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Arabella Unmasked: The Left’s Secret Gun Control Financier



Mexican Border | Arabella Unmasked: The Left's Secret Gun Control Financier | Featured

Recently Arabella’s dark network was unmasked by the conservative watchdog Capital Research Center. Are you really surprised that the left is using a secretive hub of nonprofits in an attempt to control the lives of Americans? These groups have the appearance of grassroots but are actually very well organized.

Capital Research Center’s in-depth research and investigation exposes the system developed by the privately held Arabella Advisors. The “nonprofits” are then managed by The Arabella Firm. These so called nonprofits include:

Within these nonprofit slush funds there are hundreds of groups used to promote the far left agenda. One group in particular, Hope and Heal, is a major funding hub of groups that advocate federal gun control measures.

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Arabella’s New Venture Fund sponsors The Hope and Heal Fund. At the helm is none other than Brian Malte, a longtime senior national policy director for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. According the the fund’s website it contains 12 “member” groups most of which fund gun control organizations.

Additionally the Arabella Advisors has been a dark money network of pop-up groups. Because of their shadowy nature, these groups all have the look and feel of grassroots activist organizations. However, the report also connects these front groups to a myriad of leftist policy pushes including:

  • Opposing Border Security
  • Obamacare
  • Internet Supremacy
  • Abortion
  • Gun Control

Know Your Enemy. Read The Entire Report Here.

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