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Afghanistan Crisis

Biden’s Promise Broken, Americans Still Stranded in Kabul



BAGRAM AIR BASE, AFGHANISTAN - CIRCA | Biden’s Promise Broken, Americans Still Stranded in Kabul | featured

President Joe Biden’s promise to continue evacuations until all Americans in Afghanistan are safely out appeared broken. However, the last US plane tasked with evacuating Americans left Kabul airport Monday evening. Many Americans who wanted to leave the country were left stranded as they failed to reach the airport. 

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Biden’s Promise Broken

Marine Corps General Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced Monday evening that the last US plane left Monday evening. Aboard the final flight were the remaining US troops who secured the airport until the last day.

The last US plane leaving Kabul signified the end of the United States military presence in Afghanistan. However, some Americans who wish to return home remain stranded.

McKenzie, the commander of US Central Command, confirmed that some American citizens who wanted to leave Afghanistan remained stranded. “We did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out,” he said.

Biden Said He’d “Get Everyone Out’

During an August 18 interview with ABC News, Biden said that the US military objective in Afghanistan was to get “everyone” out.

This includes both Americans and Afghan allies and their families. “That's what we're doing now, that's the path we're on. And I think we'll get there. If there are American citizens left, we're gonna stay to get them all out,” he said. 

However, a senior State Department official told Fox News on Monday that Biden’s promise won’t pull through. Even as the last US military plane left, a “small number” of Americans remained inside Afghanistan. 

250 Americans Still in Afghanistan

That State Department official said there were “below 250” Americans still stranded in Afghanistan. However, more managed to get out in recent hours. The official added that despite the official deadline being past, the State Department will continue to evacuate Afghan partners “who worked with us.” 

Curiously, the last US military evacuation plane left Kabul a day before the deadline agreed with the Taliban. The official agreement with Afghanistan’s new ruling group was August 31, 3:29 pm Eastern.

However, the last flight left Monday evening, way ahead of schedule. The Taliban said they will allow normal travel after the US withdrawal. However, this will only start once they take full control of the airport’s operations. 

Taliban Regains Kabul Airport As US Completes Withdrawal

Meanwhile, the US Army shared an image taken with night-vision optics. It showed the last US soldier stepping aboard the final evacuation flight out of Kabul. The soldier was Major General Chris Donahue, the commander of the 82nd Airborne Division.

By Tuesday morning, Taliban fighters regained control of Kabul airport. Many soldiers celebrated by firing their weapons in the air, as they celebrated the end of 20 years of war with the United States. The Taliban shared an amateur video of their fighter entering Kabul airport as the last US military plan took off at 11:59 pm Monday. 

As Biden’s Promise Evaporates, Taliban Celebrates End of War With US

Per Al Jazeera News, Taliban spokesman Qari Yusuf announced the complete removal of US forces in the country. “The last US soldier has left Kabul airport and our country gained complete independence,” Yusuf said.  

Ironically, the US left the country with the Islamic group stronger than ever, negating two decades of efforts in establishing US-style democracy in the area. The flight marks the end of a hastily-arranged pullout of US and NATO allied troops without anything to show for the decades-long presence here.

Watch the PBS NewsHour reporting about what's left behind in Afghanistan after ‘heartbreak' of U.S. departure:

What do you feel knowing some Americans remain in Afghanistan even as the deadline to evacuate expired?

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What do you feel now knowing President Joe Biden’s promise isn’t worth anything? What do you think will happen to the remaining Americans in Afghanistan? Also, do you foresee a happy ending in retrieving stranded Americans and allies even as the deadline expired?

Let us know what you think about the Afghanistan evacuation. Share your comments below.

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  • Princess says:

    Not he says is the truth he should never have been president the one who Thales over in 2024 has their work cut out for them and hopefully it is trump or someone whose is as willing to do what’s right but as far as those left behind because of foolish people in charge their blood is on their hands it’s a terrible future for the next generations if Democrats stay in charge America needs to turn back to God

  • Princess says:

    Nothing he says is the truth and the one who takes over in 2024 has a hard road ahead of them cleaning up Biden’s mess human life means nothing to them in charge

  • Summer says:

    biden is useless get him impeached immediately!

  • Hapapuu says:

