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Poll: BLM Support Finally Drops after Years of Rioting and Looting



BLM Support Finally Drops after Years of Rioting and Looting-ss-Featured

A new survey conducted by Civiqs revealed that, for the first time in three years, more Americans are going against instead of supporting BLM, the Marxist organization that headed months of riots in 2020.

The poll asked registered voters if they supported the Black Lives Matter Movement. It found out that 44% of those respondents opposed it. Meanwhile, 43% supported the group while 12% answered that they “neither support nor oppose” the group. Also, 1% of the respondents said they were unsure.

According to a Breitbart report, support for the said group heavily depended on party affiliation and somewhat depended on age and gender.

When broken down by age group, more people from the 50 to 64 and the over 65 age groups said they are against the movement. Meanwhile, more people from the 18 to 34 and 35 to 49 age groups stated that they will support it. Also, 52% of male respondents are against it while 50% of females support BLM.

Around 85% of Democrat respondents said they support the movement whil3 86% of Republicans are against it. Interestingly, nearly half or 49% of Independents opposed the movements while 34% of them supported it.

Additionally, a drop in the Hispanic view of BLM seems to contribute to driving down the support for the group, as per ZeroHedge.
The views of Independents and Latino voters are causing the sentiment towards BLM to tank.

Also, people without a college degree and those with were more likely than not to oppose BLM. Meanwhile, those with postgraduate degrees were more likely to oppose the group.

While reasons for this shift in attitude likely exist, Civiqs didn’t mention one. Instead, it only provided the data.

However, Summit News’ Paul Joseph Watson noted that one reason might be the extent of the damage caused by the BLM riots in 2020.

The riots that happened in summer 2020, described by media outlets like CNN as “mostly peaceful,” turned out to be the most damaging ones in U.S. history. Insurance industry payouts in connection to the said riots exceeded $2 billion.

In an essay published by the New York Times earlier this year, academics Jennifer Chudy and Hakeem Jefferson analyzed how the support for the Black Lives Matter movement surged to +20% in the middle of 2020 but quickly went back down to only +%5, which is the rate it was at back in mid-2019.

Now, this number has reached negative levels even though BLM enjoys massive widespread media coverage and consistent support from celebrities and cultural institutions

People may see that the current lack of support for the movement has been caused by the damage and the wearing-off of the George Floyd effect. Per a Newshourfirst report, the movement saw a huge upswing of support following Floyd’s death, but this waned as the group’s Marxist roots and violent tendencies surfaced over summer 2020, an effect that likely was built over time.

As seen in polling data, the response to George Floyd’s death resulted in a very dramatic shift. By June 2020, 28% of respondents were willing to say that they’re against BLM.

The huge social pressure and fear that drove public support for BLM at this time can also be seen in a sharp drop in the numbers of people who neither supported nor opposed the movement. This respondent category seems to have disappeared quickly in early June.

Even members of the Republican party generally hesitated about expressing opposition to the group at this point; right after Floyd’s death, only 58% of Republicans surveyed were willing to state that they’re against the group.

Therefore, while BLM may have initially gotten support from people who were afraid to say otherwise, this effect has started to dissipate as time passed. Additionally, more Americans are now revealing their true opinions on the issue.

Whatever the cause is, BLM has clearly gone back to being unpopular.

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  • Tom says:

    Because of BLM I will never hire a black person for any work. They are far, far, far too violent.

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    All BLM supporters are shit, wouldn’t trust them for anything

  • rottenrollin says:

    Can you believe America is so moronic that over half of it’s citizens supported this Marxist, lawless organization?


  • The professor says:

    Where was the national guard when you needed them ….. where were the fire hoses to stop the looting ….2020 was the most disgraceful time of my life…..God bless Derek Chauvin

  • nicholas timcisko says:

    Where did the money go?

  • Johnny says:

    BLM is just a bunch of terrorists that need to get kicked out of this country they just make the good black people look bad their just the other side of the coin that has the KKK on it .

  • Billy Wilson says:

    What people actually supported BLM a Communist organization for the over throw of the nation. The leaders got filthy rich then left . These people are agaist the nation time for them to loose their money and go to jail for life.

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