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George Floyd Protests in California Stretch from Biggest Cities to Rural Towns



Protest March Against Police Violence Over Death of George Floyd | George Floyd Protests in California Stretch from Biggest Cities to Rural Towns | Featured

California erupted in protest alongside the rest of the country over the weekend, with hundreds of thousands taking to the streets over the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Across the state, protesters marched and chanted, calling for justice for not just George Floyd but all victims of police brutality and systemic racism in recent years. The demonstrations sprung up not just in cities known for protests, such as Oakland and Los Angeles, but throughout the state, from Eureka, near the Oregon border, to La Mesa in southern California, from the coastal Santa Cruz to the conservative stronghold of the Central Valley.

Among the cities where protests emerged:

  • Los Angeles
  • Oakland
  • San Francisco
  • San Jose
  • Sacramento
  • Bakersfield
  • San Diego
  • Fresno
  • Santa Cruz
  • Santa Rosa
  • Eureka
  • Visalia
  • Stockton

In many cities, the protesters remembered and honored the lives of their own who were killed or mistreated by police. In Oakland, they marched from a plaza renamed during the Occupy protests for Oscar Grant, the 22-year-old black man who was fatally shot in the back as he laid handcuffed on the ground by a transit police officer in 2009. In Sacramento, much of the action was led by Stevante Clark, brother of Stephon Clark, an unarmed black father of two killed by police in his grandparents’ backyard when officers mistook his cellphone for a gun. In Los Angeles, the mother of Kenneth Ross Jr, a black man who struggled with mental illness, protested in her son’s memory.

Throughout the weekend, protesters marched and kneeled in George Floyd’s memory, their frustration with the continuous loss of black lives clear. Protesters shut down freeways and bridges in Oakland, Sacramento, San Jose, and Los Angeles. On Sunday, protesters in Oakland conducted a car caravan demonstration to comply with social distancing guidelines.

But in some cities, the widespread gatherings eventually devolved into chaos as police tried to break up demonstrations, with hundreds arrested and law enforcement sending teargas, rubber bullets, flashbangs, and pepper balls into the crowd.

More than a mile of cars lining up to get into Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland for @APTPaction ’s Car Caravan for Justice for — Kari Paul (@kari_paul) May 31, 2020

Looters smashing windows and setting fire to stores and property prompted the Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, to call in the national guard and set a curfew. California’s governor, Gavin Newsom, who expressed support for the protests, declared a state of emergency in Los Angeles.

The unrest spread to the rich suburbs of Beverly Hills, Long Beach, and Santa Monica, prompting curfews in those cities as well. In the Bay Area, similar looting and vandalism targeting the city’s high-end retail in Union Square prompted Mayor London Breed to impose an 8 pm curfew. The unrest spread to the suburbs of Emeryville and Walnut Creek, where a woman was shot in the arm during the chaos.

In all, at least nine cities in California set a curfew, with all of Los Angeles County under a 6 pm curfew and several of its cities following stricter guidelines – Beverly Hills and Santa Monica, for example, set a 1 pm curfew.

While protests raged in Oakland on Friday, a federal contract security officer was killed and another injured in a shooting outside the US courthouse. In Bakersfield, police arrested a 31-year-old man for driving his Toyota Rav4 into a crowd of protesters, striking and injuring a 15-year-old girl. In Visalia, a driver in a blue Jeep flying a Trump flag hit two protesters.

On Monday, Newsom decried “the looting, the violence, the threats against fellow human beings”, saying “that has no place in this state and this nation”. But he emphasized that now more than ever “we have to own up to some very difficult things”.

“The black community is not responsible for what is happening in this country right now,” he said. “We are. Our institutions are responsible. We are accountable for this moment. Let’s just call that out. We have a unique responsibility to our black community in this country and we have been playing lip service about that for generations.”

More than 4,500 national guard personnel are available for deployment throughout California, though right now they are mostly in southern California, Newsom said. Despite this, he said he recognized that “an armed camp is not a place of peace and the answer to violence is not more violence”.

In his briefing, Newsom addressed protesters, telling them “your rage is real”. “Express it so we can hear it,” he said.

“You’ve lost patience, so have I,” he said. “You are right to feel wronged. You are right to feel the way you are feeling. We collectively, society, have a responsibility to you to do better and be better.”

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  • Randy says:

    How about protecting the rest of the citizens from the violence and racist black people and radical leftists that are determined to destroy this country.

