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The New Face Of U.S. Currency




The New Face Of U.S. Currency, see more at:

The New Face Of U.S. Currency (Image: Multihop)

  • Harriet Tubman, the 19th-century African-American civil rights activist, will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.
  • Women will also be placed on the $10 bill as well as replacing the back drawing of the Treasury building with a mural style depiction of the suffrage movement.
  • However, Hamilton will stay in production on the $10 bill as well.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew will announce that 19th-century African-American civil rights activist Harriet Tubman will replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, a Treasury official said Wednesday.

The announcement will come after Secretary Lew suggested over the weekend that potential modifications were on the way.

CNN reported Monday that Lew had decided to keep Alexander Hamilton on the $10 bill, and instead replace the seventh president’s portrait on the $20 bill with a woman who represents the struggle for racial equality.

Treasury officials declined to comment on the CNN report at the time.

Tubman was an abolitionist, humanitarian and Union spy during the American Civil War. Following Lew’s announcement, she will become the first woman on U.S. paper currency in 100 years.

Other women will also be honored on the $10 bill, the currency next up to for redesign, with a mural-style depiction of the suffrage movement that will replace the current drawing of the Treasury building.


Lew is also expected to confirm Wednesday that Hamilton is here to stay, a decision many have attributed to the grand success of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit, “Hamilton,” which recently won a Pulitzer prize.

Lew announced last summer that the government was going to incorporate a woman on the $10 bill, which would mark the first appearance of a female portrait on U.S. paper currency in 100 years.

Treasury received more than 1.5 million responses to Lew’s request for suggestions on the currency redesign. That prompted him to delay an announcement, which he had originally said would be made by the end of 2015.

In a poll conducted last year by the online group, Women on 20s, Tubman, one of the leaders of the Underground Railroad, was the top choice.

Lew’s initial announcement last year set off a firestorm of protests from supporters of Hamilton. They argued that the founding father had molded the nation’s financial architecture and should not be removed from his rightful place on the currency.

Hamilton fans got a boost from the interest generated by the hit Broadway musical. Earlier this year, Lew was personally lobbied by Miranda, the show’s author, and star, during a meeting at Treasury. After their discussion, Miranda tweeted that Lew had assured him “you’re going to be very happy” with the decision.

Source: The Blaze

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  • itdaryl dexter says:

    it’s about time that this lady is recognized for something MS. Harriet Tubman.

  • OnToYou says:

    We’re “We the People” able to vote on this ? Hell NO !

  • Joe Creamer says:

    If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it!

    • Reggie 1 says:

      Just one more step to breaking the bank as much as possible, before the puppet leaves office. I have no problem with putting her or anyone else on money, but not now. We’re broke, another post suggested a $25 bill. That would work for me, but again, not now.

  • mike says:

    This politically correct tangent that everyone is on needs to be ended. Martin Luther king is a better choice!

  • James Miller says:

    Why spend more money (that we don’t have) just to placate a certain group of people? Redoing the printing presses cannot be cheap.

  • DustyFae says:

    This is a bunch of Crap.. And who decide to pick her ? And why even bothered with doing it if money will soon be replaced by cards or ships ? The to think there were other great Black people to have been placed there and they chose a ugly female at that.. It looks like some people are really making a joke of Blacks

  • Kirby says:

    We should keep the images that currently exist on US currency and not change them. This honors the memory of our past presidents who were great men. Unlike our current “leaders” and their desire to change the United States into a socialist county.

  • Henry says:

    We need to stop correcting history with tokens. History will be corrected by keeping the Constitution alive and well for all legal citizens of the United States of America.

  • Paul B. says:

    I’m not surprised! The black population is only 13 per-cent, however they now dominate everything! I do not watch TV any longer because every commercial is now dominated by black actors! They are always the doctors, bosses and anyone in charge. I’m also tired of seeing racial couples in commercials! Enough of this PC CRAP!

  • Wayne V.T. says:

    There is NO valid reason to change who’s picture appears on our currency. This is just another ‘in your face’ by an administration that HATES the USA.

