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Biden Destroys Over 8,000 Union Jobs



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On his first day, President Joe Biden signed numerous executive orders. One of them includes an order to revoke the permit of TC Energy to build a pipeline, effectively killing about 8,000 union jobs in the country.

After Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on Wednesday, he went right to work, reversing or dismantling a number of orders made by his predecessor. These include protections for the unborn and immigration matters.

Union Jobs Affected

However, one executive order he signed effectively voided TC Energy’s permit to build a Keystone XL Pipeline. The move can be seen as a huge hit to the American economy, and it was signed on Biden’s first day. Based on TC Energy’s October figures, the move will cause about 11,000 Americans to lose their jobs, 8,000 of which are Union jobs.

As per Fox Business, the Keystone XL Pipeline project has an allocated budget of $9 billion and it was more than a decade in the making. The project would have added $1.6 billion into the country’s economy in the form of gross wages in 2021. The pipeline would have been 1,200 miles long. It would have sent around 830,000 barrels of crude oil every day from Alberta, Canada to the state of Nebraska.

The project is good for the US economy. However, many liberals reject it, citing its possible environmental impact. The project would need extra fossil fuels to process the oil.

In 2015, former President Barack Obama opposed the project. However, when President Trump moved into the White House, it became a priority. Construction of the pipeline started last year, and 300 miles of it has already been completed.

At Odds With Canada

Biden’s decision to nix the project, apart from implications to the US economy, has international implications as well. For one, it puts him in opposition to Canadian officials support the project. This includes the country’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau who favors the project.

Prior to the signing of the executive order, as news got out that Biden is planning to revoke the permit, Premier Jason Kenney of Alberta released a statement, saying he feels “deeply concerned” about the outcome of the move.

The premiere said it would “kill jobs” both in the US and in Canada. It also weakens the relationship between the two countries. Additionally, Kenney also says that it may “undermine US National Security” since the country would have to depend more on OPEC oil imports.

On Twitter, Citizens United, a conservative group, says the move is the opposite of making jobs. They also remarked that this is a “bad start” to the Biden administration, further stating that this isn’t what Americans signed up for.

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