    What is the shock? Get serious. We knew Biden was illegally installed as president and we knew he was a criminal who boasted about his fraudulent election “machine”. We know he has done nothing but damage and weaken this country since he was “installed” in January. We also know he is in bed with the Chinese communists. The military equipment left behind in Afghanistan was Biden’s “GIFT” to the Chinese so they could use our own superior technology against us in their vowed intent to destroy America. We also know that Biden is a puppet and we know who is pulling his strings in an attempt to spread Islam further throughout the World. We also know that communism is already here in America as our young people are being indoctrinated every day. We know that those communists are seeking to divide us so as to conquer us, which is their way to spread their propaganda and lies, as well as destroy the middle class so that the people who are supposed to serve us can obtain a role as rulers over us. We know that our own Congress is complicit as we allow it to erode our rights and laugh about it in our faces. We know that the destruction of the World Trade Center was an inside job and used to establish the Patriot Act which allowed the government to infringe on our Constitutional rights. We were even warned about it for years by Venezuelans who said they didn’t take tyranny seriously until it was too late. And the same Dominion voting machines used in our 2020 fraudulent election to install Biden, were also used in Venezuela to establish their dictator. So what? What do you care? We are letting this erosion of our nation’s strength and honor occur as we too think it can’t happen here. Well WAKE UP, because it IS happening here. So why are you worried about it? It is precisely what you wanted to happen. You all let it get to this point beginning with the Vietnam War that wasn’t really a declared or legal war in the first place. You love your enemies like yourself don’t you? You should be happy that our economy is failing, our intellectual and technological base is being destroyed, our laws are being laughed out of existence, and our “leaders” are leading us like lemmings down a road to ruin. Deny it if you like, but it is true. You are letting this happen and thus are complicit. You are letting thieves and rogues and criminals walk in and take your property and rights away from you, and will ultimately become slaves and oppressed children of corrupt, immoral tyrants. It is what you really wanted isn’t it? If not WHERE is the outrage? We tossed the British oppressors out of our land, and now we are letting unfit and immoral parasites in to take it from us. Celebrate. You wanted it. You’ve got it. Biden is nothing but a symptom of the disease that is us: a bunch of politically correct fairies. Truth hurts doesn’t it? How angry does the truth make you? You will now have to live with it, and will do nothing to put it right, because you lack the guts of our founding fathers who established this American experiment. Go drown your depression at a bar someplace. You’ll have plenty of company. That’s also what matters most to you and what misery loves best.

  • Sam says:

    The whole biden regime should hang for treason. They are working for the CCP and the terrorists, not us.

  • Dick says:

    Beijing Biden has never changed in his 5 decades of being in government nor will he. He is a habitual liar, plagiarist, plus being a feckless ignorant bastard. The little mind he might have had at one time is now gone forever. He claims to be some sort of a christen, whatever that may be, but what he has let happen in order to make a political point, and leaving Americans and war equipment behind, during this Afghanistan evacuation debacle is way beyond anything that’s ever happened in this world. Let us all pray that God may condemn his soul to hell!

  • Sharon Volpe says:

    You are shocked by this? You should not be! The asshole is just that and should be impeached along with his whole cabinet.

  • Ed says:


  • Ann Wilson says:

    Biden is a murderer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Max says:

    The taliban called sleepy joe’s hand…….and he folded.

    We have a group of over-paid professional politicians who have no idea how 99% of America lives, squabbling with each other over who’s in charge. If we don’t turn them out, our nation is doomed…. believe it not, a socialist, totalitarian government is currently in charge of our nation. Do you really understand, care, or want what’s coming?

  • Michael says:

    People need to get their heads out of their asses and look around them. Corrupt politicians are destroying this great nation, have been for decades. This is what happens when the almighty dollar is your idol. Power, greed, control, etc poisons the soul. Governments in bed with big tech so they’ll do the govs dirty work for them, censorship and deleting “misinformation”. By big tech doing the “cleaning up” in social media, the government keeps their hands clean from violating the Constitution. In turn, the gov’t turns a blind eye to big techs monopolizing. There is a great book out, Woke Inc. by Vivek Ramaswamy, that explains and breaks down everything nicely.
    We the people need to stand together, get organized and and bring our country back. Look, saying “well, we’ll vote ‘em out in 2022” isn’t going to do any good. Most the republicans are crooked, plus the dems are going to cheat again with the mail-in ballots. Sad but true

  • Mary says:

    Come on Breaking News!! Please don’t be afraid to be strong with your words!! Resign!!?!!! Are you kidding me!!!? How about “Court Marshaled!!” This is Treason like nobody has ever seen!! This is detestable! Our administration is disgusting!!! “Anyone can come home if they want!” Are you kidding meee!! They all want to come home!! Why don’t you go over there Biden and tell us what you think? If you can make it to the airport!! Derrrrrr!! What jerk!!!! Our administration needs to be on trail.. and I have a good idea who is pulling the strings behind biden …we all know who’s on that list!! Ugh! I’m more then angry.. furious with our administration!!! They lie straight from the pit of hell..and sorry to say but it may just be their fate. We have a GOD that will judge all at the end. Amen!
    I cry and pray myself to sleep knowing over that 1000’s of American’s are still left behind over there…not hundreds!!! I am so sick to my stomach. With all of the technology we have we could have gotten everyone out!!!! We could have gotten all of our equipment.. we could have then bomb the mess out of the evil doers. Our administration purposely left Americans behind. They need them there for ransom..they know that after we get them all out we would bomb the mess out of them..destroy our equipment ect..Just makes me so sick! Pray really really hard that someone has a plan to go back for the rest of our brothers and sisters..especially before 9/11 🙁 Pray!!!!

  • Anonymous says:


  • gram 77 says:

    Biden has made us look weak and stupid. He lied to the American people, knowingly. He and the rest of his party are a disgrace and should be removed, and possibly tried for treason, Only God can help us, and those left behind

  • George N Clarke says:

    We are weak and stupid for putting him in office it’s doubtful a more inept dishonest person could be found and the democrats scraped the bottom of the barrel for him.

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