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18% of American Families Have Married Parents With Children



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Only 18% of the approximately 130 million American families across the US featured married parents with children. This is according to the latest numbers presented by the United States Census Bureau.

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Only 18% Of American Families Have Married Parents with Children

Parents Giving Children Piggyback Ride Outdoors | American Families

Currently, there are 23.1 million American families that fit the description of a “nuclear” household. This means that the household features a mother, father, and children.

The numbers are the lowest since 1959. In addition, 17.8% is lower than last year’s 18.6%. It’s also way below the 40% rate recorded 50 years ago in 1970.

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Experts attribute the drop to various reasons. This includes delaying marriages because of the pandemic and a decline in the country’s birth rate. 

Meanwhile, analysts pointed toward additional reasons for the declining rates. They pointed to religiosity, increased LGBTQ awareness, higher living expenses, and even concerns over climate change.

These all helped reduce the presence of nuclear households in American families. Unfortunately, the low rates can lead to problems along the road. The demographic crisis can erode social security and reduce the labor force. 

US Averages

In the 1950s and 1960s, the average marrying age for American women was 20.4 years. Now, that average is 28.6 years. For American men, the average age to get married for the first time in 30.4 years.

Meanwhile, America’s fertility rate dropped to 55.4 births per 1,000 in the second quarter of 2021. This is down from 58.5 in the same period of 2019.

In addition, Americans are now living by themselves at a higher rate than ever. The rate of American adults living with a spouse is currently at 50%. This is down from 52% in 2020. 

Back in the 1960s, a whopping 87% of adults lived with a spouse.

Business Leaders Warning on Declining Birth Rates

Some of the country’s biggest business leaders are noting the decline of birth rates. Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk commented at a recent summit about this, he said that our civilization will “crumble” unless people begin having more children.

“I think one of the biggest risks to civilization is the low birthrate and the rapidly declining birthrate,” he explained.

“And yet, so many people, including smart people, think that there are too many people in the world and think that the population is growing out of control,” Musk continued.

“It’s completely the opposite. Please look at the numbers — if people don’t have more children, civilization is going to crumble, mark my words,” he added. 

Other Countries are Also Taking Notice

 Other countries are also taking notice of declining birth rates. China is a known implementer of strict population control measures. This includes implementing a one-child policy.

However, the communist nation is now allowing couples to have up to three children. The Chinese government is also introducing regulations to help lower the cost of living for couples with children.

This includes banning for-profit tutoring and making homes more affordable for families. 

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What do you think is the biggest reason for the decline in American families that feature married parents?

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What do you think about the decline of American families with married parents and reduced birth rates? In addition, do you think this spells trouble for the United States in the future?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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