  • Barbro Nygren says:

    This is NOT the time to change any faces on our money.The Resident has driven the race card to the hilt

  • ARTHUR GOLD says:

    Lying Hillery should be on all the money

  • ARTHUR GOLD says:

    Lying Hillery should be on all the money

  • John says:

    A very LOW BLOW to the United States of America!
    These people need to be kept OFF OUR MONEY!

  • Patricia Scardino says:

    Who are we to TRY to change History. History happened in the past at the time not sometime in the future.

  • Kevin Piekarski says:

    this was done to placate the African American population-to remove the existing figure was disrespectful to him and the history surrounding him

  • Mike Rubick says:

    I think Martin Luther King would be more appropriate.

  • James Carey says:

    Our money has always indicated people who were instrumental in the formation of our country and our constitution and should be maintained.

  • Ray Wilson says:

    I’ll ask for all 5’s or 10’s or 50’s when I get change. This is a raciest thing from the raciest pig president!

  • Bob Trahan says:

    These are our founding fathers and she surely had nothing to do with that.

  • Joan says:

    Changing any of our currency to a new design costs mega-bucks. This will be no exception. Who cares whose picture is on our currency? This is just a distraction from the real issues in our country.

  • Robert Spencer says:

    Why does this admits ration have to screw up every thing ? Leave things alone.

  • patti says:

    Leave it in the school books where I learned about her and put our money to much more important issues such as the deficit that our President created. Another decision by government that is out of control.

  • Kathleen says:

    Jackson was a true statesman and Tubmann a communist–there should be no contest

  • Name says:

    Not complimentry

  • gail says:

    To start the government’s broke, so why spend money on changing the currency. Second all the current faces on the currency are people important to the whole country, not just a small part of it.

  • Jake Helms says:

    First, we’re $19 Trillion in debt. Second, why is it the Treasury Secretary has the power to decide whose picture goes on our currency? If a majority of the people selected Harriet Tubman, I’m okay with it, disregarding the financial aspect of it. Otherwise, we should be focusing on more important matters. Our country is in big trouble, both financially and socially, not to mention morally.

  • jerry hughes says:

    Just leave things alone, there is no reason to modify the currency and the cost of this change will be substantial.

  • Fr. Richard F. Davidson, F.S.G.G. says:

    With all our fiscal problems, we do not need to wast money making political statements on our currency.

  • Christopher Nelson says:

    She was NOT a former USA president !

  • Mary Ray says:

    Not to take away from the historical value of what this person did, I personally feel that people who contributed to the founding, advancement, and protection of our country should take precedence.

  • Joseph Thompson says:

    The picture on US currency should be Presidents not a woman gun toting spy because she’s black and obummer the race baiter wants it. Next he’ll be wanting sharpton on some bill and take another past president off.

  • theodore cole says:

    It is demeaning and a political sop to the blacks!

  • JOHN ELLIS says:


  • Jim Gruver says:

    Since when has this woman ever had an accomplishment equal to a US President ! This just like combining Presidents day to celebrate a birthday for a civil rights leader on the federal calendar. Lets have one for Mickey Mouse because he’s black too !

  • Ed Smith says:

    This is just more “PC”.I should have moved my family out of this disgrace of a country many years ago.
    Thanks for helping to look out for us.

  • Virgil payne says:

    Leave the bills alone. We have the technlogy
    to prevent counterfiting. So this is a change for political correctness, or just a vehicle to justify a government lackys job. Downsize government!

  • David McNitt says:

    Only President to pay the national debt flat, and would not allow a private federal central bank have control of our currency & interest rates.

  • Jack says:

    There are no changes needed to our currency.

  • G says:

    What? Why? Recognise these people some other way and keep the Presidents on the bills!

