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Biden’s America: Panic Rises as Gas Stations Run Dry on Fuel



Gas stations out of fuel -Biden's America Panic Rises as Gas Stations Run Dry of Fuel -ss-Featured

Americans across the country are finding out that their local gas stations are out of fuel.

As per the New York Post, on the Southeastern coast of the country, gas stations have started to feel the consequences of the shutdown of the biggest pipeline in the country. The said shutdown was caused by a cyberattack believed to be done by a criminal group based in Russia. The sudden closure of the Colonial Pipeline, which is 5,500 miles long, is on its fifth day. It carries over 100 million gallons of oil daily from the state of Texas all the way to New Jersey.

On social media, videos went viral of people showing that any gas stations in several states don’t have gas. Such states include Arkansas, Florida, North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Virginia, among others. Panic buying is also said to have played a role in the gas shortage, but it’s difficult to say from initial reports.

The shortage follows Biden dealing with another blow last week, in which a jobs report released last month showed that the country’s economy fell short of the jobs expectations by more than 700,000. Due to this, the president has been compared to former President Jimmy Carter repeatedly.

Pipeline Company Releases Statement as Gas Stations Run Dry

Colonial Pipeline issued a statement late on Monday evening. In it, the gas company said that they are continuing to work in tandem with third-party cybersecurity experts, as well as law enforcement and government agencies to solve the issue and restore their operation through a “paced approach.”

In their statement, they announced that Line 4 of the pipeline has started operating again through manual control. However, this will only run for a limited time. It said that while their mainline remains inactive, smaller lines found between terminals and points of delivery are operational again

The statement also said that the company’s priority remains to be the restoration of their pipeline system and service. They said they want to do it in a “safe and efficient” way. The company also said they will continue to provide updates about the matter.

As per White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Biden continues to receive regular briefings on the matter. She also said that the administration continues to work in assessing the impact of the shutdown on fuel supply on the East Coast. Psaki also said that they are monitoring the situation and assessing the impact of the shutdown on fuel supply.

She then added that Biden sent out a direction to government agencies to use their resources to help alleviate the shortage when they could.

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  • charlie says:

    “Panic buying is also said to have played a role in the gas shortage”–Seriously? People filling up gas cans contributed to this? I don’t know anyone that has their own tanker.

  • timothy says:

    It`s all bullcrap Biden and his morons thing the people are dumb it is going to come back and bite them they need to start thinking of the people and not their pocket books

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Not so long ago the nation was energy independent. Hmm, I wonder what changed?

  • rottenrollin says:

    This “gas shortage” is all bullsh*t.

    The MEDIA is overhyping it like crazy to sell more clicks.

    American media needs to re-discover rationality.

  • walter says:

    wasn’t long ago we were selling our excess on the open market what up with this joe?

  • David says:

    Not BS! Joe and and his COMMIE DEMOCREEPS want America on it’s knees!

  • Tony says:

    Gas Hogs

  • Tony says:

    Today in Jacksonville NC watched while a gas HOG filled blue 15, 150 gallon plastic barrels with gas that sat inside the back of his pickup truck. A barrel designed not to carry gasoline. Then in Walmart watch while a couple purchased 10 plastic blue 15 gallon containers designed for another use believe kryosine illegal to be filled with gas they had intentions of filling them with gas. Gas hogging. Didn’t a famous singer get in trouble a while back for hording gas during a shortage? Do what they did back then freeze prices back to the price at the beginning of shortage, open up the surplus, put it back on track or maybe they can now have a stimulus check for the gas shortage as well

  • Sonya Howard says:

    We are told that Mr. Biden won the election fair and square, which is another example of the Dems thinking the American people are stupid. Mr. Biden is living in a bubble, totally clueless has to what is happening under his so called leadership. I can’t help but wonder if this is his leadership or if someone else is behind the scenes calling the shots. Gas shortage my ass, just another way to control us
    If the American people think this is bad, we better start praying to God or to whatever you pray to and hope our prayers are heard that Mr. Biden can sit in office his entire term because if he can’t the next person in line will make all of this look like a fun filled day in the park. So hold on to your beliefs, money, family and everything you hold dear and cherish because once Ms. Kamala Harris oath of The President” it’s all gone.
    So for those of you that voted for Mr. Biden, here’s a couple of questions. See if you can answer them truthfully with information to back your answer
    Why did you vote for him?
    How’s your decision working out for you?
    How was having President Trump as your President so bad?
    How do you justify taking your child’s and grandchild’s freedoms away from them?
    Gas shortage my ass, this is the last thing we should be worried about

    Thanks for reading

  • Glenn Miller says:

    Dems can screw up anything they they touch and Biden, Kamala, and Pelosi are are the worst.

  • Mary says:

    It’s all in their plan.. we know their the ones messing with our oil..not Russia as they want us to think.. more like China helping the Dems destroy our country.. what really freaks me out is China messing with our grid.. ugh!
    They are doing whatever it takes to destroy us!!! At any cost!!!
    Help us LORD!!! ASAP pleaseeee!!!🙏🏻

  • Mary says:


  • charlie p says:

    So many on here blaming Dems…tsk tsk. Don’t get me wrong, Biden/Harris/Pelosi are true domesticterrorists, but it doesn’t matter who’s in the WH. Our “elected” officials sold us out long ago. There’s no such thing as red v blue, rich v poor, or black v white—only good v evil and right v wrong. Get ready folks…only going to get worse

  • BBA says:

    If Trump were in the White House right now the media would be “this is Trump’s fault” 24/7!! Isn’t it funny how this clueless idiot placed (not elected) into the White House at the moment NEVER gets fingers pointed at him for anything from the Chinese paid for “news” media??????

  • Ole sleepy Joe says:

    Joe Biden is even worse than Barack Hussein Obama. I didn’t think any President could achieve that feat

  • Anonymous says:

    This sorry excuse of a President and the entire administration should be hung for treason!

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