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Texas Sues Four States Over Election Results



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The Supreme Court finally got involved in the elections as Texas sues four states over their election results. Led by state Attorney General Ken Paxton, Texas filed a lawsuit directly with the SC last Monday. The case sought to invalidate election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It contends that they violated the Constitution by changing rules on absentee voting.

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As a result of these unconstitutional changes, the presidential election results became skewed. As such, Texas now asks that the SC order these states to not base their selection for electors on vote results. Instead, their legislatures should appoint the electors. In addition, the state also asked for an extension for the electors' certification. This event is due on December 14. 

Violation of the Constitution

Texas filed suit directly at the Supreme Court as the body holds jurisdiction over disputes between states. It argued that the four defendant states violated the Constitution’s Electors Clause by changing rules through court and/or executive orders. These states should have ratified changes and amendments through their local legislatures. In addition, different voting rules in different counties violated the equal protection clause. As its final argument, Texas contended that voting irregularities also took place. 

The suit contends the defendants “tainted the integrity” of their own elections. Also, they “debased the votes” of Texas voters and other states that abided by the Constitution.

‘Tens of Millions of Ballot Applications’

The suit also said that the states used the coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to change voting laws. Specifically, they changed the rules on absentee and mail-in voting. This resulted in a flood of “tens of millions” of ballot applications and ballots. But, these ballots did not observe proper rules and procedures. Officials did not follow rules on how to receive, evaluate, and count them. 

Whether the intent is well-meaning or not, Texas argued that the effect is the same. These states made elections less secure in their homestead. By effect, these acts cast doubt on the veracity of local votes. Which in turn cast doubts on the results at the national level.

Defendant States

All four states named as defendants previously certified their presidential elections. All proclaimed Democrat candidate Joe Biden as the winner. As expected, the states criticized Paxton's lawsuit as either frivolous or downright embarrassing. Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel gave a statement that dismisses the charges. “The motion filed by the Texas Attorney General is a publicity stunt, not a serious legal pleading.” She went on to say that “The erosion of confidence in our democratic system isn't attributable to the good people of Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia or Pennsylvania but rather to partisan officials, like Mr. Paxton, who place loyalty to a person over loyalty to their country.” Nessel summarized Paxton’s actions as “beneath the dignity of the office of Attorney General and the people of the great state of Texas.” 

Wisconsin Attorney Josh Kaul said Wisconsin will defend themselves “against this attack on our democracy.” He added that he feels “sorry for Texans that their tax dollars are being wasted on such a genuinely embarrassing lawsuit.” Attorney General Chris Carr of Georgia issued a statement that said Paxton is “constitutionally, legally and factually wrong about Georgia.” Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro called the claims “uniquely unserious.”

For Courage And Brilliance

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump tweeted his reaction to Paxton’s efforts. He replied to a tweet made by Christina Bobb, a Department of Homeland Security employee. She is also a correspondent for the One America News network. Bobb tweeted “God bless Texas” as she forwarded a link to the Breitbart article on the Texas lawsuit. Trump replied to the tweet with the words: “FOR COURAGE & BRILLIANCE! 

Similarly, Trump supporters took to Twitter to hail the lawsuit. They referred to Paxton’s charges as “the one.” White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called the case “HUGE.” Former Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach emphasized the value of the lawsuit. It's “far more important than all of the others surrounding the presidential election.

Watch the CBS News breaking report on Texas filing a lawsuit against four other states concerning the elections:

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Do you support Texas' lawsuit seeking to overturn election results in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin? Or, do you find this as an infringement of one state over others? Let us know what you think by leaving your opinions in the comment sections below.

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  • Charlsie Haley says:

    I believe it was a crooked voting system. We have to go to the polls to vote on election day. People that are in our country should not get to vote in this USA. If they want to live in our country they should come here legally.

  • Bob Borgstrom says:

    I think the federal government is responsible to sue/ bring these states to justice . It should not be up to another State to do it.

  • IRJ says:

    Prove it. And “I think” you are just full of it with large dose of xenophobia who actually believe in lies.

  • Gwyn Schroeder says:

    All states should file lawsuits because we had our rights taken away in the early morning and it’s all on record. The state of Arkansas along with many other states voted for our president Donald Trump and that was ripped from us. If this isn’t handled lawfully we have lost America.

  • VW Stephens says:

    V W Stephens 9th Dec 2020 It is time we the people stand up for Trump as he has for us the pass 4years

  • Willie T Riley Jr says:

    I think Texas was right because laws should not be change doing election season if they won’t to make changes they should be filed at least three to four months before election began and that State should have it released to the public at the time the law was pass in time the public could vote on it before the election

  • Mauro Mele says:

    Why should four states be allowed to disenfranchise millions of American voters. GO GET THEM TEXAS!

  • Randy Tonkovich says:

    There are video’s of after hours, behind locked doors ballots and of truckloads of after hours ballots being dropped off and over 1000 people willing to testify to the underhanded way Dem’s tried to steal the Presidency… Why are the so called news channels not reporting on this everyday? So I am proud of Texas and its move to bring this to all the people who are just accepting this unbelievable crime against all of us.

