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Judge Rules Against Trump In Bid to Seal January 6 Records



Pro-Trump protesters trying to enter Capitol building | Judge Rules Against Trump In Bid to Seal January 6 Records | featured

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled to unseal January 6 records from the White House.  Former President Donald Trump wants to keep the records private via executive privilege. He does not want a congressional panel getting access. Instead, the courtside with the congressional committee. 

House Democrats are investigating Trump’s role in the January 6 riots. The committee wanted to see for themselves all of the former President’s communications and activities leading up to the riot.

The January 6 Capitol riot left a mess in the nation’s capital and caused at least five deaths. It also brought Congress to its knees as lawmakers had to postpone a certification and evacuate for safety. 

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Judge Orders Turnover of January 6 Records To House Select Committee

President Donald Trump's supporters storm the United States Capitol-January 6 Records

As a result of the ruling from Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, the House should expect the White House to turn over copies of the January 6 records by Friday. In a blistering 39-page opinion, Chutkan ordered the release of the documents.

“The court holds that the public interest lies in permitting…the combined will of the legislative and executive branches to study the events that led to and occurred on January 6 and to consider legislation to prevent such events from ever occurring again,” Chutkan wrote. 

The US District Court (District of Columbia) judge also scored the events that happened after the elections. She said that the January 6 riots were an “attempt to prevent the lawful transfer of power” between administrations. Chutkan also noted that the transition this year was the first time since 1860 that it was not peaceful. 

Trump Lawyers File Appeal to Prevent Release of January 6 Records

Upon receiving the decision, Trump’s lawyers quickly filed an appeal. “The battle to defend Executive Privilege for President's past, present & future—from its outset—was destined to be decided by the Appellate Courts,” Trump spokesperson Taylor Budowich tweeted.

“Trump remains committed to defending the Constitution & the Office of the Presidency, & will be seeing this process through.”

Trump lawyer Jesse Binnall said in a court filing on Monday that the current situation necessitates executive privilege. He said that the “disagreement between an incumbent President ” and his political rival successor is the reason for executive privilege.

The case involves “the ability of presidents and their advisers to reliably make and receive full and frank advice,” BInall added. Decisions should come with having to accommodate political objectives.

In contrast, President Joe Biden insists that a President’s executive privilege starts and ends with the presidency. Once the president leaves office, executive privilege automatically becomes nonexistent. 

Emergency Request To Seal January 6 Records Also Denied

Last Monday, Judge Chutkan denied an emergency request by Trump’s lawyers to prevent the House committee from receiving the documents. She said that move was premature as she has yet to rule on the case. 

Watch the MSNBC video reporting that a federal judge rejects Trump’s request to block access to records requested by Jan. 6 House Committee:

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Do you agree with the ruling that President Trump does not have executive privilege anymore since he’s out of office? Do you also agree that the January 6 records should go public?

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  • Tony Jaggers says:

    i’m with President Trump the constitution means something seal the documents stop try to destroy President Trump the Real President that won the Election

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    These same judges over look the massive riots that happened in this country, but yet go after president trump. There is no justice left in America !

  • BINH THAI says:


  • John says:

    A siting President and a KING have executive priviledges !!! as far as I can tell a Past pres. is not in office and retirement privslege only! what is the deal here? A crime is a crime and a broken LAW is a broken LAW. Trump is NOT GOD! or KING what the hell is going on here? IF HE INVOLVED IN ANY WAY IN TOO THE INSURECTION I AM SURE IT SHOULD BE A TREASON CHARGE LIKE ANY ONE ELSE WOULD BE CHARGED WITH!
    Any thing else is Horse poop!

  • mark Hiatt says:

    What biding is doing to Americans is treason, John wake the fuck up

  • Johnny says:

    you know that judge is being paid off by the democrat’s this is a crooked world we live in . SAD but true

  • PonU says:

    trump tried to illegally overtake the U.S. government.Steal a Legitimate election that his sorry treasonous behind Lost & install himself as president.he & his entire criminal enterprise belong in Leavenworth ppl worship this piece of imbecilic self centered piece of crap is beyond Me.

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