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Airline Launches “More Room” Seat Option to Allow Passengers to Practice Social Distancing

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As COVID-19 concerns persist, Frontier Airlines will allow its customers to practice social distancing on its planes. The airline is offering a “More Room” seat option for at least $39 more per passenger, one way. This option guarantees that the middle seat next to a passenger will be empty during the flight.

Airline Provides More Room

“While we believe the best measure to keep everyone healthy is to require face coverings, for those who want an empty seat next to them for extra peace of mind or simply additional comfort, we are now offering ‘More Room,’” said Frontier CEO Barry Biffle in a statement.

According to the airline, flights departing May 8th through August 31st will have 18 More Room seats available for passengers. This includes “Stretch seats in the first three rows of the aircraft, which also provide extra legroom and recline as compared to standard seats.”

Also on May 8th, face coverings will be a requirement for passengers who are visiting the airline’s ticket counters. These face masks will also be available at the gate areas and onboard the plane, as reported by Fox Business. The airline’s flight crews have been wearing face coverings since April 13th.

The airline also implemented a program that requires passengers to accept a health acknowledgement before they complete check-in via the company’s website or mobile app. They must certify that neither they nor anyone in their household has exhibited COVID-19 symptoms in the last 14 days. Additionally, they will check their temperature before going to the airport, they will not travel with a fever. They will also wash their hands before boarding. According to the statement, “information on the airline’s face covering policy will be added to the health acknowledgement.”

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