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Obama Is Using The Primaries As A Distraction




The 2016 primary elections have been filled with enough drama to make the Kardashians look normal, but is it on purpose? It seems that the deeper we go into the election process the more things begin to be revealed about Obama and his policies, and with his days ticking down he's in a mad dash to leave his mark.

Hillary Clintons personal email scandal that flooded the media was a great distraction as a spotlight was pointed right at Hillary. Which would allow for anything to happen as the public's attention was preoccupied. So, in the heat of Hillary's scandal, Guantanamo Bay closes and although it causes a stir, briefly, eventually everyone goes back to Hillary's emails. Obama stays out of it at first but then starts making comments about the investigation, that he won't get involved but believes she is innocent but he won't get involved. He doesn't just say this once, but a few times, coming forward to express his feelings about Hillary's intentions over and over again.

It has been one scandal after another during this year's primaries. After the scandal on Hillary died down a little and everyone got bored with hearing about it, Panama Paper Leaks comes forward with information on tax evasion and offshore accounts. Of course, everyone again is in an uproar. Then slowly from the sidelines, we learn about 28 pages that could possibly link the Saudi Embassy in Washington to the attacks on 9/11. Obama conquers this with a used car salesman grin and quickly washes the view off of that and back on to the primaries with fights about wives between Trump and Cruz, or a questioningly campaigning Paul Ryan.

It has now come forward that the Supreme Court is getting ready to decide whether Obama's plan to stop the deportation of illegal immigrants in the United States will be put into effect or not. Yet our focus isn't on that. We are worried about the assault charges on Trumps campaign manager Corey Lewandowski or how Hillary is pandering towards getting a black vote by constantly promoting hot sauce.  The media has always been a tool used to sway the attention of any given audience.

Obama doesn't have many days left in office but with the days that he does have left he could do massive amounts of damage. He has clearly shown that his “priorities” do not include the American people or what it means to be American.

As Brussels was suffering and searching for help Obama was in Cuba getting salsa dances. Gang violence is growing at  our southern border and yet he is trying to get a bill passed that would stop the deportation of illegal immigrants. It has been documented that detainees from Gitmo, who we transferred other countries for holding, have already returned to radical groups. The Islamic State is growing and so far it seems that the only things that Obama has been concerned with are his own agendas.

He has massively raised the national debt, something that he said was a sign of poor leadership when he was running in the first place. Major health insurers are pulling out of ObamaCare plan because of the massive losses of money by being involved in the program. He continues to meet with Putin and yet no real work has been made and nothing very serious has been discussed.

Just what is it that he is doing behind the hazy field of media insanity. I can guarantee that Obama has a lot more in store for America before he leaves office, and filling the people with the white noise of the media is how he is doing it.

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