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BREAKING NEWS – Shots Fired At U.S. Capitol



Editors Note – I can’t help but feel that people are targeting locations like the Capitol, not because of political beliefs, but of the ease of the target. These gun free “safe-zones” are being targeted by people who know that they can walk up and open fire on an unsuspecting and unarmed group of people.

Larry Russel Dawson walked all the way up to the metal detectors and once it went off he pulled his gun and opened fire. Luckily, no one was serious hurt and the Capitol Police did an amazing job protecting staff and tourists, but the fact remains that gun-free zones don’t save lives, they endanger them.

I hope I am wrong, but this is what I have observed and I can’t help but think that we will see a rise in these attacks. Just look at the number of  mass shootings in Chicago or California compared to those in Texas or Arizona. There is even a historical precedent when you look at organized crime and armed robberies in these states. Criminals fear open carry. 

Washington D.C. –  Capitol Police confirmed that shots have been fired at a visitor center at the Capitol. Police have put the whole U.S. Capitol complex on lockdown.

UPDATE  1 – Capitol officials: 1 Capitol Police officer shot, not seriously injured and the shooter is in custody.

UPDATE 2 – The Capitol is no longer under lockdown. the shooter has been identified as Larry Russel Dawson and was shot and taken into custody. Due to the fast action of the Capitol Police no one was seriously injured, an officer and a female visitor were treated for minor injuries.

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We will update this post as more information comes in.

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  • Christopher says:
  • matt g. says:

    no guns permitted at upcoming republican national committee in ohio… careful it will be a dangerous place ; fish in a barrow .

  • charles drake says:

    Well maybe they will hit there mark next time

  • DustyFae says:

    Stop crime , hang gun free zone signs where anti-gun grabbers are living

  • Michael Mulholland says:

    Molon Labe, I hate to think it, that anyone would come for my guns and what would or could I do to not allow it to happen. That’s a tough place to think. But in no way shape or form should CIC or senator etc be allowed to decide how I protect my loved ones and stomp on the constitution and our countries history. I’ll fight for my rights of freedom and liberty that my ancestors died for, our veterans fought for and still are. Politicians have destroyed America and if need be ill relocate my family to another state if any such laws impose on my 2nd amendment rights. All of the current California bills written are absolutely worthless and are nonsense and won’t change a thing. I’m disheartened as an Irish Scottish Eastern Band Cherokee Tsalagi Full Blooded American Patriot. I’m disheartened as a human being as a whole over the state of our countries issues and foreign policy and it keeps failing from within our government and bluntly speaking stupid people. I’m just praying, practicing at the range, preparing my BOBs and EDCs and making sure I have the gear information knowledge and hands on training to make sure my family and the innocent are protected. It’s a shame I fear for my children’s future my grand children’s future…God bless all and God bless America

  • Lucy says:

    What do they have to fear?

  • Heidi says:

    I agree. “Gun Free” zones advertise an unprotected and citizen unprotectable place. I cannot rely on the local police to protect me, and this designation prevents me from protecting myself. A good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun more often than not.

  • Mnm says:

    I’d feel safer walking the streets of Compton than finding myself in a gun free zone.

  • John M. says:

    Like the editor.s statement says, when you create these gun free zones it literally turns them into target zones.

  • Philip H Nielson says:

    Duh…if I want to kill a number of people, I definitely don’t want somebody shooting back at me

    • jim sadler says:

      Many shooters intend to die. The fact that they will be gunned down on the spot would only stop a few of these types of nuts. Oddly it is exactly where the word berzerk came from. In India a man who had just had enough would grab his sword and run amuck killing as many as he could before he was killed. A berzerk would not stop killing until he was killed. The term “running amuck ” came from this type of murder- suicide. The social effect was that people were aware that if they pushed a person too far they might have a berzerk suddenly emerge. To some extent, that cloud like overcast of the potential of creating a berzerk did help regulate social behavior. In the US we are seeing it today. The weapons are more modern but the action is the same.

  • used to be a liberal says:

    “Gun Free Zones” I go into the zones, do you think I can get a gun for free, not a chance. Oh sure, there is always some-one saying pssst, hay you wanna buy a gun. I tell them that I came to get one for free. So that is just false advertising, they need to change those signs, to, “enter at your own risk”, only “illegal guns” for sale.

  • louise says:

    thuds don’t want to die and most people who carry a gun can use it

  • Charles A. Garbarino III says:

    Gun free Zones are shooting galleries for terrorists and those criminals who don’t follow laws. Being a former police officer with 32 years of service, I can testify that armed criminals prey on unarmed, men women and children! Every home should be properly armed! Training is necessary for proper application effectively.