    • Johndoe949 says:

      Amen to that

    • Charl says:

      George was arrested in 2007 convicted in 2009 5 years
      Moved to Minneapolis in 2014 .His daughter is 6.
      So when was he this wonderful father? Who supported his wife and daughter? Love to have that story shared

      • The lying media won’t tell the truth about anything, plain and simple. George Floyd has high levels of drugs in his system. I don’t support what the police did to him and they should be held responsible, but George Floyd surely wasn’t the perfect guy the lying media tries to make us belive he was. Drugs in his system and counterfeit money tells me the truth.

      • Get Real says:

        So let’s kill him!! That will solve it.

    • Leslie Fish says:

      What’s happening already is that, in te moral absence of assorted politicians, the organizers of the legitimate protests are helping to sort out the thugs and the citizens are turning into real militia again. Notice how many citizens — of all colors — are protecting local businesses and sending the Antifa thugs packing. We can expect to see more of this as the thugs try to spread into more smaller towns.

      • Alisha S. says:

        The truth behind all of this is the fact that Hillary and Obama were about to be arrested, I find it quite odd that all this came about right when they were going to be arrested. I wonder who paid the police officer to randomly choose a black man 2 kill to cause all of the riots that are going on and take the focus off of what is really going on in our political parties. I hope and pray that the police officers responsible get what they deserve because if they don’t get it here they sure we’ll get it when their time comes.. Trump is a great president and he is doing the best that he can and all that they have done to him, and I know that that police officer in jail will not last long because the people in jail the criminals do not like police officers so they will get what they deserve! But you have to remember who exactly is leaving all the bricks out unanimously across the country in different cities who is paying for all that if you ask me I would say it’s the demon-crats!

        • Get Real says:

          Dang …I looked all over the place and couldn’t find anything about Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama getting arrested for illegal activities. Could you tell me what the charges are against them? Are they similar to the ones that the great President Donald Trump is accused of? Obama has scores of women that claim he molested them? He has attorneys paying off porn stars to keep them from talking about affairs he had with women during his previous marriages? Or was that video of him claiming he could grab a woman by the pussy because he is famous and they like to be groped by famous people? Did the demoncrats super impose his face over Obama’s because it was really him getting off that bus? And do you know for a fact that he didn’t coerce with the Russians, strong arm Ukraine or withhold allocated payment to them because everyone that knew anything directly related to those questions refused to testify, Mike Pompeo mick mulvaney don mcgahn to name a few. So when you do your fact checking regarding the arrests of Hillary and Obama ask yourself …are they guilty because somebody threw out a theory that they were all crooked with no evidence to back up their claim or are they guilty because any and all evidence that could possibly shed an unfavorable light on what obviously was what happened, was not allowed to be entered in as evidence because it would surely convict him of his crimes….like your illustrious President Donald Trump did? I know this is a lot to absorb so take your time!

    • Vincent Risalvato says:


      • Get Real says:

        I’m wondering …what Nationality is Risalvato? Did the first defendants of your family come willfully to the Americas or were they torn from their villages, families and country, thrown in the belly of a sailing ship for months to settle in a new world under the authority of the highest bidder? To be enslaved for umpteen years,beaten, raped, whatever their ‘owner’ wanted to do to them? Only to be set free to fend for themselves with nothing to their names and no rights to even do normal things like white people could. Drink out of a water fountain. Eat in a restaurant. Use a bathroom. And if they were suspected of doing something unlawful, instead of getting a fair hearing they were seen hanging from the nearest tree because they were the wrong color. Did you ever stop to think that these people that are walking to be heard had a chip on their shoulder that’s been there for 100’s of years and has not entirely been removed? And these so called animals as you so succinctly described them, aren’t the ones that are busting windows, looting, throwing bricks. They’re shouting ‘can we finally be near equal?’ Maybe just a little bit? Cuz they don’t want to take your shit, sir… they want to be able to walk down the street without getting shot. So why don’t you sit back in your barkalounger and think about what if!! What if You were taken in the night, thrown in a cargo ship to wallow in your own sweat, urine and feces only to get to a place where you were beaten, sodomized, starved and spit on. What narrative Would you be singing then eh Vinny? Probably the same one you’re singing now because that shit never happened to these people…right!! They’re just animals looking to pillage the white man because the demorats paid them to do it!! Did I get that right?

