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Ted Cruz Nails The Left on Gun Control



Ted Cruz holds the Democrats feet to the fire.

Watch this video as Ted Cruz does what few other Republicans will and calls out the Democrat's leftist agenda of using the horrible terrorist attack as means for their latest and greatest gun grab.

The left will not give up on this one, they will keep fighting until they get their way and strip guns out of our hands. Or at the very least make it near impossible to legally obtain new firearms.

You see the left is politics for the rich. They paint the issues as if they care about the poor, but their actual record is something very different. They are in power and seek to keep their power at all costs while taking bribes from lobbyists and disarming the poor and working classes. After all, the ones they serve have heavily armed bodyguards.

The scariest thing is that several prominent “conservatives” are starting to give up the fight and kneel to the left on the issue of gun control.

Thankfully we still have Ted Cruz in the Senate who has never been afraid to call things like they are. He may not have run the most honest campaign, but don't doubt his conservative roots.

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  • Gilbert Veal says:

    If this had not been an gun free zone with CC persons maybe one or two but not 50

  • Gerry says:

    Good job by Cruz it is just too bad it falls on deaf ears. The demoSCUM/rino party’s agenda is to disarm every American citizen and that is all they hear.

  • Gerry says:

    Good job Cruz but it is too bad it is falling on deaf ears. All the demoSCUM/rino party want to hear is that we are disarming ALL of the American citizens and allowing islamic terrorists, criminals, nut cases and illegals to run rampant with all the weapons they can get in any back alley. Way to go you demoSCUM’rino POS dirtbags.

  • James Terry says:

    If an someone there had been armed they could have stopped that SOB

  • Daren D. Theige says:

    Yeah, says this Piece of SHIT Asshole who has voted time and again to allow Terrorist on the No-fly list to BUY Assault Weapons. His little Speech is NOT fooling anyone, we ALL know the Republicans are the party of the RICH!!! You don’t see Democrats handing them free Money in the form of Tax Cuts!!!, NO, you see Democrats RAISING Taxes on the Wealthy. Cruz is simply full of SHIT!!!!!

    • R Richard says:

      YES. My parents said the same thing all their lives. They voted Democrat all their lives. They died dirt poor on food stamps and welfare.

  • kenneth kaplan says:

    I agree with Se, Cruz. This is a terrorists issue.The commie left wing Democrate party only wants to strip poor Americians of guns. They keep there arm body guards.

  • Cain used the stone to kill Abel. If someone wants to kill they’ll find a way to do it. Hell anybody can make a pipe bomb out of fireworks. Are you going to Outlaw Fireworks goo.

  • CharM says:

    Hey is logically, totally correct

  • Mr Kim Kloserman says:

    I believe that most of the people calling for more gun control have no idea how restricted the possession and carrying of guns is in most states. I would like to acquire a concealed carry license, but in San Diego county that is nearly impossible.
    I believe that in states that have less gun control and more people carrying a gun, there is less gun related crime because those who might choose to use a gun to harm others know that they are likely to be shot themselves.

  • Michael McCown says:

    Mr. Cruz you are absolutely correct. I supported you 100% for President – but it wasn’t meant for this cycle. Please be assured that I will support you in the future for whatever offices you pursue. We, Americans really needed a strong Constitutional Conservative for our President. Neither Hillary or Trump fits that description. If no other choice is available come November; I will vote for Trump, Hillary is just too corrupt and lacks the tools to properly lead our Country.

  • Name says:

    In the hands of terrorism is we’re we are at today not gun control

  • Derrick says:

    Sentor Ted Cruz is so right. It’s not the guns, it terriosm, hate, the minds of people.
    Attacking the right to bear arms won’t change a thing it’s people that need to change.
    If the hateful, evil, terriosm groups and people knew people had arms to protect themselves, they would think twice. Taking guns from law abiding citizens while everyone that’s evil has the firearms won’t work.
    The ones attacking our rights have body guards with the very guns they want to take away to protect them, we have to be able to protect ourselves as well.

  • Mike says:

    Ted. Cruz is an ass he would not give a rats ass on who owns a gun even a mentally I’ll person could just walk in and get one he is paid by the NRA and so he does not care

  • D. says:

    It’s the plain truth and guarantee of most democrat’s stageing a mouthfull of bull shit as usual. the obama, hillary billary liars club of communist practice within the democratic liars party. They belong deported with all 600,000 muslims let into the U.S. of A. obama!

  • Keith McCormac says:

    Definitely a terrorist issue.

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