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An Open Letter To Pope Francis



Pope Francis, you visited Mexico recently and before flying home you threw some quick criticism at Donald Trump, saying he is “not Christian.”

Donald Trump hasn't concerned himself with making friends and he saw the attack by you so weak and unworthy of his time that he barely even retaliated, but there is a bigger issue here then you versus Trump. Pope Francis, stay out of American politics!

You condemned Donald Trump for his stance on immigration and his declaration to build a wall. You said that “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian,”

Well Francis, for starters building a wall isn’t a brand new idea that Donald Trump thought of by himself. Second Trump’s immigration policy, although tweaked, is a very conservative policy. You just declared war on conservative ideology as a whole with that statement.

You see Francis, you would have us build a bridge instead of a wall, so that we don’t deter, but rather invite these people into our homes. These people being the Mexicans that live in one of the most violent regions on this side of the globe.

No one would even be talking about building a wall if there wasn’t a steady stream of violence and drugs moving north at a constant rate. I’m sure that’s not your concern though is it Francis.

Let’s take a look at your home, the Vatican. Last time I checked you had some pretty big walls yourself Francis. Why don’t you have the Swiss guard that protects you 24/7 tear down those walls right before you send them home. After all, as a good Christian you don’t need to hide out behind armed guards.

Don’t stop there though, you’re no hypocrite, so you should also pay to have a bridge built connecting Rome to the middle east. Metaphorically of course. So that you can speak openly and lovingly with ISIS and Al Qaeda, really open up to them. The Christian way.

You see Francis, you are a hypocrite. You took a jab at the GOP front runner because you don’t like the man, not because you don’t like his policies. You later said that you didn’t want to influence American Catholic voters, but you are the Pope you do influence them. So stop!

In the United States we have this thing called separation of church and state which means you don’t get to have your say in our politics. Stay out of our business and we’ll stay out of yours. Besides if you really are a caring, compassionate Christian, then why don’t you let refugees come live with you, in the Vatican…

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  • cbanalyst says:

    The Pope is a wonderful man, however misguided. We cannot allow our borders to remain open to countless refugees who want to come here. Trump is right. Build a wall & only let those in who have been checked out properly.

  • rafael says:

    Pope Francis at the Border .

    Pope Francis : you love illegals and refugees ; Please set the Example : Invite Them Into the Vatican ; give Them Shelter and Food , Medicals and Benefits . You , Pope Francis , you are Very well protected by your Very Tall walls surrounding you ; protected by your Swiss guards and the Carabinieri of Rome and the Popemobil , bulletproof and bodyguards . Like many other Popes , in the past , if your Vatican is under siege or attacked by barbarians ( that is History ) , You can escape underground into Castel San Angelo ( Castle Saint Angel ) an Impenatrable Fortress just a few hundred yards from your Vatican. Pope Francis , Cut the Crap , and you call yourself a Christian .???? Before looking into others , look at yourself and all perverts in your assosiation . Set the example Pope . What about all the poor starving people on the planet that you visit , but You have no food , no shelter nor 1 penny to offer them but your priceless fortune accumulated there at your residence is there for you only . The third world is there looking at you and you , have you moved a finger for them .??? Dante`s inferno , 3rd circle of Hell has a special place , especially reserved for you : ” Upside down in the magma , Trumpetting from your tail . Lord , Jesus , please forgive me . Amen .

    • Cliff A says:

      Rafael, what do you love, only yourself? No? Lets send the poor and hungry to your house and you can feed them with your loves of bread and fish. The Pope is trying to get the people to see that there is a need to feed the hungry, cloth the naked, heal the sick and comfort those that need help. Pope Francis may be surround by a wall; but he has torn down that wall and allowed easy access to his person. He is protected because there are knuckleheads out there looking to make a name for themselves by removing the Head of the Catholic Church. Then there are the mass crowds that would crush him if he wasn’t careful. So how many people are beating down your doors for religious direction or Spiritual guidance? Do they come to you for your Love and Forgiveness? Do you move your finger to help the Third World Countries to over come their poverty or is your finger broken? I thought so. So when you sit in Dante’s 3rd Circle of Hell, I guess you will have plenty to think about of what YOU could have done to help instead of criticizing a man that is trying to move others to help the poor and disenfranchised. Lets see how well you do when put to the test.

