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Radical Left Rioters Attack RNC Attendants



President Donald J. Trump delivers remarks at the 75th Commemoration of D-Day | Radical Left Rioters Attack RNC Attendants | Featured

The streets of D.C. looked a lot more like 1930’s Berlin than modern-day America when radical left rioters attacked attendants of the Republican National Convention.

On the day President Donald Trump made his acceptance speech for the Republican Party’s presidential nomination on Thursday, the ANTIFA instigators were out in full force. There was a large mob of organized rioters inciting violence. They attacked political opponents on the streets of D.C., and did everything in their power to disrupt the convention.

Just outside of the White House, a large group of rioters attacked Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), known for his libertarian views, and his wife. These rioters appeared to be part of an ANTIFA outfit targeting the event. Luckily, a group of D.C. police officers was able to hold back the rioters, and Mr. and Mrs. Paul escaped to safety.

An Irony

Ironically enough, the so-called ‘anti-fascists’ were out in full force to intimidate and potentially assault anyone who disagreed with the Marxist leadership behind their movement. The scene was eerily reminiscent of the tumultuous post-WWI political era in Germany that brought the Nazis to power. Organized groups coordinating via encrypted cell phone messaging apps were patrolling the streets looking for Republicans and their supporters to attack. According to these deranged social degenerates, open discourse and free speech is an oppressive force to be done away with. Anyone who disagrees with them should be beaten, jailed, and – depending on your interpretation the guillotine placed at an ANTIFA jam site near the White House – executed.

These people are the very thing they claim to hate. Their behavior last night utilized the same violent political tactics advocated by Adolf Hitler, Mao Zedong, and other hate-mongers. However, the mainstream media is silent yet again. The ‘brave protestors’ are merely making a ‘peaceful effort ‘to make their voices heard. The apologetic left-wing media bias is so transparent it’s nauseating.

For example, let’s take a look at the Proud Boys. A drinking club that promotes traditional Western values and supports Trump. The group is routinely labeled as a ‘white supremacist’ hate group, despite the fact that the Proud Boys are open to members of every ethnicity and even have a chapter in Israel. The chairman, Enrique Tarrio, is Cuban and a staunch anti-communist. However, any mainstream media coverage of the group routinely omits this fact.

Left Rioters Get a Free Pass

The message here is, it’s okay to use violence and intimidation to further your political goals, as long as those goals line up with the Leftist agenda. Trust and believe, if even one minor incident involving a Proud Boy occurred last night, it would’ve been all over the mainstream media. A communist New York City rag that will remain unnamed would probably run a headline like, “White Supremacists Attack Peaceful Protestors at RNC.”

But ANTIFA and BLM get a free pass, two groups with a publicly-stated mission to tear down America. On the final night of the RNC, the spoiled brat patrol was out in full force. The group parked a party bus at their main camp and had live music for the event. The supposed ‘noise protest’ is a common tactic used by ANTIFA and other radical left groups. They use it to silence their political opponents. However, the left-leaning deep state and media are giving these groups a free pass. They’re defiant about their alleged ‘oppression,’ even when they commit flagrant crimes. Also, there is usually an activist district attorney embedded somewhere in the state system that lets them go with a slap on the wrist.

When violence doesn’t do the trick, the Dems always have their ace in the hole: coronavirus. Several prominent Democrats took to Twitter to criticize the GOP’s lack of regard for pandemic restrictions. Like elementary school tattle-tales, several Dems pointed out that few of the attendants were wearing masks and were sitting closer than six feet. Others whined that Trump shouldn’t be using the White House to host a political event. This happened despite the fact that former President Obama routinely used the presidential residence for his own political purposes.

It’s amazing to see fully-grown adults having a four-year-long temper tantrum because their arrogant, unlikeable candidate lost in 2016. They’ve tried every legal maneuver in the book to invalidate the election over President Trump’s term. However, after blowing through millions of tax-payer dollars on fruitless investigations, the Dems are going have to beat him at the ballot box again.

If the Left Wins

News flash, America. This is what’s at stake in November. Do you want to hand the country over to a group of spoiled brats and social outcasts who want to tear down the greatest country in the world? The left’s agenda is destruction, pure and simple. “Trained Marxists” make up ANTIFA ad BLM leadership, who would install an authoritarian system. That system will make Josef Stalin blush if given the chance.

BLM is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It has nothing to do with systemic racism or police brutality or any of that; it’s all about socialism and wealth redistribution. That’s what they want and anything else they say is just a distraction from their real mission. They’re pulling the wool over the eyes of millions of well-intended Americans. Although, let’s call it what it is: a radical Marxist domestic terror group.

If you think it’s appropriate to chase down United States Senators and their families to assault them in the streets or to hit a journalist with a baton from behind so hard his head cracks open, then the Democratic party is probably a good home for you. The BLM and ANTIFA inspired tactics on display Thursday in D.C. were absolutely appalling. With that, you can expect a lot more of it if Biden wins. This is the new Democratic party.

Don’t fall for this political con job. America’s proud tradition of open political discourse, free markets, and free speech is on the line. Get to the ballot box in November and vote Republican, or ANTIFA might be coming to burn down your city next.

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