  • Dorothy Vining says:

    Yes, Other states should join Texas, many, many states!

  • Amy Knickel says:

    I personally don’t like where this once land of the free and the home of the brave is headed. The freedom of speech is surely to be taken away and it saddens me to think that this once Great Nation will no longer be a Great Nation due to the backstabbing and inability to work together regardless of your position, beliefs, race, nationality and the ability to love one another as God loves us.
    Where is the truth, integrity, viability that should be the bases for each and everyone of us. All the lies, cheating and stealing to improve ones position in the end will eventually come around to haunt you. So yes, if there is any shadow of a doubt, that there was/is tampering with votes, then this needs to be investigated and the truth sought. If it is found to be that votes were changed, then all of those involved should be punished for their crime
    Let’s become that Great Nation we use to be.

  • Vicky says:

    We knew the dems would try any deception to win the election, but we had no idea of the depth they could sink to, to try and win! The Supreme Court must step in and end this travesty perpetrated by the deep state to ruin America and make her less than a Third World country! God bless America and President Trump and VP Pence!

  • Grace Richardson says:

    We owe it to the children. Our Core Values are at stake. Truth, Honesty and Justice.
    ‘Raise Children The Way That They Should Go’ bible.
    We owe it to American Voters who believe in just Election system.
    We must demand an examination of all votes in those states.

  • JK says:

    As almost all, if not all, State election supervisors have attested to the fairness of this election. Trump is complaining because he is a sore loser. He has always been a sore loser. Well over fifty lawsuits have been filed contesting this election and all have lost. No evidence of fraud or inpropiety has been presented in any of these cases. Trump wants these frivolous suits to be filed so he can get money from his suportters to pay his personal debts. He is under investigation along with his sons and daughter for committing fraud. It seems the New York Attorney General has real evidence unlike to cases his attorneys are bringing. Those suits are even too embarrassing for his lawyers to continue representing him.

  • Louise Jung says:

    Go Texas! Texas is fighting for America! If we do not stand up for our rights now, when we know voting regulations were violated, we stand to lose our freedom to elect our politicians in the future, and it could be permanent. When we went to sleep on Friday night, Trump was ahead in the polls. When we woke up, things were much different. Seeing videos of what went on in the night to include suitcases of ballots opened and counted and hearing testimonies of many concerned citizens, brings to light many issues that must be investigated. The American people need the “truth” and integrity must be restored in our voting system. We must fight for our freedom now!

  • Shirley Crawford says:

    We all know President Trump won this election. I am appalled how these people have cheated and bragged about it. This is an insult to the American People. President Trump is the only person who deserves to be our President. Joe Biden is unfit to even be considered and so is the crazy people that follow him. We all know their plans but it just won’t happen. Go President Trump, you will be our next President of the United States.

  • Wallace Summers says:

    We have seen on the few conservative media outlets that will dare to speak the truth, witness after witness testifying to the corrupt dealings that went on to ensure that President Trump did not win the election. Why is it taking so long for the supreme court to do what is right and invalidate those election results and obtain the true election results. I believe that every mail in ballot should be thrown out and the mail in be repeated under the close inspection of reliable observers, checking every ballot for signatures, addresses, and other validation criteria to weed out multiple ballots, and ballots from the deceased and illegals. It is time for truth and justice to prevail.

  • Richard Bruce says:

    says it all for me. THANK YOU

  • Jen says:

    Every poll before the election showed Trump losing. Then when he lost he claimed it was rigged. This is a man who has lied every day throughout his presidency and he’s lying now. He’s claiming fraud but has produced no evidence. Judges require evidence and none has been given which is why 60 lawsuits have been thrown out so far. Sad when the greatest threat to our democracy is the president himself. He’s a one term impeached president that lost the popular vote twice.

  • Patricia says:

    There was blatant election fraud. China has infiltrated our country and was active in stealing this election. They own the media as well as the Democratic Party. They released CoVid to try and destroy us. This was all a plot, a coup. The judges in our county that refuse to even hear the evidence are corrupt and owned by China. They are a disgrace and should be disbarred. God Bless Texas for having the courage to make a stand, more states need to join them! We the American people voted Trump as our President. We get to elect our President! China and other country’s have no say in our elections. These Dominion machines need to be banned…now! Votes should only be counted in America. Who allowed this to happen? They are traitors. Any election worker that participated in this fraud is no better than Judas. They have sold our country to communism. Their children and grandchildren will suffer because of their greed and stupidity. God will hold them accountable.

  • Tommy says:

    There exists much proof of fraud! When you have more people voting than registered voters, something stinks. I still believe Trump won in a landslide against Creepy Joe. Joe didn’t campaign for a reason and that reason was he knew the fix was in.

  • Dennis Bassinger says:

    Ken Paxton is full of Shit!! He doesn’t do anything except NOW!! Some Trumpite scored and got an idiot from Texas to take the Bait! I’m a 69 you Texas Republican that wants Texas to lead the way into recovery. Don’t Stir the Pot Paxton!! You’re to late and what an embarrassment to TEXAS!!

