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2020: An Historical Year Which We Must Learn From!



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Whether, one considers it, good, or bad, there can be little doubt, 2020, will go – down, in the history books, as a historical year!

Many believe, the nation, is, presently, at a crossroads, where, how, when, and why, we proceed, forward, may have long-lasting, relevant, and sustainable impacts!

The year's news, was, undoubtedly, dominated by, the horrific pandemic, which has taken over 560, 000 American lives, and millions, worldwide!

To make things, even, worse, there was a significant increase, in the number of hate crimes, and, the nation, has never, seemed, to have a degree of polarization!

Undoubtedly, the year's, Presidential election, will be recorded, as, unlike, anything, we've witnessed, in recent memory! This country, in – crisis, underwent, a response, from some of the former President's core supporters, which, combined, using, conspiracy theories (at their worst), a nation divided – by – race (and, racism), and an acceptance, by, far – too – many, of Fake Facts/ alternative theories, as reality!

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With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 4 concerning examples, which, if we don't learn, important/ essential lessons, from, will, potentially, have dire impacts/ ramifications, into the future.

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2020: An Historical Year Which We Must Learn From!: 4 Examples!

1. Pandemic, and Preparations

President Trump, seemed to depart, from precedent, in many ways, but, nowhere, was the impact, more evident, than, his overall handling of the pandemic, from the onset!

He, consistently, departed from tradition, largely – minimizing, the existing, pandemic preparatory board/ commission, then, denying, calling it a hoax, and, setting an example, which harmed the nation's public health efforts!

Although Trump should not be blamed, and is not, responsible, for the pandemic, many believe, his approach, delayed and harmed our response, and preparedness, and, brought – forth, a significant number of additional illnesses, and fatalities, then, if he proceeded, without delay!

How we respond, into the future, will, probably, determine, whether we witness, another, public health disaster, again!

2. Hate Crimes and Polarization

We witnessed, the number of race-related, police actions, etc, as few, have ever observed! Systemic racism, has, clearly, dominated our culture, and, unless/ until we say, we won't accept hatred, the level of polarization, will destroy, the United States, until it is unrecognizable, too many!

The alarming number of crimes, against, people – of – color, the Asian community, Jews, etc, must not be allowed, to continue! We've seen this before, and we must state, Never Again!

3. 2020 Presidential Election

The impacts of the pandemic, affected, nearly, every aspect of the 2020 Presidential election! It reduced, candidates, campaigning, with the public, and, the fake news, communicated, via, Social Media, and other, smaller media outlets, make matters, worse!

Every time, anything, which Trump, didn't like, came to the surface, he resorted, to proclaiming, it was fake news, etc! How campaigns, are conducted, and, overseen, must be addressed, sooner, rather than later!

4. The Events Between Election Day, and January 6, 2021

This nation cannot tolerate, events, such as the siege, insurrection, and violence, at the Capitol, on January 6, 2021! Many of the individuals, arrested, and charged, in these crimes, pointed – to, statements/ rhetoric, made by Mr. Trump, as their rationale, and, claimed, they believed, they were patriots, supporting their President, and nation!

How many times, can we permit, recounts, after, they have been performed? There must be better guidelines, and a focus, on creating, greater trust, in our national elections!

Either, we become better, because of, what we've learned, from the events of 2020, or, we will continue, seeing, even – worse! Will you demand better, and more?

Richard has owned businesses, been a COO, CEO, Director of Development, consultant, professionally run events, consulted to thousands, conducted personal development seminars, and worked on political campaigns, for 4 decades.

Rich has written three books and thousands of articles. Website: and LIKE the Facebook page for common sense:

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