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As Biden’s Border Crisis Continues, Dems Look to Blame Trump



Illegal migrants at a holding facility-As Biden's Border Crisis Continues as Dems Look to Blame Trump -ss-Featured

In March, officials at the border encountered around 172,000 migrants. It is a 71% increase from the month before. While it indicates the seriousness of the crisis at the border, officials of the Biden administration continue to pin the blame on the Trump administration.

The majority of the migrants at the border were single adults, while a total of 18,890 were unaccompanied children. This is a 100% increase compared to the number that border agents encountered in the month prior. In February, Border agents encountered 100,441 migrants overall.

Troy Miller, the acting commissioner of the Customs and Border Protection said that they have experienced more encounters and arrest. He also reiterated their commitment to keep the border secure, take care of those in their custody, and keep America safe.

The current administration continues to tackle the spike in migrant numbers in recent months. This increase has escalated into a crisis recently, but officials only describe it as a “challenge.”

Border Officials Encounter 172,000 Migrants

Single adults and family units can be turned away through Title 42 public health protections. However, the administration choose not to apply this to the unaccompanied minors at the border. On top of this, Mexico has continued to refuse to take back units with kids under 7 years old. This resulted in the re-introduction of “catch and release” policies, in which some of them are released into the interior.

In March, authorities have turned away 103,900 people through Title 42, which make up 60% of the encounters.

The GOP accused the administration of making the crisis worse by rescinding Trump-era policies, such as the Migrant Protection Protocols, as well as halting the border wall construction and narrowing down the enforcement priorities.

Instead, the Biden administration continues to pin the blame on Trump.

Officials say the lack of preparedness from health and Human Services helped cause the crisis. They noted that the Trump administration didn’t ask for more beds until Jan. 15. They also blamed the previous administration for stopping the funding for the Northern Triangle and for stopping asylum problems.

One official stated that the current administration managed to make “significant progress” since its start on Jan. 21. However, the same official warned that no one should expect this problem to be solved overnight and urged Congress to act and fix the immigration system itself.

Biden Says Trump Policies Caused Border Crisis

These statements echo Biden’s criticisms of Trump.

In a press conference last month, Biden said Trump “dismantled all the elements” that existed to deal with a long-time problem. The president also stated that Trump “shut down” the number of available bed. He also said Trump didn’t fund HHS to get those in holding facilities out.

To Republicans, those claims fall flat. They noted the low number of immigrants last year, as well as the policies that were put in place to deal with migrant surges following the 2019 crisis.

Last month’s numbers went over the 2019 crisis’ highest monthly total, in which border agents encountered around 142,000 in May of that year. There is also a high possibility that the numbers will continuously climb in Spring and early Summer.

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  • Ann Wilson says:


  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Build the wall , impeach Biden

  • JJ Johnson says:

    This old senile uncontrollable pisser might actually wake up once a family member is maimed, raped or killed by one of the illegals. I doubt it very seriously tho because you can’t teach any hard headed bastard anything!

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Amen to Mark Hiatt!👏👏👏👏

  • BBA says:

    How in the hell do they think they can pin this on Trump??? He had the lowest illegal border crossing numbers in 20 years and these socialist idiots have the highest and they are only going to get worse!! It’s time that we patriotic Americans take a stand before they implement their full plan to crush us into communism!!

  • Norman Kirby says:

    It’s really bad when any man has to blame another for the problems he causes because he’s not man enough to admit he’s made a mistake

  • James Kelly Maberry says:

    FU Joe and the Hoe Blithering idiots who only care for the elite. I am not blind to stupidity . My vote is for Texit. God Bless The Lone Star State

  • Dorothy Kohler says:

    .This idiot needs to go to the border and see the mess he and the dumacrats have created. They can’t blame this on Trump. They can’t blame Joe because then they would have to admit they didn’t stop him.

  • Cat says:

    Trump had this so well organized and working well with Mexic and beyond. Joe Dumbden has us so messed up with illegals and drug cartels. He needs to have one of his family members there to show him his mistakes. What a mess he has made of America just because his handlers an himself hated Trump who had America great again. Dumb Butt will be remembered as the WORST pres ever. 😪

  • Patriot says:

    Mr Biden,
    YOU are the president and this is happening on YOUR watch because of YOUR policies. Illegals have no right to be in this country and if YOU don’t understand that simple fact, step down.