    • Gamaliel says:

      You sure right Randy. There is a destroy America party and somehow they missed it because destroying property is destroying families (businesses). That is spiritual blindness and perhaps America deserves it because of unbelief. But we should say God Bless America, Trust God, and not set our eyes on hopeless, destructive steps. Those that are destroying properties are destroying lives so that is their answer to the mistake made by a few men.

  • StoptheInsanity says:

    Where are the protests about the killing of American citizens by illegal aliens?

    • Marcus says:

      Not in Mexi/Commiefornia , Foreign Criminal Invaders / Unregistered Democrats are absolutely essential if the Communist Party is going to steal the next election

    • Get Real says:

      that Would be right under the article about the white guy that shot 50+ people, wounded countless others while they waited to peacefully to listen to their country music!!

  • Matt Henry says:

    If you want to see where this is going, study the racial history of South Africa. The Christians among us, if there are any, need to start living by the principles Jesus taught. The violence in this country originates in the governing authorities. Jesus loves the little children, red and yellow, black and white, but Christians don’t.

    • Well Matt, you need to convey that message to the hoodlums of Antifa and some of the BLM gang. I do realize that many of BLM people are good and decent peaceful people but some are violent.

  • Bobby says:

    Listen both of you are stupid for your remarks this is about injustice that blacks have gone through and still going through for hundreds of years .and I’m tired of you people talking about the American flag when most of you have not served .i got 3 of my 4 uncles that’s severed 1 seen action in Vietnam. I served and now have friends in places that’s protecting your freedom why you expressing your Ignorant comment my bad your comment on how you really feel . I’m black proud to be black and I stand with black lives matter and if seen you face to face I would tell you . Come back and see me when you been in chains and now are in virtual chains .better yet as we say tell me where you at and say it to my face this is not going away you can’t stop it this time . for any racist people EAD!!! That’s means eat a dick

    • Johndoe949 says:

      Wow Bobby you’re dumb

    • Patriot of color says:

      Are you speaking real English or do you not know how to clearly communicate.
      I am of color and all I see in your comment is ignorance and stupidity!

      • Get Real says:

        Bobby communicates better than POTUS. And he isn’t lying to every American that can hear him. If you really believe that there is no injustice to black Americans you are living in a bubble. A white racist bubble. Was The guy that shot 57 dead in Vegas an immigrant? Was the guy that shot children and teachers at Sandy Hook elementary an immigrant? Oh… no, that didn’t really happen. That was a leftist plot to stir up gun control and take away your right to bear arms. Did they send out the Nat’l guard to protect the capital in Michigan against whites protesting stay at home orders bearing guns? Can you imagine what would have happened had someone let off a round in that crowd? There are sides to every story. And yeah he had drugs in his system. Did he resist? Did he put up a fight worthy of a life? More people are killed everyday by whites than by immigrants. And since you brought up abortion, in your next life when you come back as a woman let’s hear what you have to say when white men tell you what you can and cannot do with your body! Oh…got impregnated by your uncle that raped you? Don’t worry honey, you can just will it out of your body and everything will be fine. And assuming from your rhetoric, you fancy yourself a Christian yourself. So when we convince these women that abortion isn’t the right move for you, have the baby, go on welfare and the system will take care of you. Because we as Christians don’t have the time to see the results of your decision to go it alone.

        • Patriot of color says:

          Get Real,
          You’re as dumb as Bobby! Maybe dumber!
          You’re convoluting the facts to fit your sick narrative.
          Doesn’t matter what color a person is that does any killing. They need to be punished. But illegals need to be stopped because they’re not supposed to be here in the first place!!
          And where did you get the thought that I brought in abortion?
          Typical libtard can’t stay focused on any one topic!

          • Get Real says:

            My comment was toward Mr Kellerman. Perhaps you should read what your other ‘patriots’ are saying. And just to be clear since you are fact checking… more Americans die from Americans shooting themselves than illegal immigrants shooting Americans. Convoluting facts? Check again Patriot. In 2018 there were over 150 mass shootings in the US. Not a single one was committed by a black person, immigrant or woman.

    • Well Bobby, seems you are in the thug category of the black people, plain and somple there thugger. Have you looted, stole, attacked innocent people or burned down a business or vehicle lately?

    • John says:

      First off I will say those cops should be imprisoned for life for that murder.

