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Trump Demands $2000 Stimulus Check



Donald Trump points and shouts at what he calls the dishonest media during a speech to mark 100 days in office-$2000 Stimulus Check-ss-featured

President Donald Trump doesn’t want Americans to receive $600 in relief, he wants them to receive a $2000 stimulus check at the minimum. Trump ripped the $900 billion COVID-19 relief bill that Congress recently passed. He slammed the fact that the bill managed to earmark budgets for a lot of foreign programs while leaving only $600 for Americans who need help. 

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While Congress expects him to sign the bill, Trump strongly indicated that the lawmakers will need to send him a better bill that gives Americans more money. “Throughout the summer, Democrats cruelly blocked COVID relief legislation in an effort to advance their extreme left-wing agenda and influence the election,” the President said. He then decried that it took forever for Congress to craft a new package to give Americans much-needed help. He said, “However, the bill they are planning to send back to my desk is much different than anticipated.”

‘Bill Has Almost Nothing To Do With COVID-19’

Trump derided the bill’s length of more than 5,000 pages. He remarked that nobody in Congress probably read that bill in its entirety. While Congress called it the COVID relief bill, the President said that it has almost nothing to do with COVID.” 

Pointing out to line items with budgets for foreign aid and illegal aliens, Trump said that the bill contains so much wasteful spending. Instead, the bill should amend this bill to increase the “ridiculously low” $600 stimulus check to $2,000, or $4,000 for a couple. “I’m also asking Congress to immediately get rid of the wasteful and unnecessary items from this legislation, he said. He asked Congress to “send me a suitable bill or else the next administration will have to deliver a COVID relief package.” Trump added, “And maybe that administration will be me, and we will get it done.”

Wasteful and Unnecessary Items

The President listed the foreign aid line items in the COVID bill. He reported that his bill contains $85.5 million for assistance to Cambodia; $134 million to Burma; $1.3 billion for Egypt and the Egyptian Military which will go out and buy almost exclusively Russian Military equipment; $25 million for democracy and gender programs in Pakistan; $505 million to Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama.” 

Trump also said that the bill contains $40 million for the Kennedy Center, which he noted that “is not even open for business.” It also budgets $1 billion for the Smithsonian and $154 million for the National Gallery of Art. Then, there is $7 million for reef fish management; $25 million for the control of Asian carp, $2.5 million for an Amberjack fish survey in the Gulf of Mexico, $3 million in poultry production technology; $2 million to research the impact of downed trees, Trump also said the bill contains $566 million for FBI construction projects. 

Not Americans’ Fault

Finally, President decried that the bill also provides stimulus checks for family members of illegal aliens, which allow them to collect up to $1,800. Trump noted that the amount “is far more” than what Americans will get. 

He said that “Despite all of this wasteful spending and much more, the $900 billion packages provides hard-working taxpayers with only $600 each in relief payments.” Also, the bill doesn't allow enough money for small businesses and in particular restaurants.  Congress found plenty of money for foreign countries, lobbyists, and special interests while sending the bare minimum to the American people who need it. It wasn’t their fault, it was China’s fault, not their fault.”

Opposition from Conservatives

Apart from the President, other members of Congress also showed their disappointment with the bill. Representative Chip Roy of Texas (R) said that lawmakers were given very little time to go over the bill. “This bill was produced by legislative malpractice. The people’s representatives were locked out of this process. We didn’t get bill text until just before 2 p.m. Monday,” he said. “The bill was almost 5,600 pages long. They didn’t want us to read it. They just wanted us to pass it. Given what is in it, it is easy to see why.”

Representative Thomas Massie (R-Ky) called out the fact that the bill tied “gender programs in Pakistan” with coronavirus relief.  He tweeted that “I predict the day our country's finances collapse, we will still be funding ‘gender programs in Pakistan. Tonight's COVID relief/stimulus bill has no less than $10 million for said programs attached to it.”

Posting Clarifications

The House voted on defense and Homeland Security spending individually. This gave House Democrats the opportunity to vote against these budgets without jeopardizing the coronavirus package. Meanwhile, the Senate voted on all budgets just once. This turned off many conservative officials. 