  • Alice says:

    If the Pope wants to comment on our politics, he should start with our Administration, how it has torn down the whole beauty of our Constitution, the one law that has kept our country the most wonderful country in the world. That’s the area that could use your comments if you think you should be involved. Otherwise, there are enough sinners here to keep you busy for a lifetime. I must be one of them and I welcome your help.

    Alice Steinbacher

  • I am a serious Catholic and have a lot of questions to ask. For the last 30 years or more the Democrats have had the most immoral Platform that a Political Party could have—-so why doesn’t the Catholic Church go the other way by pointing out in a very oblique way just how Anti-Catholic the Democratic Party has become? It is the Anti-Marriage, pro-Gay, LBGTG, Pro-Abortion, Anti- Life, Pro-Euthanasia and Socialist Party. It further believes that a very hard-working family should share some of their money with the freeloader who can sit home smoking POT, watching TV counting his Food stamps and his Unemployment Check. If you just pointed out these errors- -without naming a Party– maybe there would be a Catholic Vote that would almost mirror the Evangelical Vote and some of these issues could be defeated! Also, the Cesspool in our House could be eliminated easily—-1 Adult server for every Altar Boy or Girl. Any whiff of molestation and the Priest and Bishop go to a Cloistered Monastery for Life!

    • Cliff A says:

      Really Pete? It looks like you like to paint with a broad paint brush. The way you colour people and organizations I’m surprise you’re living in the 21st Century and not back the 1950’s.

      You speak of the Democratic Party as anti-marriage, pro-Gay, pro-abortion, anti-life and so on. What you failed to say is that the fabric of America has changed since the 1950’s. We as a Nation is more acceptance of others and their view points. These past minorities have found their political power which seems to threaten your self-absorbed ideals of “your America.” I don’t always agree with what is said or what is done by these groups of people or other ideals that some other groups may have and share, like you for instance. But, I do support their right(s) to speak their minds. I support their rights to try and make changes, (as long as it is done in a proper format as prescribed by the Constitution), this includes you and your rights. If however you see or find something you don’t like, think it is fair or shouldn’t be; then get off your duff and do something about it instead of running off at the mouth with your offensive and vile prejudicial remarks. After all I’m sure you don’t want to be called out as a racist do you? I thought not.

      As for molestation charges, let the Law and Catholic Church work it out. I certain that Pope Francis is more than capable of handling these wolves in sheep’s clothing.

    • Jay P. says:

      Demonrats are ANTI-GOD, period.

  • Elizabeth Maggiore says:

    Trust in God, but tie up your horse.
    It is conservatively estimated that 15% of the 1.8 Billion Muslims are terrorists. That means that At ANY GIVEN MOMENT there are 300 MILLION (yes, MILLION) Muslims whose sole purpose in life is the complete destruction of Western Civilization — including the Pope and the Roman Catholic Church (and the Jews, Lutherans, Baptists, Episcopalians, agnostics and atheists too! The Pope can SAY anything he wants from the safety of Rome but live HERE, breathe THIS AIR, and then tell me how welcoming I should be of the wolf come here to slaughter me and mine.

  • waldon gregory says:

    I do believe that the pope is on the way to making an enemy of the new leader of the free world a millions of free people including alot of cathlics. You popo need to not be influenced by mexican officials that are paid by the drug cartel and go agxwaldon gregoryinst them and those countrys instead

  • Steve C says:

    The pope(s) claiming to the vicar of Christ are in fact nothing more than the vicars of Satan. It is very easy to prove from the Holy Word of God that the papal hierarchy is the anti-Christ, the man of sin, the whore of a Rev 17:, and is completely unbiblical in all of its doctrine! Make no mistake in thinking that I am trying to insult the Cathoilc people. I know that most of them are sincere well meaning people that have simply been deceived by the evil heirarchy of the Roman Catholic Church. It is a very deceptive organization that has more control over the minds of people than even the wicked liberal mainstream media has over the people of US, if that is even possible! The Vatican also has more money than any other organization or nation in the world. If they really cared about the poor, they are more positioned to help them than anyone else is, but they will never give a dime to the poor! Such hypocrisy, The Papacy hates the freedoms and principles that this nation was founded upon, and that it also easy to prove from their own statements! They hate Capitolism with a passion and they are in fact the very founders of Socialism, way before Carl Marx started promoting it under the title of Communism. ( If you doubt that, look up Reductions in Paraquay!) This Jesuit pope should have never been invited to address Congress in the first place. We are supposed to have a Seperation of church and state!! Don’t listen to this hypocrite! At least not until he takes down the walls around the Vatican city and starts taking in who ever wants to come and freeload there!

