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72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day



72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day, see more at:…l-remember-d-day/

72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day (Image: MGN)

It was cold that morning. 6:30 in the morning always has a stale iciness to it. Today was the day that we would take the beach of Normandy. The day we would strike a blow against the Germans. The day before was filled with anxieties of it's own. June 5th was designated as the day of the invasion but bad weather conditions forced a 24 hour delay. Soldiers, young and old, were filled with anxious energy. 5,000 ships were silently slicing through the water, making their voyage to France. It was silent, the only noise that graced the hours before the landing was the splash of the water against the hulls of the ships. They were scared, they were nervous, they were fighting for humanity, and they knew that this could be the greatest day in the battle against Hitler. 

Now 72 years later, we still remember that day.

10,000 young men were wiped out in a single afternoon. 

72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day, see more at:…l-remember-d-day/

72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day (Image: MGN)

It was British, Canadian, and U.S. troops who spilled onto the beaches together that pivotal day in the war against Germany.

Today small monuments and ceremonies are being held in remembrance of the day that started at 6:30 in the morning those 72 years ago. A number of survivors are attending ceremonies at the American Cemetary at Colleville -sur-Mer, in France.

Harold Smith, a World War II veteran who flew 30 missions over Europe is being honored today in New York. The now 98 year old man is being given the Legion of Honor, one of France's highest honors, for helping defeat the Nazis.

72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day, see more at:

72 Years Later We Still Remember D-Day (Image: MGN)

It took eleven months and one day, after the invasion of Normandy, for the Germans to surrender. Around 200,000 underage men and women enlisted to fight in the deadliest war in history, some were found to be as young as 13.

Over 60 million people died during WW II, that was 3% of the entire world population at the time. 16.1 million Americas signed up and fought for humanity, averaging in ages starting as young as 21. 407,300 of those American soldiers lost their lives, side by side with their allies, standing up for what was right. Not only did soldiers give up their lives but they gave their time. On average, each American soldier spent 16 months over seas during WW II.

Eisenhower said this to the soldiers before they shipped out for D-Day, “The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of liberty loving people everywhere march with you.”

We have always fought side by side with our brothers in arms against whatever tyranny has threatened the world, and we always will.

Take the time today to remember what those men and women did for the world. Although some people believe that Hitler was only after the Jewish community, that isn't true. America was greatly effected by WW II. Pearl Harbor was a direct attack towards America. Germany and Japan were after a world under their regime. Little did they know that they awoke a sleeping giant when they hit us at Pearl Harbor, and we proved that we would not be pushed around or made a mockery of. We stand tall and strong today because of the victory we made that day 72 years ago. Don't forget. 

Wars will continue to come and go, but the victories and the sacrifices that were made for those wars should never be forgotten.

Today we thank the 16.1 million Americans who stood up and fought for us 72 years ago.

Today we remember.


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