  • George Borkenhagen says:

    Our country is being over run with attitudes that are way way out of step with the founding principles on which it was founded. This IS NOT the country I was born in……

  • Just an overeducated fool who can add 2 plus 2 says:

    This is just one more excuse for the Treasury Dept to put more currency in circulation. It accomplishes two things: it appeases a segment of primarily Democratic voters & it further weakens the value of the dollar as they have no plans to remove the current bills, just flood the market with more dollars which leads to more inflation. When the financial bubble bursts at least there will be plenty of fuel for fires to cook on & keep warm in the winter. That will be all they will be good for.

  • chuck carey says:

    Bills are for Presidents only

  • Cole says:

    As someone stated earlier, Jackson opposed the Central banking system. He defined them as nothing but a bunch of Crooks. At the present state of our debt/economy he was correct. He actually pushed them out of the country.
    The world bankers at the time hired a assassin to kill Jackson but both Guns misfired. And they openly admitted to making the arrangement.
    So they finally complete their assassination. Jefferson was also opposed to the Central Banking System.

  • BOB DERR says:

    it’s all about being political correct, and politics!!! NO WAY!!!!!!!

  • Matt Cuddy says:

    As we debase our currency more and more each day with quantative easing, printing presses set on PUREE spitting out worthless FIAT currency backed by nothing but good intentions, why not have a disgruntled black woman sneering out of a $20.00 bill? Maybe we can put Mickey Mouse on the $10.00 bill, and Jefferson Davis on the C notes? Since US paper currency is just about worthless, it doesn’t matter anyway, might as well have fun with it.

  • Everyman says:

    Give me a few,if any, real contributions other than laying on your back spining

  • Louis B. Jones Sr says:

    Schools do not teach History and all they want to do is CHANGE History.You study history to know what happened to insure that the bad does not happen again. over the last 7+ years the clock is being turned back to the bad affecting everyone, Black and white. Nothing good can come from it.

  • Pam says:

    Things should stay the way they are!

  • Eddie Stephens says:

    leave it alone!!

  • Dean Dark says:

    To me, the money looks like it’s already been forged, made to look not real. That is my opinion.

  • Sharon says:

    NO WAY !! — Only Dead Presidents should appear on our money. And a committee should be formed to investigate their actions during their lifetimes… any corruption, etc should disqualify them from ever being on our money! Coins get the same research!

  • Bonnie MacGregor says:

    Just who made this decision to erase one of the greatest men in our history? AND, replace him with some relatively unknown person. This will not fix racism!

  • Timothy Jones. says:

    What Greatness did she do America.?? Who even knew of her before now.? If Blacks wanted a hero put on the $20.00 bill, why not George Washington Carver. He did Great things for ALL of America. She was a slave and the Blacks want to erase Slave History. How is this being taken by the Blacks of America? Is this their HERO.?? Sounds and looks like Racism to me.!!.

  • Greg says:

    this is wrong Jackson was a president of this great county our President should be on our money, what’s next the protesters of the 60’s who treated our service men like shit when thy came home are thy the next to be on a bill, you going to take Lincoln off next???

  • Ed says:

    I think the major people should be on paper and others should be on coinage.

  • Terry Sears says:

    That has got to be the ugliest bill I have ever seen.

  • Donald Gorum says:

    Our currency is based on the stability of our government, and the laws of our country, it is a form of “TRADING”. I think it is a sin a shame to change our currency. If for no other reason it is a lesson in history for those that are interested. Changing the image of our currency will not make it worth any more, it will only cost to change the machinery to produce the new, when our country is already in the greatest debt EVER!
    Donald Gorum

  • B says:

    Fucking iodiots

  • Roy Tuttle says:

    sounds like an obama doing.
    Many many years of Hamilton being on the bill and no one challenged it.
    This is pure raceism.
    WE THE PEOPLE mean more than obama and his one voice.
    This whole idea sucks.

  • JoAnn Deles-Dernier says:

    Sick of this administration destroying our traditions. Make a new bill with her face on it instead of removing with is there. There are more important things to worry about then a new face on a bill. Totally stupid and uncalled for…..but that’s what Obama is all about.

