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#ArrestFauci Trends On Twitter Over Animal Abuse Reports



Dr. Anthony Fauci world expert on infectious diseases | #ArrestFauci Trends On Twitter Over Animal Abuse Reports | featured

The hashtag #ArrestFauci began trending on Twitter over the weekend after allegations of animal abuse surfaced. Many social media users called authorities to #ArrestFauci over reports that research subjected a number of dogs to cruel testing. 

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#ArrestFauci For Animal Abuse Reports

Social problems of humanity. Stop cruelty to animals sign-#ArrestFauci

A White Coat Waste Project report said that $400,000 in taxpayer money went to dog experiments involving biting flies. In the experiment, healthy beagles received treatment with experimental medication.

Afterward, researchers subjected the beagles to biting flies that carried parasites that are contagious to humans. In a statement, Representative Nancy Mace (R-SC) called on Fauci to explain the NIH decision.

She said that “using taxpayer money to de-bark, drug and kill beagle puppies is both inhumane and a disgrace to this country. The $1.68 million of taxpayer funds to force-feed and/or inject dozens of beagle puppies with experimental drugs is unnecessarily brutal and gruesome.

Dr. Fauci and the rest of the NIH leadership should come forward and explain what the hell is truly going on.” 

The Project, using data from a Freedom of Information Act request, said that Dr. Anthony Fauci’s office funded the experiments on the beagles. 

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases funded the “painful and deadly experiments on dogs,” Fox News’ Ben Domenech reported in August.

Records acquired by the WCWP concluded that the dogs “endured months of pain, and once researchers were done with them, they were killed.”

Mace Sent Letter to Fauci For Explanation

Led by Mace, 24 House representatives called on Fauci to explain the inhumane experiments on dogs. She said that between October 2018 and February 2019, the NIAID spent over $1.68 million on the experiments.

By November 19, Mace asked Fauci and the NIAID to reveal how many tests occurred and how much they cost. She also asked whether the dogs were given up for adoption after the experiments. Lastly, she asked what is the need for splitting the dogs’ vocal cords. 

While the letter arrived at the NIAID on October 23, Mace has yet to receive a reply. Even if Fauci ignored the letter, the damage is already done.

The internet made its feelings clear by trending the hashtag #ArrestFauci. This is in addition to another hashtag, #FireFauci, which also expressed many users’ anger over the experiments.  

Senator Rand Paul Said Fauci Also Lied On NIH Involvement In Wuhan Lab

Meanwhile, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) also called out Fauci about a new NIH letter dealing with a gain of function research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Previously, Fauci denied that the NIH funded any research conducted on the Wuhan Institute. This disavows any connection to the laboratory, which many believe was the origin of the coronavirus. 

Last Wednesday, the NIH sent a letter to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce that confirmed two facts. The first was that EcoHealth Alliance did indeed enhance a bat coronavirus to become potentially more infectious to humans. 

EcoHealth is a New York City-based nonprofit that works with remote laboratories on emerging diseases. The NIH Letter described an “unexpected result” of the research it funded.

This experiment was made in tandem with the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The second was that EcoHealth Alliance violated the terms of its grant conditions.

The funding agreement required the organization to report if any research increased a pathogen’s viral growth tenfold.

Fire or #ArrestFauci

Due to his “lack of judgment, if nothing else,” Paul called on President Joe Biden to fire Fauci. He said that Senate Republicans are calling for an investigation into the White House medical adviser.

Paul also acknowledged that the Democratic majority is holding up any calls for investigations. He said that “there’s been a great deal of resistance on the Democrat side” of the aisle.

However, he’s sure that eventually, inquiring minds would prevail. “Would we not want to know the origin of the virus, and to know if it came from a lab, particularly since this research still goes on?” he asked. 

Watch the SKyNews Australia video reporting that #ArrestFauci hashtag goes viral after the latest Fauci controversy:

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Do you agree to the calls for the White House to #ArrestFauci or FireFauci? Should the government allow this man to continue leading the government’s medical efforts?

Let us know what you think about Fauci. Share your comments below.

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  • BBA says:

    This pos needs to see the same faith as a rabid dog!!

  • Chief A Bitch of the Slap A Hoe Tribe says:

    Same thing going on with the covid vaccine. Making us all guinea pigs.

