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72-Year-Old Homeowner in Wheelchair Shoots and Kills Former Tenant Who Attacked Him



72-Year-Old Homeowner in Wheelchair Shoots and Kills Former Tenant Who Kicked in His Door and Attacked Him-ss-Featured

An elderly homeowner in a wheelchair told Houston police officers that a former tenant he tried to kick out from his house because the latter failed to pay rent, returned on Tuesday night, kicked down his home’s front door, and proceeded to attack him, per KPRC-TV.

He, however, also has a gun. The 72-year-old homeowner shoots and kills the former tenant during the assault, according to the station.

Investigators told local news outlet KPRC that the homeowner has been letting people rent one of the rooms in his home to the man who barged into his home. The said man allegedly has not paid rent for a while now.

Given this, the homeowner told the said man to leave and not come back, per the news station.

Source: Official KPRC2 Click2Houston YouTube Page

Additionally, authorities told KPRC that, while the tenant did leave the area, this was short-lived. He soon came back and for a no-good reason.

Houston Police Department Officer R. Willkens told the station that the said man “kicked the door in” and managed to get inside the homeowner’s residence. When he did, “some kind of altercation” blew up.

The former tenant may have thought he would easily overpower the elderly homeowner, who is in a wheelchair. However, he didn’t think of the possibility of the homeowner having a tool that can level the playing field. In the end, the homeowner shoots the former tenant and kills him in what seems to be self defense.

Willkens told KPRC that the older man shot the tenant. He said the homeowner shot the person kicking the door. The officer added that their homicide division is trying to piece together “what exactly occurred.”

Currently, the detectives told KPRC that they are questioning the homeowner regarding the incident. They added that he is being cooperative and that so far, no charges have been filed.

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  • Rebecca says:

    Unhappy someone had to die but… Guns Save Lives & make us all equal.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lucky for the old guy that he had a gun or,he might have the dead one.

  • Samuel Oliva says:

    I’m a retired property manager and I’ve initiated over 100-evictions in several different mobile home parks and this is the most effective eviction I’ve ever heard of.

  • David says:

    Great to hear when things go the other way. Far too often the good guy gets killed. It was a good death! In CA he’d be charged with murder. Hell in Ca, someone could break in and shoot themselves and you’d get charged with murder.

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