  • Linda Pierce says:

    I think they should make a $2.00 bill or $25.00 bill and leave the current $20.00 bill the way it is.

  • christine Hayes says:

    This is just what we don’t like about our government changing things that don’t need changing and forgetting what they should be fixing. Why don’t you earn your wages by addressing and fixing other issues whiich need fixing? Oh I know too hard for you! This is the main reason I’m voting for Trump
    he will take care of the good old boys patting each other on the back saying well done when you have done nothing. Same on You

  • James says:

    Too many things are being changed in this country as it is if something should be left alone not that I disagree based off of race or the fact that the new face of the $20 bill would be female that has nothing to do with it the fact alone that some things shouldn’t be changed because it would cause too many other problems outside of the us as well as inside of the u.s. I believe that it would show everybody around the world that we have the tendency to change something just because we want to change it and that’s not right that shows weakness in the part of the US government and that is my opinion

  • Pat says:

    If WE the people cannot keep the bills we already have. I would rather “vote” on a few choices on what appears on the new bills. Why do we have to have a picture of an individual? Instead of issuing a bill with someones face on the “bill”; and who the majority of the Nation has never heard of & most of our school children have never been taught about the individuals contribution to our Nation, if any. At least the pictures on our current bills have past Presidents on them. Place a picture of the “Treasury” Buildings &/or maybe past “White House” buildings on these new bills. After all, at least the Treasury buildings are where the paper money comes from. I am so fed up with our government & political leaders assuming everyone thinks we want an individual face on our paper money.
    Now, aren’t you sorry you asked for my opinion?

  • Wagner says:

    When we will stop pandering to groups? Soon we will feel it necessary to put our favorite gay person’s photo on the bill or our favorite animal. Too many people want recognition for doing something. My dog can play dead, please put him on the one dollar bill.

  • Marc Scott says:

    Cause it looks like Aunt Jemima! They took the due rag off her head on the Syrup bottle. Out of this being a slave thing. So what the fuck people. It is time to stop this idiot from stealing America’s white Heritage ! Right in our faces. If this was not a racist thing. You better wake the fuck up.

  • Matthew Hill says:

    The government should be looking for ways to eliminate the spending of tax dollars instead of this. It is impossible to have a balanced budget with this non-sense!

  • Jason Neucere says:

    I believe Jackson should stay on the 20 dollar bill because he did more to help create this nation than Harriet Tubman could have done to keep this nation free.If you really want to put a woman on a bill I believe Betsy Ross did more to help create this nation.She’s just lost in history.I believe she more worthy of the honor.

  • Stephen Kovacs says:

    Why are we trying to re invent our Money? What we have is known around the world and now someone has a burr up their backside and wants to make a racist statement on our money.

  • pat says:

    just because we have a black pres dont mean we need to change the money i will try and not use 20 from now on

  • John says:

    I don’t believe replacing Jackson is true to our Heritage,what I feel they should do is make another denomination for Harriet Tubman

  • John Davis says:

    This looks ridiculous! It would make me spend more money because I would not be able to stand keeping these bills in my wallet!

  • Anne Moore says:

    The twenty dollar bill needs to be left alone besides is that the picture they want to replace Andrew Jackson with? That picture looks terrible however nobody will want it at all. Hopefully it will fall on the wayside just like the Susan B. Anthony coin did.

  • Kevin hurley says:

    Disagree. My freedom of speech

  • Richard emerson says:


  • Abigail says:

    I always disagree about removing a person from a position of honor or changing the name of a venue (like Atlanta’s Hartsfield Airport) for the purpose of honoring another person. FIND ANOTHER WAY/PLACE TO HONOR HARRET TUBMAN. Make a stamp or build a huge statue at her home state capitol. But do not remove Andrew Jackson from his place on the $20 bill. It is wrong to remove one person and replace with another.

  • Larry Campbell says:

    Looks like some pancake add. Some Fourth world country. Syrup by aunt Jemima

  • Larry P Beary says:

    Leave it alone, we like it the way it is now.

