell says:

    He opened the boarders as much as could be and invited anyone and everyone to enter. He’s a weak man who has either made decisions based on ignorance or he is looking to get radical islam deep in this country. He deeply respects the middle eastern people to a fault. He is either evil or he’s a moron. Just my opinion…..

  • Rob says:

    It’s time to end this first black POTUS experiment! Obama as expected, failed miserably! Now, it’s indictment time, time to round up all the aiders, and abetters! Every democrat that knew Obama was a fraud, I don’t care if it’s every democrat politician in America, they knowingly helped a non-U.S. FRAUD! There are republicans as well that knew and didn’t stop him! Prison for Hillary, Grinnin Joe, Harry, Nancy, Cummings, all of the Chicago hood rats! 70 members of congress belonging to the democrat socialists of America! Yes it was an entire, left wing party attack on our homeland and prison is not good enough, public hangings is!

  • Craig Doyle says:

    Obama is a failure at president

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