    Democrats and their policies are traitors to the US Constitution. They should all be arrested, tried and after conviction, executed.

  • Jamrson says:

    This a glaring weakness of the demoncrats….ALWAYS, ALWAYS BLAME SOMEONE ELSE FOR YOUR MISTAKES AND BLUNDERS! It is particularly a problem for senile old farts as they regress into childish ideas and self serving behavior. So for those of you who mindlessly voted for this pathetic excuse for a US President, just go suck on your pacifiers!

  • Richard says:

    Trump dismantled facilities that weren’t needed because he kept the number of illegals down.
    When you let everyone in the world in, you run out of room pretty quickly.

  • Phyllis Poole says:

    The devils loose. Can’t you tell?Our ONLY. IS. OUR GOD!!

  • Daniel Ferguson says:

    Biden eased up on border polices is why this are what they are now!

  • Daniel Ferguson says:

    they Seen that Biden was week and didn’t know what he was doing so it was planed the day Biden was put in office that they was going to send as many as they could from that day on, Trump had things worked out whit his Border polices and when Biden removed them it showed Biden was week and didn’t know what needed to be done!

  • The professor says:

    Sleepy Joe it’s time to go …. and when you leave take the ho …. take Nancy …Hunter and Hillary too…. Bill and Monica will bring a cigar for you …. and don’t bother packing it’s all been done for you …..Obama will be your chauffeur and he has a box of “”Depends”” for you!!!

  • Gods in charge says:

    Funny they say Trump is at fault? However I don’t recall thousands and thousands of illegals wearing MAGA shirts as the did Biden. They blame Trump cause they running scared it’s a matter of time we the people stand up say enough. Take mask off so no to vaccine which is a operating system. This administration knows by messing with our constitutional amendment rights which 1 and 2nd are being impede on the next is 4th amendment . With this they blame Trump cause when all said and done they be tried as a traitor to our country. In due time it’s coming.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s coming sd it has in the past… won’t end until we’re stand strong as MLK did…. everyone sees truth and until we fix propaganda and media the truth stays hid to the not so intelligent Americans… it’s ashame politics are changing American values… the young people out of control in us is because they don’t know their history.. point blank… and the men and women in charge should be ashamed for turning every one’s lives because a man like trump showed all the corrupted government we had… he opened eyes that wasn’t open and fired corrupt folks and is messing with their pockets… all Americans need to really investigate all leading up to 2016 and see whaddy the dems were stealing from Americans pockets…example: Obama Pelosi Hillary all said in 2015 and 2016 in front of America that we’re needed a wall built and wanted tax payers to fork out 47 billion for construction…Trump said it could be done for 8 billion… so how come he could fo it for 39 billion less..hmmm… that’s a hell of a difference… so where was that extra really going and why is the wall now not important… BECAUSE THE ALL MIGHTY TRUMP SAID TO BUILD IT… DEMOCRATS ARE THE MOST OUT OF CONTROL RACISTS IN THE WORLD

  • Tina Roberts says:

    The article says, “One official stated that the current administration managed to make “significant progress” since its start on Jan. 21.”
    The problem is that their definition of success is to get as many illegal aliens into the United States of America as possible, as quickly as they possibly can.
    They have no concern for the diseases coming in or the criminals coming in because the people making the rules live with armed security 24/7 and don’t associate with poor people, so they assume they’ll never catch any of the diseases.

  • Billy says:

    Impeach Biden and the congress of Democrat’s. Close the border round up all illegals and send them back. Fine the DNC billions for misuse of power.

  • Billy W. says:

    Every time I try to post it disappears ? Biden is entirely the blame for the crisis at our border . They will try to blame Trump but he was out of office when Biden opened the border to spite of Trump trying to close it , so I feel it is Biden and the DNC s problem no matter the lies they spread.

  • Jim Evans says:

    Just as i have always said , and will continue to say , Democrats will NEVER admit when they are wrong. When Trump first said there was a crises at the border , the Democrats called him a liar and refused to admit , there was a crises. Then when they found out they was a crises, they blamed Trump for it.

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