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US Air Force Discharges 27 Patriots for Refusing the Vaccination



US Air Force Discharges 27 Patriots for Refusing the Vaccination-ss-Featured

Steps to get rid of the unvaccinated from the Armed Forces have started, and it started with the Navy and the Air Force.

Recently, the Navy had already taken action against the USS Winston Churchill’s second in command for refusing to get vaccinated.

However, it was revealed that the Air Force had discharged more than to dozen personnel for doing the same thing.

According to an Associated Press report on Monday, the Air Force had let go of 27 individuals for refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. These service members are what officials believe are the first ones to be relieved from their posts for disobeying the vaccine mandate.

However, it should be noted that several recruits have already been removed from training back in October for refusing to get vaccinated. The 27 are the first fully enlisted personnel that were discharged because they were unvaccinated.

These 27 individuals may just be the first of thousands of service members who may get discharged due to their vaccine status. In the Air Force alone, around 1,000 troops have refused to get the vaccine categorically, while 4,700 have cited religion as their reason.

The military has not granted a single exemption on religious grounds yet, so the 4,700 troops have a good chance of being discharged anyway.

These numbers only account for the Air Force. If the other military branches are taken into consideration, the number of unvaccinated troops may reach tens of thousands. This blows up even further if the National Guard forces are counted.

On the bright side, dishonorable discharges due to vaccination status are not likely to happen anymore. According to the AP, a proposal is going through Congress that would limit the military to giving its troops who are unvaccinated an honorable discharge or a general discharge under honorable conditions.

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