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Bernie Sanders Reveals Platform Of Hate At Coachella



Last weekend at Coachella, Bernie Sanders recorded an introduction for the hip-hop group Run the Jewels. Run the Jewels is made of 2 men, Killer Mike and El-P, who have both been vocal Sanders supporters in the last months.

Michael Render, better known as Killer Mike, has campaigned for Bernie Sanders in multiple states and seems to be Sander main tactic for acquiring the African American vote.

Run the Jewels is not nice music, their songs are filled with cop killing, drug using, anti-Christian, hateful lyrics.

“When you n****s gon’ unite and kill the police, mothaf***as?
And take over a jail, give them COs hell
The burnin’ of the sulfur, goddamn I love the smell
Now get to pillow torchin’, where the f*** the warden?
And when you find him, we don’t kill him, we just waterboard him
We killin’ them for freedom cause they tortured us for boredom”

These are lyrics from a group that a presidential candidate personally introduced. Lyrics that were written by a man that Bernie Sanders called a personal friend.

“We the wolves that’s wilding
We often smile at sights of violence
Acting brave and courageous
Ain’t advantageous for health and safety
So when we say run the jewels
Just run’ em baby, please don’t delay me
And that goes for a guy or lady
The fam god damn we f***in crazy
I’ll pull this pistol
Put it on your poodle or your f***in baby
She clutched the pearls, said “What in the world!”
And “I won’t give up s**t!”
I put the pistol on that poodle
And I shot that b**ch”

Believe me, when I say I could go on and on with examples from Run the Jewels, Killer Mike, and El-P. Together they have a slew of offensive lyrics that I could write a book on. I challenge anyone to say that these words are taken out of context and that they don’t condone violence or hate.

I have never seen a mainstream presidential candidate identifying with a music group as dangerous and hateful as Run the Jewels. However, it doesn’t stop there, Killer Mike even opened for Bernie Sanders at his Atlanta rally. If a Republican had been linked to a group this offensive they would have been driven out of the primary months ago.


Is it any wonder that someone as offensive as Killer Mike would be in Sander’s camp? Bernie Sanders’ promise of class war and an overhauling of the welfare state would be appealing and hopeful to a group like Run the Jewels and their fans. The message is unrealistic and now we truly see it for what it is, a message of hate.

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Bernie Sanders is running on a platform of hate.


Killer Mike even has a solo song about Ronald Reagan in which he compares the man to the devil and ends with the words “I’m glad Reagan dead…” Let that sink in, he can have that level of hate for Ronald Reagan and endorse Bernie Sanders… I guess they are complete opposites.

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  • mary czerczyk says:

    Can you expect better from a sociaist

  • john Wirts says:

    Libtards only accept other libtards who have no idea about the realities of life. If I say I agree with Bernie he likes me, if I disagree with Bernie, I am a bigoted hateful retard, no discussion or education allowed. Agreeor be denounced!

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