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BLM Cofounder Resigns Over Lavish Lifestyle



Co-Founder of Organization Black Lives Matter Patrisse Khan-Cullors Marching During The Protest Against Police Violence | BLM Cofounder Resigns Over Lavish Lifestyle | Featured

BLM Cofounder Patrisse Cullors resigned from the Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation yesterday. She finally stepped down following weeks of criticism over her lavish lifestyle. This includes spending millions of dollars on home purchases. Cullors is leaving the organization Friday. 

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BLM cofounder Says ‘The Time Is Right’

In April, the self-described Marxist received heavy criticism after the media found out about her multiple home purchases.  Reports show that Cullors purchased a $1.4 million home in a predominantly white neighborhood of Los Angeles, California.

In addition, allows also purchased four high-end homes totaling more than $3.2 million.

“I've created the infrastructure and the support, and the necessary bones and foundation, so that I can leave. It feels like the time is right,” the BLM cofounder told the Associated Press.

She deflected the accusations regarding the purchases, saying the criticism comes from the right. In fact, her decision to leave has nothing to do with the controversy. 

‘Right-Wing Attacks’

“Those were right-wing attacks that tried to discredit my character, and I don't operate off of what the right thinks about me,” Cullors said. She also posted a video to her YouTube account about her resignation.

“I stayed in it and withstood a lot of s***,” she said in the video. However, she gave very little detail about the accusations leveled about her lifestyle. Instead, she said she’s leaving to focus on a book and TV deal.

For its part, the Black Lives Matter official Twitter account issued a statement praising Cullors after she announced her resignation.

“After almost 8 years, we say see you later to the last of our founders, Patrisse Cullors, who's served BLM whole-heartedly. We reflect on the impact Patrisse had on BLM, & we are in deep gratitude,” they tweeted.

BLM Takes In Donations

Last February, the BLM foundation said that the organization received over $90 million last year, following the May 2020 murder of George Floyd.

Floyd is a Black American who died at the hands of the police. His death outraged many and inspired widespread protests, often organized by Black Live Matters.

After spending over a quarter of the funds for operations, grants-giving, and charitable contributions, BLM said they have a balance of $60 million.

Critics say that the organization says that the money should go to families of Black victims of police brutality. These families do not have access to much-needed resources to deal with their trauma and loss.

However, BLM denied the accusations. Cullors and BLM said they support families without making public announcements or disclosing dollar amounts.

Tragic Aspect

“That is the most tragic aspect,” said the Rev. T. Sheri Dickerson, president of an Oklahoma City BLM chapter. Dickerson is also a representative of the #BLM10, a national group of organizers that publicly criticizes the foundation over funding and transparency.

“I know some of (the families) are feeling exploited, their pain exploited, and that’s not something that I ever want to be affiliated with,” Dickerson said.

Watch the Robotic News reporting that Black Lives Matter cofounder Patrisse Cullors resigns amid controversy:

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What do you think of the Black Lives Matter organization? Also, what do you think about Patrice Cullors’ resignation while getting criticism over her lifestyle spending.

Tell us what you think about the BLM movement and its cause. Share your comments below.

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  • Homer Sipsome says:

    Awesome example to set….take in money for a cause to help others and use the money on yourself. Most would be outraged and an investigation ensue, yet BLM praises this thief. It does fit the “peaceful riot” standard, however.

  • Brenda Sindylek says:


  • Diana Snedeker says:

    In my opinion
    All lives matter

  • Teri says:

    Sure she protects criminals & condems the police all while she’s spending millions if dollars donated to help the so called victims. She spends the mo eye in herself, what a greedy person why aren’t the black folks condemning her. She li I g in an almost all white neighborhood with money from donations. What a crook. She calls the white people white privilege. I do ‘t see white folks doing this. They would be in jail if they did. Most white people got what they own by worki g fir it. Not by ripping off others

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Not so long ago BLM members of her standing would be labeled as a domestic terrorist!

  • Johnny says:

    BLM people if you want to call them that are terrorists , once a terrorist always a terrorist , just add them to the list !

  • Daniel Melton says:

    communist leadership always exploits the followers and those who have the misfortune to fall under their rule.

    “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.” George Orwell

  • Linda Viglietti says:

    She ripped off her own people but then there is no honor among thieves.

  • FedUpAmerican says:


    LOCK HER UP!!!

  • TIM says:


  • Fred Tran says:

    Amazing how an avowed Marxist loves the trappings of Capitalism??? Go figure Marxist for thee but not for me! when are the useful idiots who follow this morons going to wake up from their zombie like stupor?

  • You don't know me says:

    This is the reality. The people who start these things are always about the money. There isn’t any other way to do it. It turns out idealists who are clean are not very good leaders.

  • Jim Evans says:

    She never cared about the people , and all of the idiots who donated money , don’t you feel stupid ?

  • Patricia Johnson says:

    Well, that will all change when the BLM turns their souls over to Hamas and they can really find out first hand experience what is real slavery. She’s just another self serving idiot..not any idealist to it…just like all the, money, money, money..we knew that when Lori Lightfoot is allowed genocide of blacks in Chicago and c.s. BLM didn’t help

  • She and thevorgsnization are typicsl examples of communism. Divide a group agsinst itself. Take over and lead the weak by use of mob violence. Destroy oppositin, use race baiting as avweapon. Get rich znd powerful on the money and labor of others then dump them into thd Marxist sea.

