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Business Owners Arming Themselves Against Civil Unrest



Business owners Trying to Keep their Business safe during Riots | Business Owners Arming Themselves Against Civil Unrest | Featured

As riots and looting erupted across the country in response to George Floyd’s death after a police officer kneeled on his neck for several minutes on Memorial Day, business owners have found themselves fighting for everything they have built. Violent and destructive riots have burned down and destroyed businesses both in cities and suburbs.

Some storefronts escaped with minimal damage in the form of broken windows and spray paint vandalism, while others were urinated in, looted, or burned to the ground. Small businesses and big box stores were equally targeted by angry mobs. In many states, retail stores are just beginning to re-open after a multi-month closure due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

Although Minneapolis was the sight of Floyd’s death, riots broke out in dozens of cities, from New York to Philadelphia to Los Angeles to Tampa. The destruction left in their wake was devastating to business owners still reeling from Coronavirus shutdowns.

In Cleveland, the owners of Corbo’s bakery brandished rifles as their store was approached by a group of protestors. The group moved on after a brick was thrown and broke a window.

In Minneapolis’s Powderhorn Park neighborhood, business owners sent those licensed to carry onto their roofs to protect their buildings. Black business owners were seen standing shoulder-to-shoulder holding AR-15s, AK-47s, pistols, and other guns to protect their livelihoods from looters.

In the Tri-Cities region of Washington State, a “Defend the Tri” group formed that sent armed citizens to patrol shopping centers as support for overwhelmed police forces.

In Van Nuys, CA, video was captured of business owners turning back would-be looters after walking outside armed.

Responses to armed business owners have varied, with some worried that incidents will escalate and more lives will be lost. Others, including Yucaipa councilman Bobby Duncan, defend the owners, saying they are well within their rights to defend their properties.

One fatality has been reported due to an armed business owner in Minneapolis, where a pawnshop owner fired the shot in response to looting. One person is in custody.

All of the armed business owners are licensed to carry and obeying local laws; in Minnesota, Ohio, and Washington State open carry is legal. Many groups are in contact with local police or are carrying weapons in the absence of police presence. In California, sheriff’s departments are reminding citizens of concealed carry laws and carrying firearms in public.

Thus far, armed business owners have had a 100% success rate of deterring rioters and looters and protecting their properties.

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  • Where is the anti assault gun wapon crowd now ? I hop,e as they sought to get a means of self protection for their family, they choked on their regulations, laws , and stupidity.

    • Marti says:

      Totally Agree! Way to Go!

    • rottenrollin says:

      Americans have added over three million guns to their private arsenals, I understand.

      And it’s not really slowing down. Antifa, Covid and Dimmercrats are now even better guns and ammo salesmen that Obama was……and HE was tops in the universe!

      Damded Lefties NEVER learn the Law of Unintended Consequences.

      Unintended Consequences, by John Ross……a book equal to Atlas Shrugged, and even more relevant in today’s world. But good luck finding a copy.

  • Rip says:

    100% agreeable they should carry they should protect their stuff 100% I agree good job

  • Meathead says:

    I fail to understand why any business owner would not be armed and protecting their business against the thugs wanting to destroy it.
    One-hundred percent success by those who did is outstanding. Way to go! ! !

  • David Barrows says:

    I believe that those willing to stand up and protect their livelihood and property are in the right. However, discretion when holding a weapon should be foremost on the minds of those holding weapons. Causing the loss of life or serious injury can be argued in a court of law as to WHY it occurred. But, to know that a life was taken is knowledge that will remain with the shooter forever. That could be harder to live with than the loss of replaceable goods or material.

    • J.C says:

      Everything you do will live with you forever. What you fail to realize is the loss of your life’s lively hood will also live with you. I understand your reply but what you fail to realize is those who are looting are in control and it is their decision to take the situation to that level of confrontation. Just as it is an Officer’s response to the need of using force.

  • Ken Marx says:

    The looting, vandalism and arson taking place in many cities and the prepositioning of bricks, rocks and other projectiles and molotov cocktail supplies suggests strongly that these terrorist activities have been in the planning and preparation stages for a long time, just waiting for an incident, any incident, such as the George Floyd killing, to break out. We are not seeing a spontaneous reaction. I believe the DOJ will find the activities of Antifa and BLM supported by George Soros’ “philanthropy” is the culprit. This breakdown of society must be dealt with swiftly if America is to survive.

  • rottenrollin says:

    Now that things are calming down, let’s go get some guns to protect our businesses???

    Urinate in the stores: Makes you want to catch some looters and burners and turn them into sopranos, while throwing their removed organs out the door.

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