  • GEORGE BUSH says:

    I CAN SEE WHY HITLER WAS ABLE TO TAKE OVER GERMANY! People believe what the want not based on true facts. I feel sorry for you. There is NO PROOF! NOT ONE WOULD TESTIFY IN COURT BUT WOULD TALK CRAP SITTING IN A BAR.

  • James Prescott says:


  • Nancy P. says:


  • Retired4ever says:

    Texas is correct the SCOTUS recognizes that fact. States that changed the rules at the last minute changed the outcome of the election in their state. By doing so they impacted the results of the nationwide election.

  • John Birge says:

    There is much evidence of fraud , cheating. 100’s have testified under oath they witnessed illegal activity. There are videos. This election affects all Americans. We need a revote with NO MAIL IN voting. Go to the polls, show ID and vote in person. I guess next election the Democrats will want vote by phone the way the kids vote on American Idol.

  • hate cheaters & Liars says:

    Heck yea, bring in the Military if they have to!!! Get it stoped!

  • Suzanne says:

    The process of changing policy regarding the voting process has been violated and Texas as well as every other state in the US has not only the right but the OBLIGATION to its constituents to file a lawsuit on the same basis. THE FRAUD HAS TO STOP! It doesn’t matter whether they think it will change the outcome or not. Votes have been invalidated if ANY fraud has occurred.

  • Suzanne says:

    Depositions acquired legally is not sitting in a bar talking. Yes, you are believing what you want to believe and not basing it on facts.

  • Mark Steven Cole says:

    The evidence is clear, and yes twe rally behind your efforts to bring justice to our voting system. I believe all of the states that see the truth should do the same thing!

  • Darrell Loftis says:

    I am deeply concerned about which direction my country is headed.I applaud the state of Texas for having the stones to fight for all the states. My family along with myself and my family’s business with any of the 75 employees who want to relocate to Texas am tired of NM. Want to move to a real state.

  • Anita says:

    Finally we may be on the right track,The Dems are so dishonest, trying to take our rights and freedom from use. Everyone in there right mind would not vote for Biden or Harris. So ck. the votes put our PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP IN LEAVE Him alone, so he can make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN..Everyone keep praying because we can NOT live in a Harris Biden world.

  • Bo says:

    We can not allow voter fraud… I stand with Texas… President Trump won 2020 fair and square. If we allow them to cheat this election they would turn our country into a communist nation… China own Joe Biden. The Lord is coming soon, so get ready. Jesus loves us.

  • Dana Taylor says:

    I believe something is/was wrong and if this is this is the way to ‘make it right’ then so be it!

  • Julie Whalin says:

    This whole election was a joke it can not stand. Someone needs to fix it. Trump won by a landslide and they know it.

  • Susan says:

    If you listen to conservative news channels and radio stations, you will hear the truth about the election fraud as well as the truth about Hiden Biden and his dishonest family. All that CNN, Yahoo, Google, MSDNC, and other radical democratic socialist fake news sites have done for four plus years is to lie about and try to persecute our rightful President of the United States. All of those judges who keep dismissing the facts of this fradulant election need to man-up and listen to the hundreds of true whistle blowers out there who are putting their lives and reputations on the line to tell the truth about this election fraud. Texas is doing the right thing. All the other states who held honest elections, need to step up and stand with Texas and the other states who filed these lawsuits!!

  • Lily says:

    Don’t Mess with Texas! Trump won!

  • Kirt M. Krzycki says:

    President Donald Trump is the best president this country has had! Mr. Trump has been trying to get this country back to the foundation which it was built on. That foundation is God!!
    When Mr. Trump won the election 4 yrs. ago he said now we all, democrats, independent. and Republicans can come together and make American great again.
    He put democrats first in that statement!
    instead the democrats acted like a bunch of 2year olds and through a hissy fit for that past 4 yrs. Did we the Republicans throw a fit when oboma became president? NO we didn’t, even though he wasn’t born in this country and he was sworn in not on our Bible but on the coren.
    President Donald Trump has done more for our country then any president in the last decade has, while fighting the fit throwing democrats all the way. And Mr. Trump didn’t take a pay check.
    We need our President Donald Trump to continue to make America great again buy putting God back into the foundation of this country. The Bible says a country that is divided will destroy itself. And that is exactly what we are doing.
    Mr. Trump won this election and that’s the bottom line.
    Biden should be disqualified on the simple fact of getting mail in ballots from deceased people.
    What the hell is wrong with the justice system today??
    It looks like to me and I sure I not alone on this subject, that the justice system is now for the criminals not for the law abiding citizens.

    democrats STOP THROWING TEMPERTATRUMS and let us all work together and love one another and you would be surprised what would become of that.
    Our President Mr. Donald Trump knows what would happen and that is
    God’s peace to you all
    God Bless the country.

    GOD is the foundation of not only this country but He created all of us.
    Created us to love one another to forgive one another to help those who cannot help them selves.

    democrats please take a good look at yourselves and see your actions, these riots are they loving, are they moral right, where is the integrity?
    And taking away our 2nd amendment, do you really think this will stop crime?
    Bad people will always get guns and then the law abiding people will have nothing to protect themselves of their/your children with!!!!!!!

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