      But – You have never been chained by slavery, not even virtually.
      Neither have your uncles.
      Except for cases such as elite pedophiles on the left: No one alive today has ever been enslaved nor owned slaves in America.
      Slavery ended several lifetimes ago.
      Do yourself and your family a favor and Stop bringing up slavery every time a black man is killed; while hundreds of black youths are killed every year by other black youths!
      It comes off as hypocritical for you and does not bring anyone to your side except the far left who are actually serving new world order.
      Millions of black babies are murdered by abortion every year so the elite liberals and the elite far left can get the stem cells and other body parts plus limit and lower minority population.
      Where is your outrage while these murders of innocents are happening g every day?!
      Where is your anger while those things are a daily occurrence and the far left And the main stream media ignore it?!

      The democrats WANT you to continue the ‘white man is evil’ attitudes so you will continue to vote them into office. It’s why they always offer free scraps to voters – it’s why they insist on open borders and allowing illegals the right to vote!!!!
      The last is because many of the minorities who think for themselves and look around them with clear eye site can see the lies for what they are so the far left must replace those lost votes with others.
      Examples are everywhere for those with opened eyes.
      Did you know democrats are the ones who started the civil war due to the north trying to end it? After the war they started the KKK and now heavily support abortions for minorities:?
      Welfare was started by democrats to keep minorities in Virtual slavery!
      Hell LBJ bragged about it in public saying “….this will keep those uppity N…. voting democrat for a hundred years”…. yet the mass hypnotic media will never say it nor admit to it.
      Look it up yourself; stop listening to the liberal lies from the new world order. Stop being their puppet soldiers!
      American White men and women are not your enemies…..
      Unless they are far left liberals, the MSM and/or antifa

      Stay healthy and please open your eyes and your mind.

    • alan says:

      Sorry Bobby,

      I’m responsible for my actions and mine alone, I AM NOT responsible for those actions of others any more than all police being responsible for the actions of the few….
      If you want to have a real discussion about race, than you must talk about the disproportionate numbers of blacks being killed by blacks and the disproportionate numbers of black crime committed by population…

  • Derrick Matzke sr says:

    These people protesting against one person who died,he was just a man.What did this man do to be put against the ground from a police officer? Do these protesters,and rioters think about that? No,all they see is black and white. There is more shootings from black people who shoot innocent black people,I see no protesters there,you don’t hear it on the news.these people take it way too far.

    • They don’t want to hear that Derrick. The death of Floyd just gives the hoodlum scumbags another reason to do what they normally do, rob, steal, loot, committ arson, attack innocent people, throwing objects at people, ransscking stores, destroying innocent people’s property and every other kind of crominal activity they do on any typical day. Thousands of blacks are killed by blacks every single month but they pretend that never happens, but when one single black gets killed, they act like the fitlh and scum that they are.

  • Dan says:

    This looks like the beginning of a civil war.

    • Armyvet/USAFret says:

      Think back on the words of the song “Eve of Destruction” back in the 60s. I was thinking of those words this morning and it seems that we’re more on the eve of destruction now than we were then.

      • Get Real says:

        Maybe too reflect on ‘For What It’s Worth’. Or Same Old Wine’ we’ve come full circle. Except these are not young Americans protesting going 8000 miles to fight a ‘police action’ in Vietnam, they are people of all colors ages and backgrounds protesting the ramifications of police brutality and racism.

  • Lori says:

    Completely agree with Randy and Stoptheinsanity comments above!!! Unfortunately, in my opinion, this was all a huge plot by the dirty, lowdown DemonRats..Soros and Hillary Clinton are at the head of it. Although, a criminal himself, George Floyd, this poor black man was just another pawn in their dirty, no good plot. It did NOT warrant his death. This, as usual, takes place in a liberal/leftist state. They use a dirty white cop who will do anything he’s told, kind of like a brainless jock head, kills a man who happens to be black, all for one purpose. Happens all the time when a DemTard is in trouble. Notice that the news has been on Obama and all his cronies lately. All the terrible stuff they did illegally to our President and General Michael Flynn. All of a sudden, and it happens every single time when they start to uncover all these dirty truths about the Obama administration, they invent chaos. From huge shootings at country concerts, to this. Here we are with the death of George Floyd. What they don’t realize, our great President and his administration will not stop …they will get to the bottom of all of Obama’s shady/criminal dealings, and they won’t stop until they make all of them pay for what they did!! What happened to the virus?? No one is saying that there was not a virus, but that was way overdone and did not warrant all the mess Byrx and Fauci made happen. Fauci is part of the Deep State!!! One of the big funders of the Wuhan lab, along with Bill Gates, and a lot of disgusting people. Never did I believe that talking head. He got all the numbers wrong!! Where are they now??? Not all Americans are that stupid!! Most of us can see right through this mess!! It’s all on the Dems. This is their mess..all of it!! Greedy monsters who will stop at nothing to regain power. Sick POS’s!!!!!

