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How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America



How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America, see more at:

How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America (Image: InChristUnited)

It is getting increasingly more difficult to read the news this year because it seems that America has become obsessed with indulging in the normality of being politically correct. Everything you read now is smothered by it. It’s getting to the point where we can’t even say colors anymore, I mean you say the word yellow and someone is going to be offended because they feel that it can spread hate. Schools are becoming “safe spaces” where students can’t even raise their hands because it is a symbol of disagreement and we wouldn’t want to offend anyone. It seems as if everyone is walking around on eggshells, just waiting for someone to get their feelings hurt by something you did, said, or were wearing.


Remember in middle school when all the little girls would cry because of something their friends would say to them? I remember my sister coming home from school and crying because a girl in her class had the same shirt on as she did. Is that what America wants to be? The little girl that is crying because someone made fun of your My Little Pony shirt? Let’s look at the past, what, two weeks and think of all the articles that have been based on politically correct circumstances. Putting Harriet Tubman onto our paper currency. Now, there is nothing wrong with change, and Harriet Tubman did a lot for our country and she deserves to be honored. Yet when that news was announced the only thing people were saying was that it was based on politically correct decisions. That could be true, I don’t know, but it amazes me that that is the first thing that we jump to. It has become such an easy switch to toggle on and off when the circumstances are in our favor.

How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America, see more at:

How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America (Image: Emaze)

Then there was the transgendered bathroom law. It amazes me that someone would be self-centered enough to think that there needs to be a bathroom for transgenders. Personally, I think that is actually sending our government backward. Didn’t we have separate bathrooms for whites and blacks not too long ago? Yet now we want to go backward and separate from man, women, and in between? That’s not a good thing to protest for. Segregation is something that people are always protesting about and yet those same people are now asking for it? Then we flip that coin over and people are protesting gender equality and, ironically, using the transgendered bathrooms in their arguments. Seven women actually showed up to the Trump rally in Coast Messa, California topless with Bernie Sanders stickers on their breasts protesting for gender equality.

Yet fundamentally down to our DNA we are not equal. Men and women are made differently. Our hormones do not work the same way, our bodies do not age the same way, our skin is different, our hair is different. We are the same species yet entirely different. The thing that makes us the same is mankind. We have feelings, we have thoughts, dreams, desires, passions, fears. We are linked by a spirit that makes us all feel a unified love towards our fellow man. Just like a Golden Retriever is not the same as a Pomeranian. They are completely different. Their fur is unique to their kind, and yet they are both dogs. The are alike in their kind but different.

People, though, confused gender equality with wanting the same rights as everyone else. Yet if you look at our bill of rights it doesn’t clarify by gender, it breaks down what rights we have as “people”.


To break it down:

First Amendment

Is basically saying that the Government can not mandate nor force you to cease a practice of your religion, nor stop freedom of speech or press, and can also not interfere with the right to peacefully assemble. It also allows us as citizens to express our grievances and petition the Government.

Second Amendment

The Government cannot stop us from joining as a militia or take away our right to bear arms (or own firearms).

Third Amendment

Soldiers cannot be placed in civilians homes during the time of peace or war against the will of the home owner.

Fourth Amendment

We have the right to our privacy and security and cannot be subject to unreasonable searches or seizures without a warrant that is based on probable cause.

Fifth Amendment

We have the right to be innocent until proven guilty. 

(This amendment explains more than just this but I’m just doing the overall concept.)

Sixth Amendment

We have the right to a speedy and public trial, an impartial jury, to be informed of our criminal charges, to confront witnesses, to bring the witness to court, and the assistance of counsel.

Seventh Amendment

We have the right to a jury trial in civil court if the matter is over twenty dollars.

Eighth Amendment

We should not be subjected to excess amounts of bail, no excessive fines, nor cruel and unusual punishment.

Ninth Amendment

States that the rights that are stated in the Bill of Rights are not the only rights that the people possess.

Tenth Amendment

The powers that were not given to the Government by the Constitution, or prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States or the people.

How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America, see more at:

How Being Politically Correct Is Destroying America (Image: ChristianFaithInAmerica)

Now after that quick run down was there anything in those rights that single out one gender or another? No. In the eyes of the Constitution, we are the same. We are all citizens and we all share the same rights. So the fact that we as a people continuously try to segregate ourselves by claiming inequality does not bring us together but pulls us apart.

When Martin Luther King Jr. made that speech we had something to fight for. Segregation was a real thing that was turning into violence and hatred. So Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. stood up for our bill of rights and stated that as mankind, as people, we are all the same and he was right. Yet now that the world has gotten so politically correct it is almost like we are abusing the sacrifice and the gift that Martin Luther King Jr. gave us. He saw a real problem and he changed it, and we are abusing it.


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    Just look around and see all the educated idiots who lack common sense or individual initiative, expecting support from the village family in all they might attempt to accomplish. And then there are those who show offensive at the slightest terminology uttered in slang or common verse and demand removal of all our American Historical past.

  • GORDON says:

    Being politely corect is not part of the constitution. IT IS Racest
    , Greed , Power, and being above the law !!!! ????????
    Have a good day ( Gordon Davis ) ???? ????! !

    come sense is what we need more of !! ?????

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