Matt Whitlock, the senior adviser to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, tried to clarify the COVID bill. He said the relief package did not include foreign aid or other line items. These items are part of the bigger spending package Congress approved as next year’s budget. The COVID relief package is also part of the approved spending bill. He tweeted that “A lot of confusion about non-COVID priorities in this bill. Important to note that this is a year-end spending bill with a COVID relief bill attached to it.” He emphasized that this time, “It's *NOT* like when Pelosi had a trillion in non-COVID priorities in a COVID bill.

Watch the Bloomberg Quicktake News where President Donald Trump demands that Congress Increase Covid-19 Stimulus Checks from $600 to $2,000:

Should President Trump veto the current COVID bill in favor of a bigger relief program that includes a $2000 stimulus check?

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Do you agree with the President that Americans deserve a better stimulus package? Will, a $2000 stimulus check work better for you instead of the $600 check in the approved bill. Let us know what you think by sharing your ideas in the comment section below.

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  • Marvin Petersen says:

    Cut the pork out of this bill

  • Denise Koellisch says:

    six hundred dollars does not even cover what i have been spending to keep my house germs down and oh what about masks and what about how all the stores are now charging between double and triple the price for certain items. we cant keep doing this on 900 dollars a month income

  • Curtis Beardsley says:

    Cut pork, raise direct stimulus.

  • Carl S says:

    For sure give more money to the people. I heard that 45 million has been allotted for the Kennedy Foundation twice of which Nancy Peloci is on the Board. That is ridiculous

  • Binh Le says:

    Right nơw everything is very expensive .2,000.00 will be better help for Christmas and New Ywar celebration.

  • Edward C Schultz says:

    stop giving our money to other countries when people our starving here in America

  • JK says:

    Let’s try this; Freeze salaries of every member of Congress for 10 months and use that money for stimulus payments. Maybe then those deadbeat politicians will see what it is like.

  • Edward C Schultz says:

    I agree with President Trump Amen

  • James Crawford says:

    $600.00 is a slap in the face. I wish the President would have sent a note to Congress a week ago, telling them he would veto any bill not giving Americans $2,000 checks. Better late than never I guess.

  • Richard J Matyi says:

    USA USA USA USA USA Let other countries take care of their own problems. And let us take care of our own. USA USA USA USA USA

  • Mike Z says:

    Why are we still sending money to help other countries and screwing over the US? Because the Democraps don’t give a damn about the people of the US. They want to fund a border wall in Sudan but don’t want our own borders to be protected. How about you all in Washington pull your heads out of your asses and think about the people here in the US for a change and stop shitting on us!

  • Stephen Twigg says:

    The Bill Is For 2.5 Trillion. So What Is The Other 1.6 Trillion Dollars For. This Stuff Of Not Reading Bills And Passing Because Democrats Say So Is Bull Crap They Did The Same Thing With Obama Care And Look What That Got Us. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE.

  • Gail says:

    I think congress should not be able to leave the table till there is a solution. Where we don’t have to pay double just for toilet paper. There are gonna be so much more deaths right here in America from starvation. There already is people not having enough to pay mortgage or rent. Evictions will rise. 600 is like a slap in the face. Give us 600 what will that pay. A half months rent. We need to make America strong no foreign country.

  • Pat says:

    No money for foreign countries!!!! what the hell is wrong with these people????? Americans are starving and can’t pay rent and we are giving other countries millions of dollars and million dollar businesses millions to. NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ROBERT A.. ABADIE says:


  • Benigno Oliva says:

    We need to take care of the American people first and let other countries take care of there own

  • Andy Calvi says:

    Trump is Right!! Cut the pork.. We cannot afford to aid other nations. Why are we still giving money to Suoer Spreaders Airlines?
    They are now transporting a new strain from the UK!!!! NO TESTING AT ALL.. COME ON PEOPLE ARENT WE SICK OF BEING INDOORS????

  • fred Lasseter says:

    I thanks we need to take of American as # 1 not second hand

  • Scott L Snyder says:

    Cut out the Pelosi pork. Cut out Payments to children. Cut out the huge monies being given to other countries. We need to take care of our own people first. The 600.00 dollars is a joke. 2000.00 is at least something that could help.