  • Sue says:

    The Donald handled it very well, now lets move on and help him win the election.

  • Terry N says:

    Pope Francis, like anyone else, has the right, even the duty, to speak his mind about matters of politics, morals and faith. If more people of faith would, the problems of this country could be remedied almost overnight. Criticism of Pope Francis for speaking his mind is not justified. Criticism of his political opinions is. In the spirit of full disclosure, even though I am a Roman Catholic convert, I am not a fan of Pope Francis nor his political opinions. He appears to be a ‘social justice’ crusading Progressive Socialist at heart, which is a moral perversion of the Christian teachings on charity and love of neighbor. Like all progressives, he wishes for a utopia on earth [instead of in Heaven], all the while ignoring the harsh reality of the consequences of socialism — demagoguery, tyranny and economic destruction through government oppression. Instead of criticizing him for speaking, we should be criticizing socialist everywhere for their delusional beliefs and foundational lies.

    • Cliff A says:

      Remember what the Bible says, “Judge not lease thee be Judged.” Look at the actions and the intent of what Pope Francis has done and said. You can’t really have an opinion until you learn his intent. Pope Francis is trying to level the playing field for the poor and bring their plight to the world’s richest in all countries across the world.

      Instead of dragging your sorry butt moaning and groaning about the politics of the Catholic Church ; how about helping out by getting your hands dirty and helping the poor in your area. If you take the time and look around you will see that you are needed very badly. If perchance you can’t seem to find any poor then ask for some help by talking to your local Catholic Church. They will help point out those that need help and will assist you in helping others. Then you can earn the right to voice a valued opinion because you will have some experience to speak from.

  • del weikel says:

    you are a hypocrite . pay attention to your own business. there is homosexual nuns and priests, you are not biblical, and you could take in a lot of people.

    • Cliff A says:

      del weikel, I’m surprise that you can even spell the words hypocrite and homosexual considering your a mental midget. I would like to know when was the last time you went to church or temple to pray. Did you pray for enlightenment or for your favorite sports team to win later that day? I suggest that you learn what it really means to be Christian and not play lip service to an ideal that you know nothing about for it is very self-evident you know nothing of which you speak. Spend a month of Sundays in church and learn to get involve with your local community and see if your statement above really reflects what you really meant to say.

  • Anthony says:

    “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not the gospel,” It appears to me that a lot of folks, out there, have a problem in understanding the statement make by Pope Frances. Do you see the word “only” in his remark? Many of you obviously agree that’s all that Mr. Trump thinks about. Then if that’s so, it surely would warrant the “not christian” remark. Many of you are quick to judge Pope Francis to eternal damnation for his freedom of speech. Look at all the bashing being given Pope Frances. Do you think that’s christian? If he’s damned for his remark, then those of you, bashing the pope and the Catholic Church, may as well jump on the same train to eternal damnation, i. e., hell. Better still, join in on Rafael’s closing remark: “Lord, Jesus, please forgive me. Amen”

  • Cliff A says:

    Now for all of these mental midgets that have criticized the Pope for saying that Donald Trump isn’t Christian. You folks need to listen a little bit better to what Pope Francis had said. Pope Francis said that putting up a wall wasn’t very Christian. That Donald Trump suggesting putting up a wall isn’t a Christian act. Although he left out the word “act” it was however implied. But all of these back biting, back stabbing supports of Donald Trump were really just looking for something to pounce on. You see a true President or Presidential hopeful should be in the business of tearing down walls, not building them. A true President should be bringing people together, not separating them with barriers. Walls and barriers only bring distrust, anger, and hate.

    Besides Trump hasn’t said anything of what he can or will do for America. Maybe it is the first time in history that a Presidential candidate hasn’t promised the “People” a rose garden. This way “The People” won’t be shocked when there is only a extra large supply of fertilizer for his so call promises. Instead, you hear his BS way of dealing with those that disagree with him. Do you really think this will work with other countries. What would you do if someone said this BS to you? Wouldn’t you want to kick his ass? I know I would.

