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Biden Campaign to Try Retaking Florida Following Democrat Setbacks



President Joe Biden points to the crowd outside of his first 2020 presidential campaign-Joe Biden-SS-Featured

In recent weeks, President Joe Biden's presidential campaign has begun to arrange an operation to relaunch the Democratic Party's hopes of regaining the state of Florida following a terrible shellacking in recent elections.

According to CNN, the campaign, which struggled with initial financing and excitement, began focused on Florida in an attempt to reintroduce the state into the presidential race in 2024.

In previous election cycles, Florida voters overwhelmingly rejected the Democratic Party's program by electing Republicans to almost all statewide and congressional contests (20-8). Democrats' previous performances in Florida fell short in 2016, 2018, 2020, and 2022, when recent state redistricting initiatives aided Republicans' dominance in congressional contests.

Republican voter registration efforts have also aided the state's transformation from a purple to a solid red state during the last four years.

The Biden campaign began building foundation around the state to address the Democrats' obstacles. It spent money and time, as well as collaborating with the Democratic National Committee, to deploy a worker in Tallahassee.

Also, the campaign is working with contributors to organize a rally for Biden by the end of June. He previously visited Florida in February to discuss Social Security and Medicare. Throughout the 1970s, Sen. Biden introduced legislation that would sunset all federal programs, including social security.

During discussions with House Republicans over proposed legislation to finance the federal government last month, Biden refused to eliminate unnecessary spending. Republicans in the House say that the cuts are essential owing to the president's systemic inflation. In May, Biden repealed Trump-era Title 42 and voted against Republicans' H.R. 2, which would codify some of former President Trump's toughest border measures. Under Biden's administration, the number of migrant crossings has reached an all-time high.

Floridians appear to be opposed to the president's program. According to a May poll, only 53% of people think Biden is somewhat or extremely unfavorable. That sentiment is shared by 54% of independents. Furthermore, in a hypothetical battle in Florida, former President Donald Trump and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) lead over him.

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