  • Michael A Bott says:

    RIP it up nothing for american people let’s the dems send theirs pay checks to them next 3 years they want miss it dirty son of bitchs

  • James says:

    And America voted for four [moybe eight more years] of this BS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sam Wilson says:

    This should be a relief bill eor legal Americans only. The giveaways to other countries and congresional pet projects have nothing to do wsith helping Americans

  • Troy HOOPER says:

    President Donald Trump Demands that Congress Increase Covid-19 Stimulus Checks from $600 to $2,000. Piss on them dam over sea’s fuckers they can take care of their own. Same with all them dam democrats they all the money they need evidently.

  • Troy HOOPER says:


  • Juanita Gardner says:

    President Trump please don’t cave to the Dems! All that pork is a slap in the face for Americans who have lost so much! Help the American People! Help our small businesses!

  • Troy HOOPER says:

    Tell Donald I want a job on his team.

  • Larry Hockman says:

    Trump is absolutly right. $600 is just a drop in the bucket. Other countries have become dependent on US forein aid. As such, when Americans ultimately foot the bill, those countries have no interest in handling their own budget when they think that they can get free money from us,… ‘Nuff said,… I rest my case,…

  • Shirley casale says:

    This is insulting to our American hard working citizens . Pelosi and Schumer are beasts to put out such a bill for President Trump to pass . No way is this fair and they know it !!!!! v Curse them !!!. Those Democrats are out to completely ruin our country and our economy . President Trump keep up the great work and do not let this ugly bill pass for we do not deserve their peanut hand outs and give foreign countries and illegal aliens OUR MONEY !OUR MONEY not THERES TO USE AS THEY SEE FOT . Cut their salaries AMEDIATELY they are not defending our people they are down right traitors and do not stand for American values at all. Cast them out of their positions and clean out this no good Swamp with God’s perfect help AMEN!

  • JR says:

    Why do Democrats ALWAYS insist on giving away OUR (Not Theirs) money to other countries when our people are suffering so very much? Nancy Plousey sat on the bill for months to satisfy her own ego and try to take away as much credit from President Trump as possible. She is the second most hateful person in America.

  • Shirley casale says:

    Further more let them go without pay for a year and give that money to the stimulus package and us who are struggling to make ends meet here in America !A measly $600 is not going to cut it to survive here with prices rising on food and everything in sight ! What a terrible insult to the AMERICAN people !!!!! Just shows what side these Democrats are on , not ours that’s for sure and they used voter fraud of all kinds to get Biden the complete total crook in the White House . He will never be my President ever .President Trump you won this election Hands Down so we will fight for you with all our might and Gods Help AMEN!

  • James Wilson says:

    I remember when Obama put out his stimulus bill. What Obama an Biden did then . the 800.00 dollars that i got they took it back the next year from my taxes what a kick in the ass that was . an now look whats happen now ! They put the crock back in office again . WAKE UP ! AMERICA . KEEP TRUMP IN OFFICE IT’S NOT TOO LATE

  • J says:


  • Anonymous says:

    Stimulus payment is for Americans

  • Deborah Edney says:

    Again our great President Donald J Trump is putting the American people first. Our president knows how Americans have suffered because of the China virus thank you thank you from the bottom my heart Mr. President thank you for doing your very best for the American people.

  • jerry P. says:

    Remember the time President Carter Gave everyone enough money to buy a six pack. Well this stimulus package does more for other countries then for the U.S. This does more to build a wall for other Countries then the U.S.. This package has 75 % more to do with other things then the actual purpose of the bill. 6,000 pages, well I guess We have to just pass it to see what is in it. Sound familiar. Congress person and Senator person who signed for this should be voted out of office. Trying to be politically correct with gender words

  • Larry LaRue says:

    The interest of the people continues to be ignored. $600 will not help other than boost political egos.

  • ANONYMOUS says:

    All these pathetic politicians need to be in prison for the rest of their lives. Way past time for a nationwide revolt against the government.

