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Afghanistan Crisis

Expected: Biden Shifts Blame of Deadly Kabul Explosion on His Generals



Biden Cowardly Shifts Blame of Deadly Kabul Explosion on His Generals -ss-Featured

On Thursday, it seemed like President Joe Biden threw his top generals under the bus following the fatal attacks on U.S. troops when he said that he based his decisions on the advice given to him by the Pentagon.

Biden Says He Followed Military Advice

At a press conference, the president said “major military personnel” gave him the advice to withdraw all U.S. troops from Bagram, America’s largest airbase in Afghanistan. The said base served as the nerve center for all American and NATO operations in the 20 years the U.S. has been in the country. However, some people, including analysts and lawmakers, believed the place was better suited for mass evacuations.

Biden’s remarks contradicted those made by Gen. Mark Milley, the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman, who told reporters back on Aug. 18 that the military was forced to choose between securing the international airport in Kabul or the airbase in Bagram because they lacked personnel.

In the end, they chose Kabul.

When asked about who made the decision, Biden told reporters that with regards to tactical questions related to an evacuation or war, he said he gathers up “all the major military personnel” in Afghanistan, the commanders, as well as the officials at the Pentagon. Then, the president said he asks them for advice about the most efficient way to proceed with the mission.

According to the president, the military concluded that the Bagram airbase “was not much value-added” so they thought it was wiser to choose Kabul. With that, Biden said he followed their recommendation.

American troops withdrew from Bagram airbase on July 2 under the cover of darkness. According to reports, the Afghan forces’ commander was unaware of the withdrawal until two hours later.

On Aug. 15, the Taliban took over the airbase. They released thousands of prisoners who were at the base’s detention facility when they were at it.

Earlier in August, Milley was asked about why U.S. troops withdrew, to which he said that securing Bagram needed a significant level of military effort. Because of this, doing so would need external support from the Afghan troops.

He added that at the time, their task was to protect the embassy so that personnel from there can continue to function. Milley added that if they decided to keep both the Bagram airbase and the embassy runny, they would need a large number of military troops, which would have exceeded the number that they had.

Milley then said that, due to this conundrum, they needed to collapse one to secure the other. With that, their decision and proposal were made. He then added that their plan “was all briefed and approved,” implying that Biden signed off on it as the U.S. military’s commander-in-chief.

Milley also told reporters that they had estimated that going out from Kabul or from Bagram had the same level of risk. Because of this, they estimated that going out of Kabul was the better tactical solution given the mission set they had and with military troops down to only around 600 to 700 in number.

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  • Elaine says:

    So there were not “enough troops in Afghanistan to secure and safely remove personnel from Bagram airbase and Kabul” 600-700 troops. So Biden has them abandon Bagram to protect Kabul which all goes to shit anyway and He ends up sending 6,000- 7,000 more troops over to assist in the cluster f#**. Doesn’t it seem it would have been better to send the troops in July to secure both sites and assist in a safe and secure evacuation??? Hmmm shortsighted again!!!in reality a covertly executed deal made with some faction that Biden probably owes a favor. Fellow Americans the political arena is playing us for fools.

  • Sharon A Volpe says:

    I’m so glad he may be impeached along with the vice president! It will not come soon enough!

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Somebody needs to remind Creepy Joe of the plaque on Harry Truman’s desk.

  • Will March says:

    I hope there aren’t a lot of people who don’t yet grasp that this is deliberate, fully intentional sabotage and dismantling of our nation. Plainly, a continuation of the treasonous and self-serving tricks and strategies of the 8 years of the Previous (D) administration. Firing and prosecuting 400+ of the nation’s most effective and patriotic military commanders; subjecting troops in the field to INSANE ROEs, and leaving them unprotected by artillery while they were under attack; prosecuting them for murder for doing their missions; placing absurd numbers of troops in antiquated Chinooks, making targeting by the enemy so much easier… Our nation is in the thrall of DEMONS.

  • Kathy Gibson says:

    Whoever is running the White House in the shadows should be put in shackles and live on bread and water for eternity. The same goes for President Biden’s wife and family. All of his administration should be charged for abuse of an elderly person. Everyone with any sense at all knows President Biden is sick and unable to take care if himself must less the country. He must be taken out of office as well as the Vice President and Nancy Pelosi. These people are power hungry mongers and care nothing about Americans, America or our constitution. They are as dangerous to us as the Taliban, and every deadly disease out there. Pray we can get President Trump back in control of our country. I’m so ashamed of our (leadership) there are no words.

  • Neal P Ivers says:

    I couldn’t agree more, Will.

    I believe that China is “cashing in” on the favors owed them.
    They will reap the benefits of the “Silk Road” thru Afghanistan (and Pakistan),and will also reap the benefits of Trillions of dollars worth of Lithium & Copper.
    Funny how Mr. BIDEN, and the rest of the Democrats are pushing 100% electric power all the time, by 2030, and shuttering our abilities to produce Oil & Natural Gas.
    Joe is bought & paid for.

    The United States will continue to suffer under this mental midget’s direction.

    Our brave MARINES were murdered because Biden has zero common sense, or combat instinct, whatsoever.

    God help us all….

  • Kathy Gibson says:

    I am very proud of our military who put their lives on the line every moment of every day. How dare Biden or anyone else to blame them for his and his administration’s horrible failures. God bless our country, our military and god fearing Americans.

