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Texas House GOPs To Object To Biden’s Certification



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Terell Representative Lance Gooden joins fellow Texan GOP representatives in pledging to object to President-elect Joe Biden’s certification as President this January 6.  He joins Representatives Brian Babin of Woodville, Louie Gohmert of Tyler, and Randy Weber of Friendswood in saying they all would object to the results of the presidential election. That is if Congress won’t investigate claims of alleged voter fraud before January 6. 

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Recruiting a Senator to Join Them

Also, the Texas representatives hope to recruit a senator to go along with their objections. Gooden hopes one or both Texas Senators Ted Cruz or John Cornyn will object as well. However, neither has given any indication they will join. He said “On January the 6th, I suspect that more senators will come out and join me in this objection. But we’re starting here at home with Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Cruz.”

Cornyn, the senior Texas senator, already considers the election results as final after the Electoral College. He said he hopes nobody will intervene with the results. “The way I read the Constitution and the law, once the states’ votes are certified by the electors, that’s conclusive,” he said. “While, theoretically, there is a procedure where Congress could intervene, I can’t imagine that will be successful.” Meanwhile, Cruz, who also tried to secure the GOP candidacy for President, has yet to rule out objections in his plan. 

Senator Tommy Tuberville

In case both senators decline, Gooden says that they are confident another senator will step up. Alabama Senator-elect Tommy Tuberville recently indicated that he might object. The Alabama senator recently said that he plans a Senate challenge to the electoral college tally. Earlier during the vote counting, he famously said that “The referees are suddenly adding touchdowns to the other team’s side of the scoreboard.”

Letter to Senators

In a letter to Senators Cornyn and Cruz, Gooden called for a full audit of ballots in four battleground states: Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign team alleged the voter irregularities happened in these states. However, little or no evidence of fraud was found in the states, and they proceeded to certify their results. All four states declared Biden the winner. 

In his letter, Gooden pleaded “We must stand up for the tens of millions of Americans who want answers to the irregularities surrounding this election. It is our duty to ensure the integrity of our election is unwavering, and the American people deserve to feel confident their vote counts.”

Gooden added “I can promise you, we won’t prevail if we don’t try,” Gooden said. “If we don’t continue to fight, I can promise you it is over, and we will lose. So we’re taking it one step at a time.”

Electoral College

On December 14, each state’s electors voted for their state’s choice of President based on their election results. The votes came out as projected, with Biden winning 306-232, well beyond the 270 majority threshold. Afterward, Congress will convene a special session on January 6.  Vice President Mike Pence will tally and certify the Electoral College votes. 

Here is where Gooden and company, as well as Trump’s final hope, stands. If at least one Senator and one House representative object to Biden’s certification, Congress must open the floor for debate. However, the tally will remain unless majorities from both the Senate and the House will vote for rejection. With Democrats controlling the House, this possibility is very remote.

Watch the FOX Business news report that Texas Representative Lance Gooden plans to object to certifying the Electoral College vote on January 6th:

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Do you agree with Representative Lance Gooden’s plan to oppose Bien’s certification on January 6? Or, have you accepted the election results at this point, given the lack of evidence on the fraud allegations? Share with us what you think, and share your comments in the section below.

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  • Lydia says:

    AND! What else is new with those IDIOTS!

  • Gwendolyn Houston says:

    Who cares what Texas is going to do. They have nothing to do with Joe Biden’s win for President. I can’t wait til 1/20/21 when trump will officially be out!

  • Janet M Bedrosian says:

    I am very concerned about the media censoring the issue of Biden’s FBI investigation. That would invalidate his race to run our country. He is a FELON.

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