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Border Crisis

Ted Cruz Slams DHS Secretary For Denying Biden Cages Exists



Hundreds take to the streets of downtown Philadelphia to demand the end of detention camps | Ted Cruz Slams DHS Secretary For Denying Biden Cages Exists | featured

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) had a war of words with DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over conditions for migrant children at the border.

During a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Cruz derisively referred to facilities that housed migrant children as “Biden cages.” 

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Ted Cruz Insist Migrant Children Were Brought Into Biden Cages

Texas Senator Ted Cruz speaks in Nashua-Biden Cages

During the hearing, Cruz asked Mayorkas about the Biden cages. Specifically, he asked how many migrant children stayed inside these facilities in 2021. 

Mayorkas objected to the term “Biden cages,” and told the Senator he respectfully disagrees with the use of the term. 

Cruz acknowledged that Mayorkas can disagree with the term, but the question stands. He pointedly asked the DHS Secretary how many children did Homeland Security detain at the Donna tent facility.

In particular, how many migrant kids ended up in these cages.  Mayorkas once again responded by saying he’s not familiar with what he referred to as cages. 

Cruz Explained To Mayorkas What Biden Cages Are

Cruz used the opportunity to give the Homeland secretary a definition of what Biden cages are. “There are enclosures in which they are locked in,” Cruz said. He added that he had to take photographs of the enclosures.

It didn’t help that the DHS blocked any press members from entering the detention facilities and seeing the Biden cages for themselves.

Mayorkas said that he will have to get back with an answer as to exactly how many children did end up assigned at these enclosures. 

Cruz showed a photo he took when he visited a border detention facility in Donna, Texas last March. The photo showed migrant children sleeping and playing on small cots on the floor.

A colorful plastic wall about two feet high surrounded the enclosure. Cruz asked again if the secretary knew how many kids ended up in these enclosures.

Mayorkas insisted that the children resided in cages. At this point, Cruz asked him “What are these walls?”

Did the President or Vice President Visit The Southern Border?

In addition to the cages, Cruz also asked Mayorkas if either President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris already visited the Donna facility. Mayorkas affirmed that neither the President nor the Vice President visited Donna. 

As a result, Cruz challenged Democratic Senators. He asked if any Democratic member of this committee gave enough of a damn to visit the border? Have any of his Democrat colleagues seen migrant children locked up because of the failed border policies? 

Cruz Also Asked About Other Data on Migrants

The Texas senator also brought forth a list of questions about the detained migrants at the border. These included questions such as how many women and children are victims of sexual assault or trafficking in the US.

He also asked if the DHS counted the exact number of COVID-positive immigrants who arrived at the facility.

Finally, He also asked if the DHS recorded the number of released migrants identified as murderers or child molesters. For each question, Mayorkas responded that he does not have the exact data to answer the question. 

Because of the Biden administration’s confusing immigration policies, the President’s popularity remains down. An October Harvard CAPS/Harris poll reported that 35% approve of Biden’s work regarding immigration.

Watch the Hill’s video ‘Has Joe Biden Seen The Biden Cages?' where Senator Ted Cruz slams Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on immigrant detention centers:

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