  • Kitty Gebhart says:

    There are so many other humane methods of using animals in research, this is completely cruel and horrifying. Dr Fauci and the NIH should be investigated and stopped. How dare they use my tax dollars for this abhorrent practice. I’m so sick of Dr Fauci and his lies. He is a monster.

  • Tom says:

    This makes me sick…the man can be responsible for millions of HUMAN deaths and no twitter posts, but let him kill a couple dogs and all of a sudden twitter blows up…WTF. Since when is an animals life worth more than a human life!!!

    What a sick ass world.

  • kevin steigner says:

    This aknimal has caused the deaths of 100 of thousands of lives and is worse than any tyrant history can pull up. He is also in league with other puppet masters that are just as guilty as he. They will soon face an uncourraptable Judge and will pay for eternity for their crimes. Sadly

  • Anonymous says:

    U have never believed or trusted anything this pos has ever said , started even before COVID but with COVID everyone getting shots that no one knows what’s going into their body’s first one shot then another and now another booster how many boosters do u need just to end up sick anyway look at how many people have died after 3 shots so how are they helping? Just my thoughts though

  • Michael Valgos says:

    I think I am going to become a criminal They seem to have a free hand in all kinds of things Fauci lies to congress He has lied about masks So what else will he lie about I hope someone makes a toy Fauci for dogs to chew on I am serious With the administration criminals that profess to have the same evil agenda do as they please Biden has ignored SCOTUS to stop the illegal immigration Now Fauci torturing animals Fauci must be taking lessons from his Chinese friends What will we find next Fauci using humans Maybe because Fauci is a total lie and he needs to be arrested and prosecuted no plea bargains This little bastard needs to spend time locked up where he just might be used

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Fauci is the next Adolf Hitler, he needs to be exterminated

  • Annie Owenby says:

    I wish I could put Fauci’s head in a cage and let sand flies munch on him until he’s screaming. Why do you think they cut the puppies vocal cords – The experimentors didnt want to hear the dogs screams and cries. I read that the sand flies ate the puppies alive, then they were dissected for whatever sick scientific reasons they had. And then you have all these gullible people getting the jab, totally trusting whatever comes out of Fauci’s sick soul, more like demon-possessed soul.

  • Mel says:

    While this really pi$$es me off, I wish the same people were as equally concerned about humans being used as guinea pigs for his poisonous jab.
    This man has lied from day one. Talk about misinformation. The man is a modern day miracle, able to talk out both sides of his mouth and his a$$ at the same time

  • Annie Owenby says:

    To Mel: I have tried and tried to convince people to not get the jab, giving them all kinds of information from several doctors warning against getting the Covid shot, but t0 no avail. The majority of people only watch mainstream media, and follow what the government controlled cdc tells them to do, believing that the government has their best interests at heart. So they end up being unknowningly guiene pigs for the cdc. These people will probably end up with autioimmune diseases from the jab in a few months to a year or two. I’m amazed that so many people do not do their own research and find alternate sources of news.

    Concerning the puppies that were eaten alive by sand flies, they had no choice. Dogs love and trust us unconditionally, and to be used in I’m guessing more gain of function research is an abomination.

  • Sam says:

    If these types of ezpsriments need to be done then the scientists need to be the ones in the cages,nor maybe some of his worshipers. At least humans can consent. Puppies and animals on the other hand…

    Noose meet fauci, fauci meet joose.

  • Jack says:

    We are being used and ultimately “forced” into being a lab rat for this experimental “vaccine”! I feel for the puppies, but the powers to be are targeting us for their experiments and now our children, with vax mandates! I love dogs yet thousands of unborn and sadly born babies are being killed everyday ( also with our tax dollars), where is the outcry regarding this “slaughter “! The fetal tissue is being used for vaccine experiments and research! The babies are silenced as well in the wombs of their mothers. We need to all stand together and speak up about the current unjust tyranny that is happening in our country today.

  • Loggerman says:

    IF, IF this Son of a Bitch Fauci is guilty of any involvement whatsoever with this kind of torture on innocent dogs, he should be tied naked to a tree and covered with honey above a nest of red ants. How could anyone in their right mind get the jab that he recommends if he is that evil.

  • Marla White says:

    Fauci needs to be arrested, fired etc. He is no better than the Doctors of the Nazi regime. Time people awake and change NOW

  • JOE ALLEY says:

    he’s another devil from the swamp, DRAIN THE SWAMP.

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