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Biden Approval Numbers are Terrible Even With the Media on His Side



Pres. Joe Biden and Vice Pres. Kamala Harris-Biden Approval Numbers are Terrible Even With the Media on His Side-ss-Featured

According to a new poll, while President Joe Biden had received the most votes recorded in a presidential election, his approval rating is not good at all.

In a poll conducted by Rasmussen Reports, Biden received a 50% approval rating and a 47% disapproval rating after his first month in office.

To compare, a similar survey was conducted during former President Donald Trump’s first month in office. He received a 52% approval rating.

As per the Washington Examiner, during the Trump administration, 44% of similar respondents believe the U.S. was on the right path while 50% say otherwise.

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However, now that Biden is in charge, only 37% say the country is on the right path. Meanwhile, 57% believed otherwise.

According to Rassmussen, only 34% of the voters have strongly approved of Biden’s performance as president in February. Meanwhile, 39% say the opposite, as per the Examiner.


Given this data, Biden’s first full-month Presidential Approval Index rating is at -5. To compare, Trump had -4 in 2017. However, Trump’s final full month as President earned him an Approval Index rating of -8.

Also according to the report, Rassmussen polls are often slammed and disregarded by the mainstream media. Many news outlets do so because Trump used to often cite their results. However, the poll-taking company says the model it uses is similar to the partisan breakdown recorded in the exit polls of last year’s elections.

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  • Lynn says:

    Ha! Ha! Really stupid charade after dozens of Dem state judges and Sec of State, Governor’s and City Dem city officials, illegally, refuse an audit and obviously dictatorial scam Guilty collusion by voting officials! This is how criminals act to hide their crimes! How Disparate and Obvious, especially with Tech and Untruthfull one-sided Globalist Media! All excitedly selling lies and propaganda to convince everyone that “the Moon is indisputably made of CHEESE! Any dictator would be proud! Super Dem Party job orchestrating whatever illegal ballot box manipulations were frantically needed to override POTUS TRUMP’s expanding vote tabulations! Dems really did poorly in all other elected positions and that those voters did follow-through with Trump’s Talley is just rediculous!

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    Insurrection, Acts of Racism, and Impeachment is what the entire BIDEN administration deserves.

  • Mary says:

    He is NOT my President or our Nation for that matter!!!
    Stealing doesn’t count!! 😏

  • Jim says:

    I see that the Sturmtrumpers are busy this night and — as always — spewing the absolutely ridiculous, the unverifiable, acting in the name of nuttiness whilst claiming the voice of “The People.”

  • Pat says:

    Rating Bidens performance is an exercise in futility. He is not the president, elected by a majority of voters, but rather a “talking head” propped up in a chair in front of cameras to spew out the deep left mantra, and who was fraudulently elected by manipulating absentee ballots in several key states with needed electoral votes. This theft, resulting in an invalid election, was planned just as the coronavirus pandemic was a conspiracy created by the chinese in concert with the same “deep left” who stole the 2020 election in order to, first destroy all the massive and successful economic and political gains in the US achieved by Trump and second, reduce the number of trumps remaining loyal followers by keeping them away from the polls through fear and then at the last minute, pull out the hidden boxes of absentee ballots in those states where needed to falsify final counts. Think about it, who stood to gain from Trumps defeat? Only the Chinese and the liberal Democratic deep left, the rest of us gave up and let the deep dark liberal left succeed in their conspiracy with the Chinese? Conspiracy theory? Absolutely and when if ever the truth is exposed you’ll find it accurately assesses what happend.

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