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FDA Provides Report on Johnson & Johnson Factory that Ruined Millions of Vaccines



Johnson and Johnson vaccine concept-FDA Issues Report on Problems at Johnson & Johnson's Factory That Destroyed Millions of Vaccines-ss-Featured

On Wednesday, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released an inspection report about the operations of a drug manufacturing plant that caused the ruin of millions of Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine doses.

Completed on Tuesday, the inspection revealed several observations regarding whether the said plant met FDA requirements and standards, as per the statement of Commissioner Janet Woodcock of the FDA.

The said report was 13 pages long. It revealed that the Emergent Biosolutions Bayview plant located in Baltimore was too small. Inspectors described the place as poorly designed and filthy. They also found unsealed bags of medical waste, as well as paint chipping off and damaged floors and walls.

Apart from this, they also observed that the employees did not receive proper training. They also saw that workers had failed to handle ingredients properly. The report said that the company failed to provide training to personnel involved in manufacturing, quality control, engineering operations, and more.

The agency had asked the manufacturing plant to stop operations while they conducted the inspection. The FDA also noted that it has yet to allow the plant to make and distribute the J&J COVID-19 vaccine or its components. Additionally, the vaccines distributed in the US did not come from this plant. Also, 7 million doses of the said vaccine were made in European plants.

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FDA Found Numerous Issues With Emergent Manufacturing Plant

The materials manufactured at the Emergent plant have been stored while waiting for the FDA’s authorization. The issues brought about by the plant are not the only ones that the company is facing. Its distribution has also been paused as investigations on instances of rare blood clots are ongoing.

This inspection report surfaces as public health officials work to win over vaccine hesitancy. Millions of people in the US are still worried about its safety and effectiveness.

Emergent Solutions has released a statement, saying it remains committed to working with the agency and J&J to address the issues.

Meanwhile, Johnson & Johnson vowed to “exercise oversight authority” that would make sure the agency’s observations will be addressed in a timely manner. The company also said it would work toward getting Emergency Use Authorization for drug substances made at the plant.

Emergent is a company that had been manufacturing vaccines for AstraZeneca and J&J. It’s been receiving attention this year after problems surfaced when workers mixed up the ingredients needed for the two vaccines. This led to a batch of shots being wasted.

According to the company, their “rigorous quality checks” found that one batch of drug substance they had identified did not meet the required specifications.

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  • andrew cuomo got to go says:

    only fauci and gates vaccines are good even though they have killed just as many and disabled quite a few VAERS.GOV All these vaccines have killed Pfizer and Astrasen and Moderma JJ isnt the only one There were some 3000 deaths between the other three prior to JJ.

  • Bob says:

    Ooooo, peeling paint, employees not trained well, OOooooo really!? How about this, “the Vaccines are flawed and NO ONE should be taking them!!!!

    This whole thing is all WRONG !!!

    Look folks, at this point this cannot be fixed as the end of all things is very near, we are in the final days of the “Last Days” and “THAT DAY” is soon approaching. Make yourselves ready, be watching (praying) be filled with the Spirit and put on the FULL ARMOR of GOD so you can withstand the evil days ahead. But fear not… for He will be coming with His Angels, you will hear the Trumpet of God sounding and the SHOUT of Jesus Christ calling His own to come!!! Make Ready!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    Yes make yourself ready for Christ to come but be watchfull because not even the angels in heaven know the exact time However yes, we are excelorating FAST

  • Marilin says:

    Everyone was jumping on board for the Government money, even if they we unqualified.

  • Mary says:

    Amen and Amen Bob!!!

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