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Americans Beware! (Image: MGN)

Recently terrorist attacks have become every day occurrences. You can't turn on the news or read an article without it having to do with an attack of some sort. The disappearing plane in Egypt, no documentation at all and yet a terrorist attack is assumed… Is that probably what happened? More than likely, but, nevertheless, if we don't be careful a few things can happen because of the over saturation of terrorist attacks/threats.

The media has always been known to “desensitize” the public, in both good and bad ways. A handful of years ago, you wouldn't have seen anything violent or gory on the news or paper, yet now we are almost over stimulated by violence and graphic images. To be very honest with you I'm not sure if that is a bad or a good thing, but that's what happened. Yet now I am worried. 

The State Department, yesterday, issued a travel warning for Americans traveling to Europe. The suggested “exercising vigilance,” because of some high profile, crowded events in the area could be at risk of terrorist attacks. Do not take this warning lightly.

Two major events are happening in Europe over the summer. One is the European Soccer Championship which will be held in France in June, and the other is the Catholic Church's World Youth Day in Poland which happens in July. We know that the Islamic State has come out and said that they are targeting American's, that have said that. We know that they prefer to target large crowded areas, so they can do as much damage as possible.

I know that the media has been talking about ISIS and the Islamic State and the war on terror for so long now that at times I'm sure we are all sick of hearing about it, but it is still a serious threat.

Although Poland announced that they will be increasing their border patrol from July 4th to August 2nd, to accommodate the tourists who are coming for the event, the U.S. State Department is still asking Americans to be vigilant.

America has been attacked and threatened, time and time again, we always end up on top. We are strong and we will prevail against this fight, but please be careful. Life is a valuable and precious thing, don't waste it just because you're tired of hearing about the risks. The risks are real, and everyone should be aware and take the needed precautions that are necessary.


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