    Look for quality, performance, compassion, skill in dealing with problems and people; not a loud mouth bully that you will regret later down the road. Look for someone that doesn’t make a mountain out of a mole hill or read into something more than what was intended, like Donald Trump does. Look for the intent of what was said and not the hot buttons you believed that were pushed.

    Give Pope Frances a little more credit than having call Trump a non Christian. If you believe that Donald Trump is a Christian; then ask yourself this question, “What would Jesus Christ do?” Would Jesus Christ build a wall between two nations or would he try and work something out between the two nations?

    Don’t be swede by mental midgets. Learn to think for yourselves by listening first.

  • marc says:

    Perfectly stated to the hypocrite pope.

  • marc says:

    Another idea, give everyone in the world a share of your gold in the vatican.

  • T. Paul Barry says:

    Well, Pope Francis, you have strayed from your domain. The Bible clearly states “judge not lest you be judged with same measure you judge!” Judgement is reserved to realm of God the Father alone. Man has being a judge of a man’s internal belief system based on the question of a nation’s right to enforce immigration. Also, sir, you are not speaking from the “chair” so your statement is mere opinion from a mere man. You are not the mouthpiece of God, even when you speak from the “chair!” The “chair” is the Chair that Jesus the Messiah sits on at the Right Hand Of God the Father. And pertaining your standing a “head of the church universal”, i.e., the Body of Christ of united believers’ in Jesus Christ as Messiah, when Jesus said to Simon “your name is now Peter and upon this rock I build my Church!” What Jesus actually said, in the original language, is “your name is now pebble and upon this bedrock I build my Church!” In the Epistle of Peter, Peter says “Jesus is the bedrock!” If you have any question as to the veracity of my statement, do you research. I mean you are the Pope, and as such you have an entire staff who can do your work for you!

    I believe the borders of any nation can be protected as the nation sees fit! Condem other nations whose borders are vigorously protected!

    As for priests molesting children, look up Mnsr. Thomas J. O’Brien of the Kansas City Mo. Diceses for a good example of a trust priest molester. I personally know the creep. I am now a Born Again Believer in Jesus the Christ. I still remember much of the Latin Mass from being and Alter Boy. That was almost 60 years ago. Allow priest to marry, and eradicate pedophile from Conception Seminary in Mo,, as well as all Catholic Seminaries. You should be ashamed of this plague that is destroying the name of Jesus Christ in a church that supposedly represents the universal body of believers in Jesus Christ, i.e., the definition of the Catholic (universal) Church!

    For my part, I forgive you. However final judgement remains the realm of the Father in Heaven.

    You are called “Holy Father!” God is “Holy!” Need I remind you that the word “holy” means “separate, unattainable!” Do you put yourself in the same class as God Triune? There is only one God and I do not think that are Him! If you are, then through history how many popes have come and gone. That makes a lot of gods. I believe in only One God, and you are not Him.

    Stick to issues that have a morale basis. The borders’ of the USA do not fit that definition. That is, unless you are a utopite! If so, then the only utopia is God made, not man made. Man is fallen. Man made institutions can never measure near what God has Created. Man’s utopian ideas have always destroyed, never renewed!

  • Glenn Trail says:

    First off, I am eighty years old and when ever religion comes up I say I am a Christian. In all my years I have never heard a catholic say they are Christians. They always say they are catholic. I do not attend a “church”, however I attend “church” everyday in my own home with my wife and our bibles. The bible says that where ever people meet, that will be your church. Does not say you need a huge elaborate building to be a “church”. Also does not say you need some one dressed in robes with a crown on their head and holding a staff to tell you what the bible says. My wife and I pray to God and thank Jesus for his sacrifice so we may enter Heaven when our time here is over. Just saying.

  • Martha Trimble says:

    First off Pope Francis, please eliminate your walls before you attack the ideas of our having walls. Please allow people to enter your home to stay with you. The murderers, junkies, etc.. You live in a very big place, would house a lot! You know, if you are well versed in the Bible, you realize that God loves us just as much as he loves you. He loves all equally! We are not trying to eliminate people from coming here. In fact anyone may enter. They just need to be Legal There is nothing wrong with that! It makes us a stronger country & them more caring about our country. You are way off base with what you said about Donald Trump & it saddens me! God says in the Bible that we need to follow the law of the land! Our law says people coming into our country have to become legal citizens!!!!! Donald Trump will be the best President ever!!!

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