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Bye-Bye, Bernie!; Sanders Calls it Quits




Bernie Sanders | Bye-Bye, Bernie!; Sanders Calls it Quits | Featured

Americans who don’t like the idea of a communist sympathizer in the White House can rest a little bit easier today because Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign is officially over.

The Vermont senator ended his bid for the White House on Wednesday, clearing the way for former Vice President Joe Biden to take on President Trump in November.

Several weeks ago, Sanders looked like he had a good chance of winning the nomination. However, Biden’s victory in the South Carolina sparked a long run of wins that catapulted him to the top of the pile.

Most of the Democratic field called it quits after Biden’s blowout victory on Super Tuesday, but Sander’s carried on to the bitter end.

During his announcement, Sanders told his supporters that the “path toward victory is virtually impossible”. “If I believed we had a feasible path to the nomination I would certainly continue the campaign,” he said, “but, it’s just not there.”

Sanders wasn’t exactly humble about his defeat. He patted himself on the back for his ‘progressive’ policies and praised his campaign for bringing radical ideas into the mainstream conversation.

Despite withdrawing from the race, Sanders will keep his name on the ballot because he wants to secure as many delegates as possible. That way, he will have more influence to push his socialist agenda at the Democratic National Convention in August.

Sanders announced his decision just one day after the Wisconsin primary, which provided a sneak preview of the voting issues the country could face if the pandemic continues through election day. Sanders said the coronavirus outbreak was one of the major reasons he had made the decision to withdraw. He blamed the pandemic for restricting his ability to hold the massive rallies that helped him climb to the top of the polls earlier in the year. Voting data won’t be available for Wisconsin until next week, but early polling indicates that Sanders was looking at a major defeat.

Sander’s concession puts Biden at the focal point of the Democratic effort to oust President Trump. Now, the Sanders campaign is pushing its base to unite around Biden. According to the Wall Street Journal, both campaign staffs have been working together closely over the past few weeks, and the two candidates spoke via phone on Wednesday.

After Sanders announced his withdrawal, Biden raced to shore up support amongst his former opponent’s support base. The former VP quickly released a lengthy statement praising Sanders and vowed to work with the Vermont senator to carry on his progressive ideas. “I understand the urgency of what it is we have to get done in this country. I hope you will join us. You are more than welcome. You’re needed,” Biden said in his plea to Sanders’ supporters.

Biden is now the undisputed face of the Democratic party’s effort to take down President Trump, and many speculate that former President Barack Obama will come in off the sidelines to support Biden’s candidacy in the near future. Obama hasn’t pledged his support to any candidate just yet, but it seems relatively certain that he will make his play soon.

President Trump also made a pitch to Sanders supporters to switch their allegiances to the GOP. In a tweet yesterday afternoon, the president blamed Elizabeth Warren and the Democratic establishment for Sanders’s loss and told Sanders supporters they should come over to the Republican side. “The Bernie people should come to the Republican Party, TRADE!” Trump tweeted.

As expected, the tweet was not received well by Sanders’s army of social media trolls, who left a healthy dose of expletives and insults in the comment section. Luckily, presidents aren’t decided by social media popularity.

With no more socialists in the race, Bernie’s disgruntled base will have to settle for Biden if they want to have a chance at beating President Trump in November.

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