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BLM Admits Communities Are Far Worse Off Under Biden Than Trump



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President Joe Biden is letting police become a bigger threat to African-Americans compared to former President Donald Trump in one aspect, according to Black Lives Matter (BLM).

On Tuesday, a tweet was posted, criticizing Biden regarding federal policies allowing law enforcement agencies to receive surplus military equipment.

According to the BLM tweet, the president is currently sending more military gear to neighborhoods compared to Trump.

The tweet also said that their communities are experiencing terrorism “at a greater rate” compared to Trump’s time in office.

Black Lives Matter also explained on its website that it seeks an end to the policy that allows police agencies to have access to surplus military equipment, thanks to the 1033 program.

The website noted that more than $7 billion has been sent to police agencies since the creation of the program during the Clinton administration. It also said that the influx of military equipment to law enforcement had accelerated under the current administration. It adds that with this trend, it’s possible for law enforcement to get more military equipment than they ever had under the Trump administration.

BLM claims that a correlation between military equipment acquisition and civilian deaths exist. It also repeated claims that law enforcement agencies are racist.

BLM Urges Biden to Stop or Limit Police From Getting Military Equipment

The website said such equipment do not have a place anywhere, not in streets, communities nor schools. It adds that they especially have no place in the hands of law enforcement officers who are “violent upholders of white supremacy” that have no regard for the lives of Black people.

BLM noted that Biden has the power to stop the “dangerous practice” of enabling white supremacy.

As per data released by the Defense Logistics Agency, $34 million worth of military equipment has been redirected to police agencies in Q1 of 2021. This is the highest figure recorded for this matter since Q1 2020.

In their assessment of the program last year, The Washington Post pointed out that most military surplus gear acquired by police departments “are mundane items” like kitchen gadgets and hardware materials. Although, it also reported that the police also obtained “rifles, helicopters, and Mine-Resistance Ambush Protected vehicles.”

Former President Barack Obama tried to limit what law enforcement agencies can obtain in 2015 by issuing an executive order.

However, when Trump came into power, he countermanded that said executive order.

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