  • Dave says:

    Biden is useless and mentally incompetent! He is not worthy to be called president. Biden had no withdrawal plan, he probably gives more thought to a bathroom trip.

    Biden left American citizens, Afghan allies alone with no recourse for escape against a well armed enemy. Not only that, but he gave taxpayer funded equipment to the enemy to use against us. 150 aircraft including attack helicopters, drones, night vision, a million automatic weapons, million of rounds of ammunition, thousands of armored vehicles, even as he tries to disarm Americans just like the Taliban did Afghans when they took over. Biden wants us disarmed so we are defenseless against a Democrat takeover of your Constitutional rights!

    Our troops did not have to die on Thursday! The blood is on Biden, Harris, Pelosi! Impeach Now!

  • David says:

    Bravo! What a leader, lies constantly, takes responsobility for nothing and now blaming the woke military he put in place. I am surprised it wasn’t covids fault, or Trumps? Whenever he speaks he should be required to be juggling while on a unicycle.

  • Jeremy myers says:

    Biden is a walking stroke case. He looks and acts like a walker from the walking dead. He has no place trying to hold the position of comander in chief. He needs to go. He doesnt know what hes doing. I cant beleive you people voted this joke in. Who knows you probably didnt vote him in. I just dont see how trump could have lost as popular as he was going into the race. American needs to wake up and get someone who is competent, because this guy clearly isnt.

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Why in hell don’t they impeach that bastard and camel toe Harris

  • walter says:

    joe aka gov. employees aka parasites don,t say a word to the American public about our God given right to defend ourselves. 2nd amendment. You and your decisions where the biggest straw buying deal for automatic weapons to date! Joe have the American People to answer to!

  • George N Clarke says:

    What a waste of space this thing is. He doesn’t qualify as a man.

  • Scott Smith says:

    I don’t believe anything these so called leaders say. I don’t trust any of these so called leaders. I hate to say it but us patriots are on are own,we are leaderless. We are at war,it’s a different kind of war but make no mistake we are at war. I don’t know what is going to happen just take care of yourselves. You know who you are and you know what I’m talking about. Godbless.

  • Donald Schad Jr. says:

    Elect stupid people, win stupid prize’s!!! WTF did anyone think would happen, did we all forget the cluster fuck that was Syria and ISIS?!!! Obama left Biden in charge of that and look what happened…TOTAL cluster fuck!! And as much as Biden has blood on his hands for this mess, let’s NOT forget the DUMB ASSES, that voted for him! All you woke ass, liberal, socialist, scallywags!! YOU have just as much blood on your hands! You got rid of the big bad orange man, and put an incompetent demented ass hat in charge!! Well at least he doesn’t hurt you pathetic little feelings with his mean tweets! It’s a shame that all the old sayings still hold true today…THE TRUTH HURTS!, and that’s why you need to get Trump out. Well I hope each and everyone of you Biden loving commies sleeps well at night, but leave a light on you never now where the boogie men are!!

  • Homer Sipsome says:

    I’d like to know who’s decision it was to leave like this-leave all the weapons, the ISIS prisoners. Further, from 20 years of working with the Afghans, our military intelligence would have projected that the Afghans wouldn’t fight the Taliban, so why did Biden act surprised? Lastly, there will be no voice for those left behind, none able to tell of the atrocities Joe caused, as they’ll die with no one around to tell the story. Joe wipes his hands clean…or his butt.

  • BBA says:

    Our Federal government is a total loss! All you have now are mostly self serving pos that want power, money and control over all of us. They tear down our borders to allow everyone and anyone to invade, extort and pillage our country. Our State Dept, DOD and SCOTUS are all totally corrupt so do not expect them to ever be on the citizens side of anything. We have an illegitimate idiot placed in the White House that cannot answer even the simplest of questions unless being scripted by his puppet masters first. Our joke of so called “News Media” are totally in bed with the rest of the parasites trying to suck the blood out of all of us and now Big Corporations have jumped in seeing their chance to make pretty much everyone fall in line as good little socialist sheeples in one way or another. The most pathetic part of this is the fact that “We The People” seemingly have shown that we are totally weak as a whole because we could stop this very quickly if we would grow a goddamned spine and mow the whole corrupt system and start all over!

  • The professor says:

    And don’t think it’s going to get any better ….. sleepy Joe definitely Hass to go …. does anyone own an Afghan manufactured washing machine …. does anyone own an Afghan manufactured car …… how about an afghan television ….. i’m sure plenty of wealthy people have an afghan rug an Afghan carpet or some Afghan pottery …. The point I am trying to make is they don’t make much over there they’re still living in the Stone Age we should’ve gotten out sooner … being a veteran myself I am shocked at the stupidity of this Democrat government I will pray for the families of those fallen

  • Fester Carbuncle. says:

    These people that are at the wheel are NOT real Americans,They are NAZIs dressed in American cloths.Wolves in sheeps Clothing.There is only one way to get rid of them an it aint by voting.

  • Ann Wilson says:

    Plain and simple…..Biden IS a murderer!!!!!!!!

  • David says:

    So they’re doing his work for him, trying to prevent him from killing more Americans and this clown is barking orders? Lol, love the fact they ignored him. He’ll probably have them arrested. Oh, and why did they let the killer in the tarmac, pretending to pay his respects? How many covid deaths, “vaccine” deaths, border deaths, Afghanistan deaths? What a complete catastrophe. Joe Biden worst president in American history, obama 2nd runner up?

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