  • Rod says:

    They want to silver-line their pockets with $1.4 trillion, and chicken feed for the people… How sad is that? What ever happened to government for the people and by the people? Pelosi, Schumer and Schif, soon the lives of the American will be required of your hand. What will you do?

  • jerry P says:

    One more thing to think about do the other countries have to pay it back? Americans have to when taxes come due in April. I heard that someone suggested that every Politian give up one or two months a salary to a person in need to show that they are in with us. Not just for themselves and specials interest. We need to drain the sump starting in all political parties from the top. 2020 is gone and I am not looking forward to the next two years. Get out and vote Georgia we need you.

  • Mike says:

    Get the rest of the money from the #!×&* political hacks who have not been without during this time.

  • Patricia A Schmitt says:

    You have a type error in this. “The President listed the foreign aid line items in the COVID bill. He reported that his bill contains $85.5 million for assistance to Cambodia;” HIS should be THIS! it really changes the flavor of the article. Please correct. Thank you.

  • William Santin Jr says:

    What a slap in the face! $600.00?!? And the foreigners get what from this?!? This is so pathetic, but what do you expect from the DUMOCRATS!! If these Jackasses get into office, we are in trouble and there WILL be a Revolution!! Veto this Bullshit Mr. President TRUMP! Biden will NEVER be my president!!

  • Al Banks says:

    Eliminate the monies designated to foreign countries that hate us anyway. Lessen the amounts designated for any museum, art facility, etc. America first.

  • Marvin says:

    Our political groups are mostly made up of Lawyers, their goal is to win no matter the cost. Twist and turn things to fit their agenda. The news organizations have to explain to us what we hear with their opinions intertwined. I guess we are not supposed to be smart enough to figure it out. How insulting that is. 500 plus pages of stimulus for everyone and thing but the American people. Why?

  • rich z says:

    Who in GODS name writes these dam bills, that NO ONE reads before they sign them. They call themselves LAWYERS? BULL S–T. If the bureaucrats are writing this crap BURN the PAPER before anyone sees it and remove the person or persons who came up with the idea.

  • Judy Reinsfelder Ph. 443-731-1499 Home # Keith Rein says:

    God Bless President Donald Trump. He is right again. We love you President Trump. You will always be my President.

  • Jack Hardersen says:

    Keep America first like you always have. Don’t sign their ridiculous bill until they send you one with ALL of the pork out of it. Thank you for your service, and a merry Christmas to you and yours.

  • Mickey Bailey says:

    Because it does not go to the American people then it shouldn’t be spent.Americans Should come first being it’s our tax dollars waisted . Americans are being miss treated at the hands of the corrupt. And we did not agree to any of this fraud. This is treason. And with everything that has happened within the last year. And the proof that there was outside interference. Our government is required to protect us in our nation first. Everything that has violated our constitutional rights is a crime that our leaders imposed upon us and they should pay that price for that crime , they should also be removed from office immediately. The proof is there . The president has the authority he should use it now . Every American citizen should flood your representatives with letters calls and emails demanding the end of this corruption . If they refuse they need to be removed from office .

  • Anonymous says:

    This money should go to Americans first and foremost, they say get out there and spend this to stimulate the economy, $600 , really? This is a slap in the face,

  • eddie mcmurray says:

    Politicians are a disease on the country and the taxpayers. They connive with each other every year to screw the taxpayers while giving away unnecessary money for programs that should be funded by the person or people that think that their program is important to them. If they cannot get funding from outsiders then they can fund the program themselves.

  • don devanny says:

    The aid to other countries needs to be tabled till every single American has a roof over their head and food on their table.America 1ST!

  • clair butcher says:

    Lets just give the congress people $600.00 for a couple of months bills and give up there salaries. They should live off of what they expect the American people to live off of. Seems the American people are at the bottom of the list. Wake up people we need major changes. If Trump is gone the situation in the United States will get worse.

  • Charlsie Haley says:

    I fell like they are cheating us.

  • LouC says:

    So….these crooks work for the American people. We are the “employer”….Somehow, they have forgotten that. So, because they work for us, and we see the massive thievery taking place with OUR money, they should be immediately fired, and because of the amount of the theft, join other thieves in stripes now in jail. Give them, I would say, 10 years for starters.