  • Mikial says:

    To paraphrase George Patton . . .”Gun Free Zones are monuments to the stupidity of man.”

  • PatrioticInfidelInPA says:

    As Lt. Col. (R) Dave Grossman says “gun free zones are target rich environments.” I will not go anywhere with my family that I cannot be armed. I may not be able to stop all of them, I will probably die shooting back, HOWEVER, I WILL NEVER BE A VICTIM!

  • R Coccari says:

    I can’t afford to put me and my family at risk, relying on someone else to save us.

  • James Andrews says:

    Gun free zones attract psychos, terrorists, gangs and other thigs, as they know that probably no one will be armed, and able to shoot back at them. They create more danger than they allegedly prevent!

  • Roger L. Manchester says:

    Crimenals know the easiist targets

  • Mark Andrews says:

    I think they should allow guns at the republican convention. The secret service is taking away our god given right to carry a gun.

  • Walt Conte says:

    He was neutralized by the pros, thankfully not some bozo with a CCP shooting silly hilly. Have seen the amateurs blow it again and again in the crises. Same in the Nam, the newbies were dangerous until they got some battle under their belt.

  • Harold Jones says:

    A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. You are familiar with that

  • Robert F Lisenba says:

    It is time for the country to remove this muslim-loving phony president (kenyan born) from ofice. Our founding fathers would have already taken him out and hung him or had him shot. His first lie he told was when he swore to uphold the constitution and then prodeeded to totally dismantle it. I don’t know how many laws he has already broken. To hell with him.

  • Rod Graham says:

    It’s your responsibility to protect your loved ones. Don’t depend on anyone else to do it for you. Only a moron would trust the gun grabbers, only a moron would be a gun grabber…..

  • doug says:

    Safe zones are an open invitation for anyone to be able to openly attack anyone.

  • Michael L de la Cruz says:

    I stand by the constitution of the United States of America

  • Jean says:

    We don’t need any more gun nuts. The Washington police did their job well. Please stay in your house, the world and all our public places don’t need you and your guns anywhere near. We don’t want you or orther gun nuts shooting up the place killing innocent people.

    • Lummi says:

      There are probably more armed police and uniformed Secret Service per square yard in that immediate area than anywhere else in the Country. But judging from the crime reports, the rest of Washington DC certainly doesn’t enjoy the same level of protection. In fact very few places do. Even the Chief of Police in Detroit has advise citizen to get a gun, and for visitors to be armed. I hope you are never confronted by a criminal already in your house, or immediate presence intent on doing great harm to you or yours. If that happens, please ask him to wait patiently while you call the police. Then wait for them to arrive in no less than ten minutes..but don’t be surprised if it’s actually 30 minutes. While you’re waiting, you might even offer the bad guy(s) coffee and cookies. Or you might realistically imagine what could happen before the cops arrived. There’s wisdom in the cliche that when seconds count, the police are only minutes away. We’ll leave you to enjoy your Pollyanna dream world, and you leave us gun nuts to look after ourselves

  • Lummi says:

    Back in the “good ol’ days”, I’d plan a vacations based on an area’s history, scenery, accommodations, etc. Now a leading consideration is the reciprocity allowed on my concealed carry permit and the possible legal risks from transporting firearms in my car. Which rules out California, one of my former favorites, and of course, most of the New England states. The up side is that I’ve seen some great new places, and met some wonderful folks…and as Phil Harris said so well in song, “That’s What I like About the South”!

  • Roy L. Richards says:

    It seams like they want people killed if they are Americans that way ISIS and Obama will have less people to deal with after he leaves the White House those signs tell those thugs come in we don’t care about our employes or our customers, kill employes we hire more kill customers more will come. We should boycott every one. It is hard to under stand how people that has an education can be so stupid that they cannot see gun free zones don’t stop killings it just encourages more killings, bunch of dummies and most of them are running this country.

  • Robert says:

    @ Jean: please stay in Californica! We don’t need any fruit cakes running around the rest of America!

  • Dr. Mark Berry says:

    I have heard chatter from various sources making vague references to a supposed terrorist op that has been termed “Jackrabbit”. Supposedly, from what I have been able to tell, if in fact there is any validity to this at all, is that they are planning a series of “Soft Target” attacks that have ease of access, and will occur like a Jackrabbit hops from one point to another, likewise these attacks will do the same. It was rumored that the name of the op was coined from the first planned attack, which was to be a government building. If you look at the aerial view of the Capitol Building it looks like a rabbit head with the Capitol Building dead center as the nose of the rabbit. Whether this is true or not, we simply cannot rely solely on law enforcement to respond in a timely manner to save the most american lives. It is an undeniable fact that having an armed population is the most effective resource to be implemented if and when such attacks occur in public locations.