  • The professor says:

    Judging by the photos she should’ve used some of that money for a weight loss program….i’m sitting here trying to figure out why people are like this George Floyd… Nancy Pelosi… Hillary… sleepy Joe …. how did we get ourselves in this mess …. is it because we didn’t go to church enough…is it because we didn’t pray enough…is it because we didn’t pull the trigger enough ….. how do these people get away with this how do we describe to our children what is going on in this country ….but then again that’s part of the problem not enough parents describing to their children that’s why 80% of the prison population is black and Hispanic ….they don’t give a fuck… The parents don’t give a fuck and they wonder why their babies get shot they wonder why they’re in jail it’s all the parents fault

  • Inder says:

    This is a wonderful example.of personal luxury,luxurious living and carving a life of super wealth at the cost of

  • BBA says:

    But yet these woke corporations will continue to feed this Marxist terrorist network?? Cullors is just a fat communist fake pos that should be made an example of but of course she is protected by our corrupt government and media so nothing will happen to her.

  • Tom says:

    She WILL be able to keep her homes AND her multimillion dollar salary. Completely corrupt.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope that my more melonated (dark complexion) people stop being bamboozled, hoodwinked, having Plymouth Rock sit on their chest! This organization has it’s roots in witchcraft, socialism, marxsism, racism, ANTI-EVERY and ANYTHING associated with people who love this country and still believe that things can be turned around if commonsense rather than ignorance, stupidity, and hate! BLM should be translated…..Black Lies Movement!!!!

  • Just Sayin' says:

    Why doesn’t the government investigate her income and business deals like they ate doing with Trump? Oh, wait…we know why.

  • Just Sayin' says:


  • WeeBrowser says:

    She got hers! Ya’ll just jealous!

  • David says:

    Hahahahaha, this lady pulled off a higfer scam than Bernie Madoff! So a black person, exploits black people to rake in a ton of dough and then doesn’t use it to enhance “black lives?” Where’s the equity in that?! What a racist. You know the Africans that kidnapoed other Africans so they could be sold into slavery, that’s her. Hopefully karma will come full circle and her homes will be a pile of ash.

  • Concrete Cowboy says:

    Lavish lifestyle indeed. She certainly hasn’t missed any meals lately. Hey lady….Eat. A. Salad.

  • steve says:

    she’s a money grubbing racist who dosen’t give a shit about black people not once did she go or complain about Chicago

  • Mary says:

    She got paid to help destroy America! I hope America wakes up now! I bet she is fine with living next to rich white folks. It was just a well paid job for can tell by her comment..“ The time is right” it was never about BLM. She is rich now so time to move on to bigger things. I bet not all BLM agree with her moving on.

  • Robert Darigan says:

    The reasons for the founding of the BLM movement was sound, justice for all is not some words that are used when it suits it should be a rallying moniker that needs to be applied across the spectrum, BLM wanted their share for black people. What is a noble cause has to clean house, remove the greedy element and get back to what it does best – demanding the same rights for blacks as are enjoyed by their caucasion counterparts.

  • Mary says:

    That makes no sense to me.. every American has a free right and Free will to make something of themselves. No matter what color you are. What’s going on today is theft, murder, immoral, unconstitutional UnAmerican way of trying to take what people think is theirs by the means of destroying the country!
    But wait.. I thought this was suppose to be about George Floyd?
    I’m confused!

  • Barry says:

    Just another terror group that is as racist as the KKK, She is a disgrace to the honest and hard working Afro American people. She along with her BLM group needs to be investigated along with any other terroist group.

  • Ken Noel says:

    She deserves hyperacute cerebral lead intoxication.

  • Ken Marx says:

    Fred Tran has it right. She is an avowed Marxist whose life is devoted to tearing society down and building nothing. Now that she’s got her piece of the action, she’s going to build on it. Like all Marxist so called leaders, her real goal is to enrich herself at the expense of the morons who follow. She’ll never go hungry.

  • Dawgdeelux says:

    She got hers and now, all of the sudden, people are wondering what the heck happened? What happened is, an organization saw an opportunity to leverage a terrible event and use that event to control their followers and make as much free money as they possibly could then took a huge amount of the money in the name “Founders” and moved on to the next cause. Not really that unusual in the United Stated today, I mean really look at the RNC and the DNC, they do pretty much the same thing and the result is just as disgusting and disgracefully as what this woman did.

  • SIGGI says:

    We white people are not fault of the slavery, but black people see it that way. If they would only look at themselves… A long time ago, the slaves were sent from Africa through African people (black people) to get money for them. It is not that they did not want to be slaves, it is that they wanted to make money for the people who sent them here. Nowadays they do the same thing, they kill each other (shoot and steal)and are soooo hateful towards all white people even though the white people who were born after the slavery happened have nothing to do with what happened in the past. They say they are minority, NO, they are not any more. We, the white people are now! The black people drive expensive cars, live in expensive homes and lie to each other, steal and cheat on each other. Why make us white people responsible for that? God says love one another, not kill and hate each other!! We all bleed the red blood, no matter if White, black, Chinese or any Alien. WE are humans and need to love and care for each other. Not just black for black, even though they never will! Like some others say: They only want money!! GREEDY!!

  • Marv says:

    BLM = protected by our socialistic communistic pigs. It is disgusting that BLM which is nothing but a terrorist group gets by with burning 🔥 down AMERICA. They are the most corrupt group out there. Them and their peaceful protests. What a bunch of thieves along with the media. They all are just a bunch of terrorists and all need to be charged accordingly.

  • James G Snotherly says:

    BLM. The B should be replaced by an A. All Lives Matter, no more, no less.

    The BLM organization is a trouble making thieves. It was just proven by the resigned

    The BLM don’t really care about the blacks. The BLM movement just uses them for an excuse to further the organization Marxist agenda.

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