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BLM Mural Scrubbed After Frightening Request



Black Lives Matter Mural | BLM Mural Scrubbed After Frightening Request | Featured

Redwood City, nestled in San Francisco’s Bay Area, is a haven for tech companies, Birkenstock aficionados, and all people of leftward lean. It’s the type of city to rejoice in liberal causes, and lament that Donald Trump could ever lead this country.

That’s why it was so surprising when the city scrubbed a Black Lives Matter mural painted on a main street, Broadway, just weeks after approving it. As it turns out, one resident made a request they had to refuse.

Not All Murals Are Created Equal

During a 4th of July celebration, Redwood resident Dan Pease received permission from the city to paint a “Black Lives Matter” mural on Broadway Street. In that area, an art celebration was to take place. An art show in a liberal city naturally provided a receptive audience to such a mural. Therefore, many approved the move, and they celebrated.

The mural remained after the 4th of July. It stayed until Maria Rutenburg rained on the city’s parade with some political diversity. Maria, a local real estate attorney, concluded that the street must now be a public forum. “I saw ‘Black Lives Matter' sign appearing on Broadway Street on the asphalt and I figured that’s gonna be a new public space, open for discussion, and I wanted to get my message out, too,” said Ms. Rutenburg.

Maria requested permission to pain her own mural, albeit with a different message: “MAGA 2020”.

The city felt ostensibly horrified that people would see this plastered on their beautiful street. They decided that no mural at all was the only choice. Shortly after the request, the city quietly scrubbed the original BLM mural. It then ignored Rutenburg’s request for some Trumpian art.

They said the sign was a traffic hazard and may cause accidents, though the greatest hazard was apparently that the street could become a soundboard for conservative thought.

Cities Commission Black Lives Matter Art

Cities across the country are allowing, and even commissioning, Black Lives Matter murals and street art in their public spaces.

In New York City, Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio commissioned one such mural outside Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue. The move aimed to send the country a message of New York’s support for the BLM movement. However, the choice of location was more likely an attempt to ruffle the president’s feathers. If ruffling feathers was the objective, then mission accomplished.

Many allege that the organization called Black Lives Matter is a Marxist outfit, using racial themes to push a greater objective to dismantle the US political system. The founders of Black Lives Matter have admitted to having Marxists training, and much of the issues they promote have nothing to do with police relations with Black people.

With this in mind, it is no surprise that the BLM mural outside of Trump Tower has been defaced several times by opponents. People have thrown red and blue paint on the mural. Recently, a Black woman had to be restrained as she dumped paint on the mural. She also shouted “Refund the Police!”, showing that there is no consensus that the movement is a positive one for the Black community.

Democrat-run cities are amongst the hardest hit by the civil unrest taking place this year. From Seattle to Chicago, municipal leaders are already dealing with the consequences of a shunned police force. The true test of this movement will take place at the polls, where Democrats will have to argue that their cities are in better shape now than a year ago, before the protests began.

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