  • Anonymous says:

    YES. $600.00 and their paying out to all those other things leaving not enough for Americans. The present government is not for the people but their own agenda and we have to pay the price for their lack of concern for us. Thank you President Trump for caring for us citizens. When you leave office, this country is in for big trouble. America should come first, not foreigners.

  • charles heck says:

    I don’t thank that $600 is enough to cover what I have spend to I have loss my son to COVID-19

  • Chuck DuPrey says:

    Why should we help other countries out. Will they help us out? No frickin way leave them suffer.!! That money is for us. Plus $600 ain’t enough.

  • Linda Choiniere DeBoer says:

    The Democrats do not care about the people of the USA. They only want to move their disgusting liberal socialist agenda. Why should support & fund all these nonsensical gender etc programs in other countries? I pray daily for God to wake Americans up to what the real reason for the problems is. We have strayed so far from God. Everything that is good & right is now considered wrong. Never should anyone forget that God is in control! Look at the warnings we have been receiving. How do you think COVID got to every country in the world? God is the answer NOT the problem. Amen

  • Amy Pederson says:

    VETO THAT CRAP! This goes to show Americans exactly what Congress thinks of American people. They are more concerned with trying everything they can to undermine President Donald Trump, OUR AMERICAN PRESIDENT, and destroy the History of America then trying to help Americans in need. The ones who made and signed the bill are UNWORTHY and need removed from their positions. If you believe what these pathetic excuses for Americans are spewing out of their mouths, you are so very BLIND, either by pure hatred or by shear lack of knowledge. If you think they care at all about you and your family, you are in for a big awakening. They are trying to lead us into another civil war, and the sad part of this is it’s working. God bless our Country and God bless President Donald Trump, America’s President.

  • Joan Debien says:

    Why are we sending all that money to foreign countries. What happened to AMERICA FIRST?

  • Carolyn Scholl says:

    I think other countries should take care of themselves. They don’t step up to help the US when we are hurting from this virus. The only thing that needs to be in this bill is a provision for American citizens. No illegal aliens, Kennedy Center, Smithsonian, National Gallery of Art and etc. We have to balance our budgets and not overspend. Congress needs a reality check on overspending.

  • Jim Platter says:

    Once again the ones that make these bills, don’t live in the Real World. Look at Nancy, P. She is more worried about her $12.00 per carton–small carton of ice cream that she is about the thousands homeless that are struggling just to find a dirty 3 day old scrap of food that even the crows wouldn’t waist their time with. Make Nancy P. live on the streets just like the homeless do for even only a week, and you would see a dramatic change in her attitude. Hell make it a month!

  • Bridgett M Petersen says:

    Trump has said a month ago that he wanted stimulus of $2000 and yet they came back with $600. I really believe Mitch McConnell is the one to blame here. He is cruel and heartless and has fought against helping Americans since May. $600 and we have been waiting for this since MAY that is $2.50 a day they want to help us with. My God nobody can live off of this. Why are we sending money to other countries when we have Americans starving to death here, people cannot pay rent and are looking at eviction, power is going to be shut off, can not afford to put fuel in their vehicles and who are forced to cancel their car insurance…why they cannot afford this! Keep in mind WE DID NOT CAUSE THIS PANDEMIC AND NOW WE ARE LOOSING EVERYTHING WE WORKED HARD FOR! SENATORS STEP UP AND HELP AMERICANS NOW!

  • Gail D Romano says:

    It would be helpful to have the legislators’ paychecks get stopped until they make a bill that directly helps us as well as them and leave the rest of their ideas until the next bill that they can write the next day for heavens sake. The problem is that – even in this season where the words of peace and wishes of health come out of their mouths – their hearts are far far far from wanting or working for anything that helps anyone but themselves.

  • Jason Link says:

    I agree with Donald Trump, those democrats alwys neglect us Americans and spoil foreign countries. They should take care of their own and then with what is left available on others

  • Marjorie Perkins says:

    Thank You TRUMP ,You Are still fighting for America !!! The $600.00 is a slap in the face and not enough money to help !!!!

