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Apple Makes Health Records Feature Available for U.K. and Canada Users

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Apple Makes Health Records Feature Available for U.K. and Canada Users

Apple Inc. has expanded access to health records on the iPhone ahead of an expected launch. This makes the Health Records feature within the Health app also available for users in the U.K. and Canada.

According to a blog post, this will allow them “to securely view and store their medical records right on their iPhone, with their privacy protected at all times.”

“We designed Health Records on iPhone to empower people to easily view their health records at any time, and we are thrilled to put this feature in the hands of customers in the UK and Canada,” said Kevin Lynch, Apple’s vice president of technology, in a statement.

“We believe people should have access to their health information in the most private and secure way,” he then added. “And we have worked hand in hand with healthcare institutions and organizations to put privacy at the center of the patient experience,” he also mentioned.

The blog post also mentioned that Oxford University Hospitals and Women’s College Hospital “are among the first healthcare institutions in the UK and Canada to make this feature available to their patients.”

With the app, iPhone users will be able to view their records from several hospitals in their regions.

According to Fox Business, Apple will host an event on October 13th. In that event, many expect the company to announce a new 5G version of the iPhone.

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