  • Tomie Dotson says:

    This has gone far enough, these idiot liberals, have gone to far. U.S. money has past Presidents on them or men like B. Franklin.

  • Rebecca says:

    Just don’t see the need to change any of our currency … what’s not broken don’t need to be fixed … This woman’s not a founding father of this country… enough said !!!

  • Roebyn says:

    The change would result in widespread suspicion in the U.S., but particularly overseas that the note is a forgery.

  • Eugene Brown says:

    I will quit accepting twenty dollar bills when this happens. Liberals trying to destroy legacy of a great man in history

  • Name says:

    It’s a disgrace and an insult to remove a president from the bill

  • Michael Otwell says:

    Our US presidents are on all currency. This is further proof Obama is the worst thing to happen to the free world. If Obama was white we wouldn’t be talking about this.

  • Robert S Lee says:

    Its about time a black person is represented on our currency. She was a great woman who did a very dangerous job and saved many lives.

  • Guy Carter says:

    Because several people out there Black & White want to languish in the past slavery period. Why can’t a more Positive Black role model be chosen? Booker T. Washington or Frederick Douglas. Why not an American Indian Chief? You want to talk about abuse & slaughter? Geez! They have little voice because the White Calvary killed most of them & they are a very proud people. The Birmingham News continues 150+ Years later to drag up racial issues. We can get along without all the racial garbage being thrown in our face everyday. Keep the image positive & show progress of a famous Black American. There been millions of ALL races inslaved, abused & killed. Shall we look for a more positive tune…

  • mick says:

    leave them alone how many more millions wasted to change them mr obbuumer

  • Adolph says:

    The United Sates of America will go the same way as Europe, white people as a persecuted minority, it is time we fight back and preserve our race or we will perish from the earth. White people have two choices become more race conscious or perish from the earth forever, the other races are too intelligent to let go of their racism, but do we have any intelligence left?

  • Janice Leigh says:

    just because she’s black isn’t a reason to put her on it and that’s why they want to change it. it’s been fine as it is for years why now all of the sudden???? because she’s black!!

  • Lunn says:

    I feel it should stay with Presidents…I am a woman & I know the Presidents are only human & have rum this country into the ground but with help of BIG BUSINESS, but they are still the head of this country & they should stay on the paper money .

  • Faye Plunkett says:

    no reason too other than stir up hostility among southerners. Civil War was fought once, that is enough.

  • James sparlin says:

    Jackson, although a man of his times and of many faults, caused a watershed event in our history because of his heroism in war of 1812. His opposition to the central bankers was prophetic and heroic, nearly being assassinated because of that. Besides women on money hasn’t worked well.

  • James sparlin says:

    are you people really stupid enough not to realize those are not presidents on several demoninations of our currency? Hamilton, and Franklin, not ever presidents

  • Kathryn says:

    No one but founding fathers should be on our currency period

  • DUKE says:

    Any Republican who carries a gun is preferential to a democrat every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

  • marc leeson says:

    waste time tampering and political tug of wars, keep Andrew Jackson.

  • Albert Milton says:

    The change on the $ 20 bill shows complete and total disrespect to one of our US Presidents, Andrew Jackson !

    Additionally, the picture of her does not seem to compliment her image and she looks as though she is Mad at the World.

  • Donald L. Conat says:

    On the back side, not a bad idea.
    Or better yet make a new Twenty Five Dollar Bill, with her on the front side.

  • Howard Helton says:

    There has been no ground-swell of requests; consequently, there exists no rational reason to change our currency. Doing so now sets a precedent that will lead to more often changes, albeit at the whim of the Secretary of the Treasury. We send representatives to Congress to decide these things for us, not political appointees. While I disagree, I will defend unto death your right to voice your opinion — but not to impose it upon me.

  • Diane Collins says:

    I believe changing the faces on the paper money is a complete waste of time and money. The government should be ashamed wasting the money it will take to follow through on such an asinine project when that money could go toward housing the homeless or feeding the hungry. This is nothing more than rampant political correctness and sadly it is killing our county!

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