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Democrat Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Speaking | 8 DAYS OUT AND BIDEN IS UP TO… | Featured

The following information was released by the Republican National Committee:

President Trump has already started to crisscross the country in the final full week of the 2020 campaign, while Joe Biden decided to spend it in his basement.

Biden may try and hide from the American people, but he cannot hide his radical agenda.

No amount of screaming and shouting from Biden will change the fact he said on multiple occasions that he wants to ban fracking and close down the oil industry. Goodbye to 19 MILLION American jobs if Biden gets his way.

Joe Biden made the campaign promise to raise taxes, including taxes on the middle class. Biden is on the record with the following plan: The first thing that I would do as president is eliminate the Presidents tax cut. That means Biden will raise taxes on 82% of Americans, instantly. Furthermore, even Bidens own staff acknowledges their candidate cant speak accurately about this own agenda.

Joe Biden confuses his agenda in 60 Minutes interview: “Biden's staff told us he misspoke”

RNC Research (@RNCResearch) October 26, 2020

Ahead of the Senate confirming Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Joe Biden also owes the American people a real answer on whether he will throw a temper tantrum and demolish the Judicial branch by packing the court.

And Joe Biden needs to disavow voter fraud in the wake of bragging over the weekend about having the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.

Bottom Line: President Trump has kept his promise to make America great again, and shown that he will keep his promises over the next four years. Meanwhile, Joe Bidens agenda of tax hikes and job elimination is flat out wrong for America.

2020 States News Service


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