    • Kim McNany says:

      I agree with you Lori. You covered all the bases, very well put. There was no reason George Floyd should have died, but this rioting and destruction is not accomplishing anything positive for our country. “Hatred stirs up strife, but love covers all transgressions” (Proverbs 10:12).

    • Cliff says:

      I have to agree with you LORI!,
      This whole scenario stinks to high heavens.This black CRIMINAL was “used” as a “pawn” to start this,as it has been PROVEN that pallets of brick, and rocks,were ALREADY in place and the soros-company owned buses were already rolling to place the antifa, and “black LIES matter” SCUM where they could start this.
      The schemes, scams, FAUX “impeachment”, and chinese virus failed to remove President Trump,so the COMMUNISTS move on to the next “attempt”. The soros family needs to be arrested, tried, and convicted for financing and inciting riots (as well as the DNC and the “elites’ in the “alphabet agencies” that in MY opinion are behind all this.)
      DEMOCOMMUNISTS will stop at NOTHING to obtain complete power and control over this country and a few “deaths” are just “collateral damage” to them, as long as they get the control they are LUSTING for.

    • Exactly Lori. For the last 4 months, all we heard from the trashy lying media was that we needed to be quarantined, close everything down, rat on your neighbor for not wearing a face mask or having a few friends at your house, because the coronavirus was so bad. Now these same sick brain trashy bastards are promoting, supporting, defending and even financing the hoodlums and thugs to go out in mass numbers to destroy everything they can. People, get ready because pretty soon, the good and decent American people are going to start shooting back and defending what is theirs and their families.

    • Annette says:

      You nailed it! Thank you for speaking the TRUTH!!!

    • Get Real says:

      So let me get this straight… the shooting in Vegas was by a white democrat? The Coronavirus is a ‘HOAX’ yet it has killed over 100K people in the US alone in less than 6 mths. Michael Flynn’s admission of guilt was coerced. Manafort is in prison because he didn’t lie cheat and steal as an ambassador for the US. 12 Soviet ambassadors are expelled from our country because they were not involved in a conspiracy to undermine our elections. POTUS didn’t strong arm the Ukraine because he wouldn’t let anyone with any direct accountability to testify, regardless of your chief of staff says in front of god and everyone on television that he did but it’s just business as usual. He put tariffs on China so you and I can spend 25% more in the store and claims that the US is raking in billions from the chinese but in reality the consumer ultimately pays. Economics 101. He went to North Korea to say hello and give them the go ahead to continue building nuclear weaponry yet proclaims to all of us they are not because he politely asked them not to. Passes a tax cut for the rich and adds trillions to the deficit because the revenues we were collecting from them is no longer there. Yet I paid more taxes in 2018 than I had in 20 years. Regardless of presidential party. And says that he did not tear gas or rubber bullet peaceful protesters so he can walk across the street and hold a bible upside down that he has never read in his entire life. And the next day says he didn’t do any of that yet it is recorded on film. Hmmmm… who’s really the deep state Lori?

    • Alisha S. says:

      That is exactly what I said!! Lori

  • Larry W Gaines says:

    These people are STUPID and Black Lives Matter is fueling the hate and stupidity.

  • Crazzie! says:

    So have we adopted the tactics of Syria? Do you think The United States of America should show the world that we can copy their mistakes and expect different results? Yea land of the free and home of the brave. Free to do as you are told, and including when to be brave. Violence begets Violence!

  • Mikial says:

    But I thought California was the model of caring for its people that the rest of America was supposed to follow. Why would the people there be upset. Oh wait . . . you mean that was just another Liberal lie?

    • Get Real says:

      Well gosh…they care about racial indifference? Police brutality? Making us stronger and united instead of weaker and divided? Or wait… we can make America great again by keeping the oppressed in line, the rich richer and everyone in th e middle will follow like sheep to save us all from ruin . Why didn’t I think of that? Oh because I live in California where when they say the pledge of allegiance at the end when it says ‘and justice for all’ it really means something!

  • Shortboy says:

    What a bunch of BS these people must be held accountable they are responsible for their actions just like the rest of us. Recall Newsome

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