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Burger King Announces Partnership with TikTok After U.S. Navy Warns About Ties to China

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Burger King Announces Partnership with TikTok After U.S. Navy Warns About Ties to China

Burger King has recently announced a new partnership with TikTok. In this collaboration, customers can get a Whopper for $1 by posting a dance video to the platform.

“For the first time ever, BK® guests can order the Whopper®, also known as America’s Favorite Burger®, for only $1 through dance ordering only. The brand has tapped TikTok stars to create a dance ordering tutorial utilizing a custom mashup track,” Business Wire said in a report.

“We are investing in our digital channels and are always looking for innovative ways to engage with guests. The BK North America team is constantly pushing into new territories and Whopper Dance on TikTok is one of these ideas,” said Jorge Luiz R. Oliveira, the director of media and social channels of Burger King.

TikTok stars Loren Gray, Avani, and Nathan Davis Jr. posted video tutorials that demonstrate “moves representing Whopper sandwich combinations that users can incorporate into their customized dance order.” The coupon is valid through June 28th.

U.S. Navy’s Warning

However, the announcement comes a day after “U.S. Navy Public Information Officer Rear Adm. Charlie Brown warned that TikTok’s ties to China pose a national security risk,” Fox Business also said in a report.

“I get it that TikTok is hugely popular among a demographic that may be important to you,” Brown said on Twitter. “I get it that you can’t be part of a conversation if you’re not present. But you don’t need to be a think-tank expert to know that info control is important to China’s government #guardup.”

“It is not just about what is on our government phone or not. It’s about social media literacy – how much trust can you put in the info you are seeing?” Brown then added. “There are more choices than ever for how we share information and stay connected with each other. Choose avenues you trust,” he also said.

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