  • Allen Vergakis says:

    Nuts on concealed carry. Let’s hear it for universal-open carry. The bad guys just might think twice before gaining Swiss-cheese status.

  • Donald says:

    I worked in DC for 15 years, right to Sept.11 when I left and never went back. With some of the strictest guns laws in the country, it was a common occurrence to hear gunfire at all hours of the day. Some was automatic. Not semiautomatic, I know the difference. I also on several occasions would find bullets lodged in the roofs of buildings. Obviously shot into the air, rooten-tooten cowboy style. Don’t tell me gun control works. Good luck DC, GOD be with you.

  • chuck rodgers says:

    Every perpetrator of the mass shootings we have been encountering is/was/will be, a coward. Gun free zones offer NO,(ZERO) resistance, and the greatest opportunity of a large body count. I am a proud veteran that fought to keep our country free. Our freedom began with the musket. Had this not been in the equation, we would be the United States of Britain.

  • Mike Travis says:

    If gun free zones solved the problem, there would be NO murders in those zones, but as this story proves, many mass shootings occur in those same gun free zones created by the traitors in government who want to disarm us.

    In contrast, consider that Plano, TX has the highest per capita gun ownership in America, AND it also has the LOWEST rate of crimes committed by criminals with guns. If owning and carrying guns was the real problem, Plano would have the highest rate of crimes committed with guns, but it has the LOWEST.

    These two undeniable facts prove that gun free zones do not work, and that liberalism is a mental disorder. The solution is not voting for that only changes the name of the criminals in office who betray us. The solution is to execute those traitors for treason for that is the LAW which is why they are so desperate to steal our weapons and our rights from us.

  • Henry Teja says:

    1st: Law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time, they are a reactionary force. 2nd: the only real protection is pro-action steps by lawful individuals & that means being armed but responsible.

  • Don says:

    Look, yes attacks are happening and way too often, however; you are missing the largest piece of these puzzles. 1) our government is part of the problem. How? Just check it out, 2 hours before the capitol shooting, those same police did active shooter training. 2) The Oklahoma bombing (was it like 1995 I forget), how coincidental that just before the bombing occurred, the head honchos at the building all got into a bus and ‘toured’ their fair city….missed all the action. How does a fertilizer bomb in a truck parked at the street, damage only 1 direction, to the right and not all 360 directions and destroy other buildings? And how does this completely drop the complete FACE of said building as if it were a staged demolition? 3) There have still been ZERO photos supplied of the Sandy Hook ‘shooting’ showing the ‘damaged’ doors, NO ambulance ever came for the ‘injured’, and interviews with children (who were smiling and laughing) who when asked how frightened were they during the whole thing,,,and the child answers “we weren’t afraid, with all the policemen there with us”… phony, staged, and several of the ‘parents’ who lost loved ones, have shown up in other video incidents elsewhere in the country….actors. 4) Remember this: only recently has it been possible to use ANY cell phone on any commercial jet aircraft. It was NOT possible for ANY 911 passenger to call anyone. All these supposed calls to loved ones were completely staged from the ground. 5) Watch any of the hundreds of movies of the Twin Towers ‘falling down’. Watch carefully and you will see ‘squibs’ coming out the building sides about 4-6 stories below the falling crush. These squibs are proof that there was a controlled demolition going on, triggering thermite explosives to MELT steel. The heat from Jet Fuel (actually all jet fuel is really just unrefined petroleum DIESEL fuel) never gets anywhere hot enough to come near melting any steel at all.
    Check it out. There has NEVER been any steel cored building that has ever fallen down due to intense fires. NEVER; when the fire is out, the steel skeleton will still be intact.
    We have been done in by our own government. Just like they did at Pearl Harbor, our President and leaders knew of the attack, and purposefully did not warn and caused us to enter the Pacific war with Japan.
    We are doomed as a nation because we have forsaken the LORD. Look at social security. It would have been fully funded forever, IF we had not aborted 50-60 million babies. The bulk of those born since Roe-vs-Wade in 1973 would have been paying into the SS system for decades and kept the fund afloat.
    These are things NO ONE wants to talk about. But they are the plain truth.

  • Martha Tucker says:

    I’m not surprised what happened. Those idiots we call senators and congress men will let Obama do anything he wants to do. They don’t have the backbone to stop him. Those people have yet to question him.

  • A. Benton Edmons "Cuz'n Ben" says:

    As a defense weapon in a home invasion an unloaded gun is about as effective as grapefruit.

    Hitler’s disarming of civilians took effect on 31 March (1933). Is the US national administration (with the current front man) trying to match that date?

    “Cuz’n Ben”

  • Jackie says:

    Gun Free zones are targets because no one can defend themselves.

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