  • Martin Davis says:

    I agree with all of the above. We need at least the $2000 stimulus bill to pass. I also agree that congress members should not receive one penny of pay until they take care of the the American people!

  • cathy matthews says:

    The bill should not contain aid to foreign countries or to national institutions. Illegal aliens should receive aid but not more than Americans. We are aiding Americans, not for nations.

  • Claudia Wise says:

    We all know how government spending bills go. Pay special interest groups to write up their wish lists then hook it all together in a 5000 page of government needs. As an after thought reluctantly add some mice Size bits of support to the tax payers. Look Mr. Whitlock and the rest of you elected officials its time to put the American people first. We are the ones taking the brunt of your covid policies. Put the 5000 pages of special interest group money in the toilet. Leave the general government budget as it is with no increase in projects and added budget money for 2021. Add a relief package together that really will help we the people and screw the rest.

  • Charlotte Jean Haggard says:

    I’m sitting here shaking my head. How dumb do these politicians think we are. We have put up with so much crap and it just keeps getting deeper. My only salvation is that I’m elderly and will not live as long as my children, grand children and great grandchildren to go thru what is coming next. Joe Biden and Jill just want the titles to add to their name. They could care less about the American people. Jill should be ashamed she let her husband run. She knows he is incompetent but the title means everything to her. And they need to protect their Son Hunter so they need the office to accomplish it. God Bless and Protect America. We are going to need it.

  • Nancy Holley says:

    $600.00 is a slap in the face to the American People. $600.00 want pay for most house notes . Must less needed medicines that are need now. It will not pay for much of anything. Meds, house notes, electric.
    , gas for your home and car. Please take care of this country and help me at age 78 and other seniors that don’t make it from Social Security to the next one. For heaven sake do what is right.

  • George says:

    Take care of the American people first and their businesses. Heck with foreign aide right now and aid too special groups like Kennedyn Center and fish crap
    If they cant do it, Trump should do executive order ands we should vote out ball the congress that did not vote NO on this

  • KAHY GEIGER says:


  • Lori says:

    I understand everyone needs help at some time during their lives but the ones sitting at home waiting on the next stimulus check because it’s more than they make at work is ridiculous. The elderly that has worked and paid into the system for at least 20 years plus should be taken care of first instead of these sorry asses that have only worked part time for a couple years of their lives because they did not want their income to interfere with their welfare benefits should be made to work before being able to receive a stimulus check. I am disabled and all because I was claimed as a dependent on my caretakers tax return I DO NOT receive a stimulus check but our new president elect Joe Biden wants to start giving felons that are in prison a stimulus check. I am sorry but I see a big problem with this. They do not even file taxes. Prisoners are sitting on their asses getting three hot meals and a cot paid for by taxpayers and he still wants to give them more. We have Sr citizens that can’t afford to use their heat because their SS checks do not allow for large bills for them. They have worked and put their time in. So let’s help them before the prisoners and all you democrats that thinks Trump is not a good president please let me know if you returned your last stimulus check I bet you didn’t. If you voted for Joe Biden I don’t think you need a stimulus check. It’s going to be interesting to see how much he gives to y’all that voted for him. Since he was elected gas prices have shot up it’s only going to continue to get worse. Before voting next time vote for the person who is going to stand up for you don’t just vote for someone because your neighbor says so or your pastor tells you who to vote for do your research.

  • Ed says:

    This BS bill just shows the attitude that “OUR” government has had towards the AMERICAN Taxpayers for years, and how most of them got “RICH OFF OUR DIME”

  • Gil Peichel says:

    Dump all the PORK that is in the bill, don’t sign it and make them redo it.

  • Mary Kampfer says:

    I agree with our President. This is our country and we should be top priority instead of foreign countries. Our economy is going down the drain and soon people with children will be on the streets. This is B….S…. All the decepticons in the WH need to be removed immediately.
    Mr. President please do not back down, stand your ground for all us people in the USA. Call in the militia and let them sort out all this B..S.. let us redo the election. We know they rigged it. This is Treason and they should be put in Prison.

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