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Trump Double Downs On His Praise for Putin, Hints 2024 Run



President Donald John Trump Speaking to Attendees at CPAC 2020 | Trump Double Downs On His Praise for Putin, Hints 2024 Run | featured

Former President Donald Trump gave another hint at a 2024 run during his speech to supporters last Sunday. During his talk, he also doubled down on his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Trump Hints At 2024 Run

Donald Trump salutes supporters at the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis | Trump Hints At 2024 Run

During his appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando last weekend, Trump was in high spirits.

He said that he plans to win for the third time with a 2024 run. “We did it twice, and we’ll do it again. We’re going to be doing it again a third time.”

Again, the former stopped short of officially declaring his candidacy for the Presidency. For now, he remains content at throwing hints for a possible 2024 run.

Declaring early for the Republican nomination for Presidency can lead to tighter reporting about his campaign fundraising activities. 

Trumps Condemns Invasion of Ukraine, But Remain Effusive in Praising Putin

In addition, Trump seemed to double down on his praise for Putin, which drew condemnation from many Americans. Trump also clarified that he does not support the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

He said it’s “appalling and it’s an outrage and an atrocity that should never have been allowed to occur.” 

However, Trump also mocked President Joe Biden and his North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies. He said that Putin played Biden “like a drum,” as they only relied on sanctions.

He also said that Putin never invaded any country during his term as US President. If not for the rigged elections in 2020, Trump said that this invasion wouldn’t have happened.

“He understood me and he understood that I didn’t play games,” Trump said. “Someday I’ll tell you exactly what we talked about,” he said. “He did have an affinity, there’s no question about it, for Ukraine. I said, ‘Better not let it happen.’”

Trump Admits Admiring Putin

The Republican former president has long admired Putin. Last week, he complimented the Russian president on his actions against Ukraine.

He said that it was smart for Putin to send “the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen” to Ukraine.“This is genius,” Trump added. 

He described Putin’s justification to enter Ukrainian territory as “pretty savvy”. Putin declares support for two breakaway regions and sends troops for peacekeeping missions.

Trump highlighted the fact that Putin used the word “independent” to bolster his desire to support them. In particular, Trump called Putin “smart” during his Saturday night speech.

“The problem is not that Putin is smart — which, of course, he’s smart,” he said. “The real problem is that our leaders are dumb. Dumb. So dumb.” he exclaimed. 

Cheers for Ukraine, Silence For Russia

Meanwhile, the CPAC crowd was more effusive in their support for Ukraine during Trump’s speech. The majority of the crowd was silent when Trump said Putin and Russia won’t pay any price for the invasion.

Faint applause accompanied Trump’s statement when he said sanctions won’t stop Russia from overwhelming Ukraine. 

However, the crowd became more animated when Trump praised Ukrainians and their president Volodymyr Zelensky. The audience responded with cheers on the mention of Ukraine's efforts in resisting Russia’s advances.  

Watch The Hill’s video reporting ‘Putin is smart, our leaders are dumb': Trump doubles down on his statement on Putin at CPAC:

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  • Raymond says:

    Can’t understand, Biden canceled oil production in this country, then buying oil from our enemies

  • Wayne Clark says:

    I believe that Trump did a great job to shake up the Democratic Party. He brought a glimmer of hope to a country that has faced extreme challenges from the Obama administration, such as the war on terrorism, standing for the rights of the people & backing our military & police. However, he has made a few guffaws in his actions on certain unconstitutional mandates (bumpstock bans, ERPO permissiveness), the goading of other political figures, even though they probably deserved it.
    But all in all, he brought to light the hypocrisy of the Democratic Party with it’s self-serving leaders that chose to divide the country over cooperation with his administration. If they had let him do his job without trying to impeach him on every little thing, we would have stood a chance at a unified country. All the democrats could accomplish was getting the socialist movement to the fore. Acceptance doesn’t mean not vetting…& I speak mainly of A.O.C.& Ilhan Omar.
    Trump was a great president but the continued idolization of him is getting thin. He’s a man, not the second coming. I believe it’s time to elect a candidate that follows the (nearly) same philosophy of running a government, without the arrogance that turned a lot of voters away. Strong…yes. Overbearing…no. My 2 cents.

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